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72 comments on “Saving Fisher (Splinter Cell Chaos Theory)

  1. @jakatak1134 If you mean torturing – yes. But they don't send another agent for saving Fisher. It was only my idea for machinima, you know 🙂

  2. What Chaos theory is this cause the one I have for the xbox Sam is working solo.even the PS2 that I bought my nephew doesn't have this.

  3. Wow that was NICE!! ^_^ Can you make a tutorial how to do things like that plz?))) Or can you tell me how take off HUD? PLEASE)

  4. @DisplaceInt You have to modify game files using hex editor (in this case: "11_KokuboSosho.scl" and "Dynamic-pc.umd"). In these files you have to change some values and be very careful to preserve the integrity of the files. The Values are "ESam", "SamC" in 11_KokuboSosho.scl and "COOP_Player", "CoopAnims.ukx" in "Dynamic-pc.umd".

  5. @DisplaceInt I'm lazy boy, so I used for this hex editor from VirtualDub 😛 You need change values to be the same in both files. For example: "SamC" and "COOP_Player" change to "COOO"; "ESam" and "CoopAnims" change to "CooA" ("CooA.ukx" in "Dynamic-pc.umd" file). That should work.

  6. @oscarmagalhaes1000 Machinima is a form of filmmaking that uses computer game technology to shoot films in the virtual reality using a game engine.

  7. You really are taking my one word QUESTION too seriously. A word to the wise, next time you try and argue something with someone for a random and mundane reason you should understand that Agent One along wth Agent Two are both faceless operatives working for third echelon and so were one of them to change their callsign to something like "Archer" then you really wouldn't have any irrefutable proof to the contrary. So for hypothetical sake, he could infact be Agent 1 and you wouldn't know.

  8. Why everone like this arc so much? If you like this one, then watch another one, like "Displace", "The Traitor", "The Bank Job", "Revenge!" or "Action in Panama". They are great too!

  9. Agent 1 did exist…so as agent 2… as far as I remember in Double Agent (console version) Fisher fucked them up. They are in COOP in CT. And in DA too on consoles.

  10. I'd like to know how did you do that. Did you just swapped costume for Fisher or did you made mission playable in COOP. I tried modding the game that way via ini files in dynamic-pc.umd but it didnt work.

  11. hexen how do i change the player models in chaos theory?? in splinter cell 1 there is a command line you can bring up. Tell me how in chaos theory.

  12. I read the thread on Steam, but what it doesn't answer is: Is this possible in Single Player mode or do you need to use two computers via Coop?

  13. Sam said, "If I'm captured or killed, I know that no one will come rescue me". This video proves he was completely false

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