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good day first world travelers and welcome
back to you fancy visiting yet another interesting and diverse area of Mexico
City if you do you’re in luck today I am in San Angel a colorful and absolutely
gorgeous area of the city including monasteries
cobbled streets and more let’s go so welcome everyone to San Angel firstly
I just want to thank all the subscribers and commenters that have recommended for
me to come here because to be honest with you it wasn’t really on my list but
I’m glad I have come here so first of all I thought I would start off this
video by telling you a little bit about the history of this area because it
actually is really interesting I’ve been really excited to come here so firstly
this area San Angel used to be a small hamlet or effectively like a small
village and similarly with Coyoacan as Mexico City grew it became part of the
city now in the ancient Aztec language San Angel was called TENANITLA which is
roughly translated to next to the stone wall there is no stone wall what this
means is there was a volcanic eruption and there’s effectively a wall of
volcanic rock around this place and I’m going to come back onto that later
because that’s where it gets interesting San Angel is full of history so you can
just have a walk around this place looking at the cobbled streets all the
buildings located around here and many of them date back to the 1700s so a lot
of them are old mansions which have now been converted into restaurants art
galleries things like that and very similar to Coyoacan if you look at the
colors of the paintwork you’ve got bright blues dark reds bright yellows
which is very common in a place like this in Mexico see one of the other
things that you can do in San Angel if you come on a Saturday you can go to the
Saturday market which is very famous you can get lots of handicrafts and things
like that unfortunately I work on a Saturday so I
couldn’t come on Saturday today is Monday and another thing you can do
there’s a yearly flower festival as well but probably the main thing that you’ll
want to come and see in San Angel is the El Carmen Chapel and monastery this is
where it gets interesting let’s go so walking through these streets it’s
very nice you’ve got things like little park areas and fountains and you can
look at all the buildings very nice I’m not on the cobble bit now it’s very
difficult to walk on couples even though I’m in my hiking shoes so when if you’re
a female or maybe a male and you like to wear heels
I probably advise against it and as well on our way here’s a typical example of
what you can see in San Angel so there’s lots of shops behind me there’s
actually some good clothes shops with some good quality clothes so if you want
to do some shopping it is the right place to come and behind
me is a Mikado both of arches it’s very familiar you know when I see that sort
of thing I think of a big market so lots of places for food I can see like you
know bags and things for sale I don’t know whether they are genuine but who
knows all these yellows and reds and blues really sets it apart from many
other areas of Mexico see so again as I said before it’s just another example of
how diverse this city is it’s awesome so great news the chapel is closed what a
surprise so I’m gonna have to come back here in a couple of days so we’re going
to be at a time travel and just like that is two days later I’m outside the
museo de el carmen which has just been awesome I’ve just been in let’s find
somewhere a bit quieter and I’ll tell you the story I found somewhere a bit quieter in front
of this fantastic graffiti now I’m going to tell you a story so when you think of
pyramids what do you think of think of Egypt right well I think you’ve seen
from the TEOTIHUACAN video that I did the Mexico kicks Egypt’s ass when it
comes to pyramids and the same is true for mummies you think of money she think
of Egyptian mummies covered in bandages that sort of thing well you’re in for a
surprise so first of all this place as usual I
can’t fill in there so I didn’t walk around filming the picture quality is
really bad some of its really shaky I did manage to get some done almost
stabilizer but you just have to live with it so the story this el carmen
monastery and monastery school was built I started to be built in the 1600s and
the monastery school is called San Angel that’s where the name comes from and
underneath the monastery is a crypt where there’s dead bodies okay and the
way that their churches raised funds or made money in those days was by
effectively renting out the space in the crypt for dead bodies and when the
bodies would decompose the bodies would be removed and the process would start
again but in the 1800s this place was abandoned due to some some sort of
changes in religion in Mexico I won’t go into detail and basically it was sealed
up with the bodies inside and it wasn’t until 1917 that it was rediscovered and
you might remember the beginning of this video I said about volcanoes or a wall
of volcano that’s where the old name of this place comes from and the reason why
their bodies are so preserved as you can see now is because of the soil basically
the soil absorbs the moisture from the decomposing bodies which means they’re
effectively mummies that you know they’re not in bandages but they look
absolutely you know still like they were when they were put in those coffins
because of all what’s still the same clothes on and it’s very impressive it’s
very spooky as well and so that’s the story of volcanic soil monasteries crypt
mummies in Mexico you wouldn’t think this sort of thing
would be in Mexico and overall it’s very impressive there’s lots of and
impressive artwork in there there’s an artist Camilla someone I’ll put her name
down the bottom these little models the people very impressive she died in 1981
I’ve learned so much today so on that note we’ve seen around the monastery now
it’s time to go somewhere else and we’re back so that was the chapel I hope you
enjoyed that little bit of history to end this video I’m gonna have a look
around in this market and I need some food as well I’m starving so this market is very similar to the
one in quickcam so you have lots of places to eat tortillas quesadillas and
things like that you’ve got fruit and veg down there with
that amazing thing up there behind me you’ve got like a fish area fish meat
things like that and of course shoes souvenirs and one thing about souvenirs
and someone commented this in a another video it’s not so much souvenirs in
terms of tourists you know the handicraft thing in these markets and
also the artisan market is very much a Mexican tradition and it’s not
necessarily for tourists its handicrafts for the locals and I hope that’s correct
thank you for whoever it was that told me that So I’ve ordered soup and some tacos they’re on their way it’s actuallty very nice, it has rice in it, and vegetables, brilliant for some reasons i ended up with spaghetti with cheese just look at these
tacos i’m not going to film myself eating it because I only have one pair of hands just have to
imagine what it’s like i’ll tell you what it’s like in a minute okay that food was stupendous
so I wasn’t planning on having a three-course meal today but turns out
that’s what I had so I had to see I had this spaghetti some sort of small plate this
spaghetti and then five tacos full of chicken absolutely awesome
I think that pretty much me I feel like I have a food baby and I’m going to slip
into a food coma oh well so and yeah like there’s virtually much of me but
I’m not going to turn my nose up that it was only 60 pesos which is amazing value
and the food was out of this world sorry for the excitement I had a really
good day today in San Angel it’s wonderful so thank you for watching make
sure you put this on your list when you come to Mexico City I hope you’re all
going to come to Mexico see you if you’re not from here right and next up
are those more videos from Mexico City before I leave here at the end of this
week but don’t worry in YouTube world it’s going to be a lot longer so don’t
forget to Like comment and subscribe as always and thank you very much I’ll
catch you later I don’t know what I’m talking about but
you know I mean

43 comments on “SAN ANGEL MEXICO CITY – MUMMIES and INCREDIBLE TACOS! | MUSEO DE EL CARMEN *Tradducion en Espanol*

  1. Have you been to San Angel? It's Awesome! Especially the food and the museum! Thanks to all the subscribers who recommended San Angel! I preferred it to Coyoacan! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽❤

    ¿Has estado en San Angel? ¡Es impresionante! Especialmente la comida y el museo! ¡Gracias a todos los suscriptores que recomendaron a San Angel! ¡Lo preferí a Coyoacán! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽❤

  2. I´ve been watching your videos of Mexico City for the past couple of weeks. Very interesting and informational! Great work! Btw, how long are you in Mexico for?

  3. You're a great vloguer, hopefully when you come to Guad., will show the beautiful of our city.

  4. Hola me gustan mu hos tus videos.apenas puedo caminar pero me has llevado de paseo a muchas partes GRACIAS

  5. Mexico city has a lot of secrets, it's missing to visit a lot of places like SEP building (edificio de la SEP) in downtown , there you can find an ancient convent ,Diego Rivera's murals and personal objects owned by nuns who used live there , also the nuns are buried there , and you can visit them into the museum of this place.

    I recomend you visit too, Antiguo Claustro de Sor Juana, there is the place where Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz( feminist, writer, poet, philosopher XVII th century ) was cloistered , this is an ancient convent , also actually has become into an university , so you also can enjoy barroque music and theatre playings , because the auditorium is an ancient chapel.

    Also Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz has two museums more where she borns (Nepantla de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz in the state called Estado de Mexico )and where she used to live when she was a little girl and young girl (Hacienda Panoaya in Amecameca, Estado de Mexico).

    Finally I recomend you visit Hacienda los Morales(Hacienda is a rural mansion where used live and work farmers , this farmers suffered exploitation of labour, so this explotation caused the mexican revolution in 1910) Actually this hacienda is a fancy restaurant, you can find there the best of mexican gastronomy.

    These are just some recomendations Mexico city has ton of places more to visit. Good luck!

  6. The most famous mummies in Mexico are located in the city of Guanajuato. There's even an old (bad) movie about them called "El Santo vs the Guanajuato mummies" which featured a masked luchador who worked as a sort of Superhero/James Bond type of guy in a series of movies. He is/was the most famous luchador Mexico ever had.

  7. Good management of time travel haha, I´ve never been in San Angel, it´s like 2.5 hrs far from my home, but watching your video i think the travel worth it

  8. Me gustan tus videos, tus comentarios son muy profesionales, además, también me agrada que das muchos tips para los viajeros. Nos están visitando muchos vlogueros y muy pocos se han aventurado al sur de la ciudad, así que me gusto ver que visitaste San Ángel.

  9. Súper Cool you take ur time to explain many things about México and show the world all about our country. I hope u can have oportunity to visit more places in México!

  10. Really interesting video, the El Carmen crypt was fascinating.
    I think Mexico is going to be added to my list. Such a vibrant country away from the usual resorts.

  11. Beautiful. You've really opened my eyes about southern Mexico. Maybe I should give it another chance. I've had that spaghetti thing-yuk!-just weird and awful. The Mex food is so delish I didn't want to waste my stomach space on filler!🥑🌮🌯🥘 Happily adding this village to my list. 😄

  12. You outdid yourself on this video mi amigo, editing, commentary, pace is just perfect! Plus I used to just take San Angel for granted, never have I stopped to look around while passing through there I could have gone through my life without knowing it was so special San Angel lol, keep it up!

  13. Great video yet again and those tacos looked proper nice grub , stay safe fella and look forward to your next blogs cheers. Do you think Mexico will go down as one of the best places you have been to cheers

  14. I’ve learned so much about my country just by watching YouTube videos of Mexico being made by foreigners. Keep up the good work all you guys that make these incredible blogs!

  15. That spaghetti soup. It is an only starter. the system is called. Comida Corrida (Food run). and it is served in 4 states of timing. The first is a soup. to help the stomach digest and hydrate the intestines. Then comes the main Plate. in this case, they were the golden taquitos. The magic of these restaurants. is that they change the menu, every day! It is served in 4 states. because if they serve it together. The food is cold. Mexico has an excellent method of serving food.

  16. Ojalá te pudieras dar una vuelta por Guanajuato..sobre todo por las noches para que disfrutes de callejoneadas con la estudiantinas.

  17. I think the interesting thing about the Egyptian pyramids is the fact you can go inside down several levels and look in the dungeons, etc.

    The best thing I saw in Egypt was the Egyptian Museum. The Anthropology Museum in Mexico City is right up there with it. If you haven't been yet. It's worth your time which will be all day.

  18. Travel Tipp: Well, Keep this in mind. The most Museum in the world are closed on Mondays, some are also on Tuesday closed but not so often. They are closed on Mo. or Tue.because they are open on weekends. 😉

  19. It's lovely to see pictures of my beloved San Angel. It is unfortunate however that the guide/narrator cannot speak English, is almost un-understandable and evidently speaks a low dialect of English that has no 'T" in its alphabet. Not to mention his massacre of the Spanish words, which is inexcusable in a tour guide. At the very least, learn how to pronounce the name of the area you are discussing. HIs narration is disgraceful and gigantically ignorant.

  20. Te falto el homenaje al Batallón de San Patricio, que peleo junto al Ejército Mexicano en contra del Ejército Nortemaericano, en la Guerra de 1846 contra USA, y cerca en Coyoacan el museo de Churubusco sobre las intervenciones extranjeras en México.

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