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Save your Money! Telescopic Fishing Rod VS Two-piece Fishing Rod

Save your Money! Telescopic Fishing Rod VS Two-piece Fishing Rod

What’s going on fellas today, we’re doing a very interesting test a telescopic rod versus Two-piece rod, both of them are very portable. But which one should you invest your hard-earned money in? stay tuned to find out So I’m currently using the KastKing Black Hawk 2 telescopic rod now, this is a pretty high-end really nice telescopic rod actually Honestly, this is the best Telescopic rod I’ve ever owned because of the quality of it if you can take a look at the eyes right here I mean, these are really nice eyes The way that they built it is just high-quality and let me show you the difference between high quality and low quality Okay, guys, this is a low quality telescopic rod that I purchased for about $10 on Amazon It looked great in the pictures But when I when I observe it closely, I mean this is made of plastic. This is all like really cheap poorly made You can tell quality versus not quality and this is not quality versus something like this This looks pretty state-of-the-art okay, so this is the Blackhawk II It extends this one extends to 6 feet It does take a little second to set up compared to like a two-piece But once you have it set up and you have the eyes locked in right here you’re pretty much good to go just like that So once you get the eyes set up you’re pretty much good to go it took probably a minute to set up Really light and I’ve got this paired with a KastKing Eagle it’s called a Valiant Eagle which is I’ve never used one of their Eagle lines before but I’ve been told that they’re they’re really nice and From the feel of it. It’s really smooth. It’s really light and I’m excited to use it. I’ve got ten pound KastKing line on it as well And let’s see. This is this is a pretty nice setup right here. That’s really portable on the fly ready to go Look what I got. I snagged a bait… an Alewife Look at that. I hooked it right in the gill. I thought it was a bigger fish in that Yeah, I really like this because it’s a really sensitive rod Oh, nice! Stephen has a big perch! No–that’s a spot! Alright, Stephen, that’s good That’s good crab bait, too [Erin] Yeah, premiere crab bait That’s a big one [Stephen] It’s really nice Beautiful. Good specimen, right?
[Stephen] Yeah Whoo! I caught another–something this is another bait fish this is a, uh Alewife or a menhaden or something like that? [Erin] Oh, that’s definitely what I was seeing earlier that I was telling you about [Brendon] I can’t believe it hit it! [Erin] Could you bring it closer? I can’t believe it hit it I didn’t think these things ate anything. I thought they were filter feeders This is really good crab bait and we’re in an area where crabbing is really good A puffer fish? It catches every species I’m telling you a northern puffer fish this I’ve actually eaten in-when I was in– Where were we? Montauk?
[Erin] Montauk Yeah, they were serving fried puffer fish fried northern puffer. This is a little small. I’ll let this guy go Whoo! Whoa That is a nice perch That is a nice perch It took the squid And it just slammed it instantly Oh my goodness look at that fat perch Look at that perch That’s a good size Okay, so this rod casts really well I even tried top water and jigging with it great works just fine I have 10 pound line on here, so I was able to cast it pretty far Really sensitive reel. Yeah, really sensitive reel really sensitive rod great option I would 100% recommend this to anyone who’s fishing Anything remotely similar to what I’m doing, this is perfect My only cons for it is just setting it up and it’s hardly even a con. You know, I’m just impatient It just takes a little bit longer to set this rod up than a two-piece We are testing the telescopic rod versus this Sharky III** combo rod another KastKing combo That is it’s a two-piece Pretty portable as well. Not quite as portable as the telescopic But it has less places less breaking points Whoa, bird just dove and caught a fish Anyways, it has less breaking points Whereas a telescopic has it has a new one of these points every section and it has like six sections I think that this one will be ultimately a stronger stronger rod. So the worms just keep coming off every little tap So we’re gonna change it out to squid now. Do you want to use the–we have tentacles? we’ve got jackets, or we’ve got The strips right here.
[Stephen] I want to try a strip Alright, strips. Squid strips. Squid strips. Squid strips. [burps] Where are the scissors Here they are Need to bring a pair of scissors All right So we can cut whatever shape we want out of this and I think at the end of this hook I would like a little what looks like a worm So like that That should be good thread that on like a worm and then for me I’m gonna do a fishtail Just like that the fishtail like a shrimp tail Then I will put this on just like this Just like that Now this will be sparkling through the water and spinning around Something’s gonna eat this something’s gotta eat this for sure and it won’t come off the hook I thought I thought my other rock was super sensitive, but this one is super sensitive I’m getting bites right here– Ooh! This is a really sensitive one [Erin] What is it
[Brendon] Nice it’s a perch These are nice, They fight really well, This rod is actually even more sensitive than then other one so I take it back They’re not just as sensitive. This is even more maybe because I’m using four pound line But also this this rod actually feels lighter in my hand Wow One after another guys [Erin] Did you snag that one?
[Brendon] It went for it Look at that Right here’s the jackpot, right here, Stephen If you let it sink all the way to the bottom and then you slowly reel it in Whoo, big fot–big fat spot Nice [Erin] Big fot spat. Big fat spot Here you go, grandma. All right my consensus with both the telescopic rod and the Sharky III combo two-piece rod I like both of them a lot. They’re both great The telescopic one is pretty much the highest quality telescopic rod I’ve ever I’ve ever owned/ Seen but I think the Sharky III rod reel combo takes the win because not only does it have a cool not only does it have a kick-butt reel but it’s got a kick-butt rod and this rod is really light even lighter than the the telescopic rod And for the kind of fishing that I’m doing here Both of them are perfect. But I think I would rather bring this one next time if I had to pick one Anyways, if you wanted to try the combo for yourself or you’re looking for a new setup for yourself the telescopic rod and the The sharky III combo is in the link in the description below anything that you purchase from the link will help support our channel So thank you guys in advance for watching our show I hope you liked it if you want to try some of the supersalty squid We’ve got three kinds of super salty squid on our website check that out as well It works for so many different species and the best part about the super salty squid is that it’s so versatile you can use it as just a bait that you sit there or you can use it on a lure and With the new super salty jackets you can cut into whatever shape you want Thank you guys for watching if you guys liked our show hit the subscribe button And if you haven’t already press the– push the notification bell and that will alert you every time we put a new episode out Lately, we’ve been doing four episodes a week and you wouldn’t want to miss any of that. See you guys

100 comments on “Save your Money! Telescopic Fishing Rod VS Two-piece Fishing Rod

  1. Do a video on catching a bigger fish with the rod. I have bad experience with telescopic rod. Been trying to give it another chance but until someone prove they are good and reliable, I just stick to a two piece.

  2. I have a small telescopic fishing rod and I find that the easiest and quickest way to set it up is by, setting the drag really loose, then pull up on the closest part of the rod to you / the reel while aligning the eye at the same time. Then pull up on the next one while aligning the eye, and so on till you get to the tip.

  3. I had one telescoping pole but it got snap when I hooked a fairly big fish my grand father had one but my dad broke it because he manage catch big large mouth

  4. Awesome vid 🙂and Atlantic menhaden eat phytoplankton at about 1 year old and then when the get older they start to eat zooplankton and zooplankton look like a type of shrimp and if you can find or make a zooplankton lure then they will be hooked in the mouth and I’m a blood and sand wormer here in Maine and I herd of your super salty squid so I’m making some super salty sand worms I have about 80 sand worms salting in a hole container of kosher sea salt and I have it outside on a table we’re the sun can dry it out

  5. I use the eagle claw packit to hike on trails we’re a 2 peace Diawa would get stuck on branches and if I was fishing in thick brush I would use the eagle claw packit and I would use a 2 peace Diawa in open water like on a boat, dock, or a beach

  6. If you are looking for awesome truly high quality tele rods. Daiwa is the place to look. They make some really nice tele rods for jdm and euro markets.

  7. when you are testing fishing rods you are doing it the wrong way you are only using dead weight every rod will snap and break using dead weight even the most expensive rods will break when you fish you have resistance not dead weight then there is the drag setting then there is line weight and each rod for a certain species of fish .the only thing I found difference when it comes to cheap vrs expensive if you are lure fishing bait fishing relly doesn't matter and also expensive roods will last a lot longer 10years or so vrs cheap rods 2 years throw them out and when they get wet they rot this is because of the cheap materials used compared to the expensive rods witch don't absorb water or moisture due to there quality

  8. I'm sorry to say I don't like kastking I use either tsunami rods or Penn sorry and shamano I probably didn't spell that right lol

  9. Great video wish you gave the collapsed length & extended length looking 4 one to fit in side bag on my motorcycle. Looks on the video it has a fairly good back-bone . Also most all puffer fish are poisonous, it takes a licensed chef to prepare it correctly so good thing you released it.

  10. Depends on what I'm doing, if I'm backpacking telescopic rod all day with a small tackle box , if I'm just walking around then 2 piece with my backpack full of tackle.

    Edit, if I'm backpacking but beside a River with lots of over hang I'm using a dock demon Deluxe with 10 lb braid

  11. Why does everyone review KastKing stuff? Shakespeare for the win two piece Ugly Stick GX2 rod for only 30 bucks can pull a 45 pound catfish or a boat without breaking

  12. Nice presentation , if you have a chance test the Dam Shadow telescopic rod , it is very short when folded(42 cm) and can be transported on the back-pack .

  13. I'm using an extremely cheap telescopic rod priced around 2 dollars branded Kaminari. It's doing its job properly for light fishing

  14. Mu mom loves em but to salty for me dont act grossed out chinese people eat the most disgusting shit on the planet aka gutter oil rats ect..

  15. For these small species absolutely anything will do. Try something bigger, like small sharks or something. See how they hold, and how the drag performs.

  16. With the Blackhawk 2 rod, I hooked, fought and landed a 60cm long mekong catfish. The flexibility of the rod is amazing, don't underestimate the blank body just because it's hollow.

  17. How do you record voice??? Could you please help me out with that? I am searching for a solution, because my GoPro is not recording sound very well

  18. I'm not going to argue, a 2 piece rod is better than a telescopic for fishing, and a one piece rod is even better, but now I almost always use telescopic rods, I love them, they're great for kayak fishing. if you set the drag in the reel a cording to the line rate in your rod, and transport them with care they should last a very long time.

  19. I love using collapsible! Here in Montana by Yellowstone it's thick brush and it sucks trying to walk through with a full pole getting cought on everything. PS those perch tho!

  20. hi mate

    you should try Japan made ISOfishing ROD. That is the high-quality telescopic fishing rod.

    5.2M 200g Top 0.6mm metal

  21. Mr Senko : @ 00:55 you mention a cheap low quality telescopic rod – it looks suspiciously just like the one I was just about to order – except that I can't quite see the butt end of it on the video – if you see this post, could you plse confirm the following : Does it have a 'pistol grip' at the butt end ? (Which may be the exact same reason you initially bought it, that had also caught my attention – if so, you've just saved me some bucks !).

  22. What's clear to me is that people care wayyyyy too much about rods, whereas in my experience, the rod is the least important part of the package. They pretty much just do two things: sensitivity and casting distance.

    I mean, sure, there's variability in rod quality and sometimes cheaper rods = more defects = more unexpected breakages, but by and large, any time a rod breaks, I'm willing to bet good money that it's due to user error, not rod defect.

    Stupid things people do:
    1. Boat/dock flip. If you love your rod, don't do this. Should be fairly obvious.
    2. Use the rod to pull snags. If you have to pull a snag, grab the line directly (w/gloves of course).
    3. Set the drag too high. Set your drag IN ACCORDANCE TO YOUR ROD. If you're using 50 lb braid, don't just blindly use the 40% rule and set your drag at 20 lbs. Test the drag on your rod and see if it bends more than 90 degrees. If it does, then just fucking lower it.
    4. Cast inappropriate weights. Make sure you know your rod's lure rating. Too heavy and too light are equally likely to break your rod.

    I've landed channel cats close to 10 lbs on a 5 ft 2 pc shakespeare ultralight. Because I spooled 10 lb braid and had my drag set pretty low, the rod never even came close to breaking. Rods are almost never the problem – it's the user.

  23. EVERY telescoping rod I have ever owned has lost an eyelet or has had the eyes spin around when I was using it. I even went as far as to pay about 100$ for one, which I returned 2 weeks later because of the aforementioned issues. Never have I lost an eyelet or had one spin on a two-piece or one-piece rod. I also feel more sensitivity with one/two piece over the telescoping. I don't do a lot of saltwater fishing, actually I do none. Maybe this has an effect on it, I'm not sure. I have also found that the overall quality of the rod will be better for the same price when you get a one/two piece versus a telescoping rod.

  24. Good info on the telescopic rod… What I've been looking for…. Looks like can fit in my bag pack. Btw your channel has a lot of educational tips I can learn from coming from a begineer myself. Keep it goin. Cheers.

  25. I'm having a hell of a time finding kastking rods for deep sea. They all seem to be bass rods or telescopic. Do you have any suggestions?

  26. Hi Senko Skipper. I love your shows, and always learn something from watching them. This one was particularly cool, as you were fishing alongside a pier which is very similar to where I fish. However, I'm here in Penarth, Wales, UK, which is a small seaside town on the Bristol Channel

  27. Cont… with very dirty water, say 4 – 6" visibility, and although it's good fir ledger fishing for codling, sea-bass, etc… I'm determined to catch fish using lures (fresh baits, or plastics) as it's my favourite method of fishing, even though I've not so much as had a bite so far. The sea is there, the pier is there, I know the fish are there (as they take my ledgered bait), I've got good tackle, lure baits, and time to pursue this, seemingly boondoggling exercise, but so far….
    nothing. So, any ideas on how to fish these in conditions more successfully, as in actually catching a fish? As I said, love your shows, keep them coming, and take care fella. Many thanks. Raymondo.

  28. I have the kastking telescopic, broke on me 3 times. 3times!! The eagle claw was actually better but they dont make anything bigger than 6ft

  29. Hello there. I'm confused are you reviewing the kastking teliscopac spinning or casting one because the link shows the the casting but in the video looks like the spinning? Please help with that? Thanks

  30. Just wonderful, I've been looking for "best surf fishing spots in victoria" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Wenayden Xenaylee Blaster – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 got cool success with it.

  31. CHALLENGE: Find an Asian youtuber for fishing that doesn't say the word "KastKing" in every video. Shills man.

  32. Hey Senko, Ive been looking to purchase a surf rod and I think I'm really settled on the St Croix mojo surf but I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not I should go with the 1 piece 8 ft or 2 pc 9 ft. Which do you recommend? I will be pairing it to a daiwa BG 6500. Great video and always a pleasure watching you and Erin. Thanks

  33. Help! Trying to make a decision on the rods you've presented.

    I travel to Bermuda to help my friend fix his boat. Which one would you choose to take on the plane? The target species I've seen so far out there are Bermuda Chub, basically a ton of in shore pan fish, some red grouper, basically more protected waters kind of fishing. It'll be off my friend's boat. But I need compactness to carry on the plane and around, and can possibly deal with a 40-50 pound fish. I have an old straight up fiberglass southbend proton, and am looking to upgrade for this next trip.

  34. I have two of the cast king Blackhawk II rods, the nice thing about them is they fit in a carry-on bag on an airplane. I bought a specific bag( Equator Backpack soft sided carry-on) that maxed out my size corner to corner to fit the 8 foot inshore casting rod(26" collapsed length) and it is probably a little long but have not had a problem yet.

  35. I have a small Telescopic Rod with a Daiwa Spinning reel, 15lb Braid/6lb diamater. I call it my Recon Rod. Keep it in the car wherever I go just in case an emergency fishing spot comes up.

    Because I use it more often, this rig has become one of my favorite setups ever in history.

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