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Scandal Made Me Famous: Amy Fisher

Scandal Made Me Famous: Amy Fisher

NARRATOR>>Sixteen year-old
Amy Fisher has an affair with thirty-five year-old Joey
Buttafuoco, the owner of a Long Island New York auto body shop. JOEY>>Hey, you good a
keeping secrets, Amy? STEVE HELLING>>Amy and Joey,
were playing a very dangerous game, but Joey was an adult.
He should have known better. AMY>>I’m not so young you know. FRED KLEIN>>She was clearly
infatuated with him, but also, I mean, he was taking
all sorts of risks. AMY>>Joey, is this your wife? NARRATOR>>And when their
relationship cools down. JOEY>>Why don’t you get
out of here for a while. NARRATOR>>the love struck
young girl becomes desperate. AMY>>You said you
were gonna leave her. JOEY>>We got kids. NARRATOR>>and focuses
her scorn on her lover’s
unsuspecting wife. AMY>>I want a gun, Peter. PETER GUAGENTI>>You want a gun? AMY>>Yeah, a gun.
Can you get it for me? MARY JO BUTTAFUOCO>>The aim was
to kill me. I just didn’t die NARRATOR>>An investigation
will uncover a torrid game of jealousy, sex, teenage
prostitution, adultery, betrayal, and a loaded gun. And
what jaw-dropping revelations would emerge about the girl the
tabloids would soon proclaim, “The Long Island Lolita”? ERIC NAIBURG>>The media was
all over it. The cameras were all over it. The reporters
were all over it. LARRY KING>>He had the wife and
she was going to kill the wife. The eternal triangle
and all that. AMY PAGNOZZI>>All these
different headlines and it just. The story did not go away. NARRATOR>>Meet Amy Fisher.
Just another high school teen with a crush…until
Scandal Made Her Famous.

8 comments on “Scandal Made Me Famous: Amy Fisher

  1. Amy Fisher & Joey America's sweethearts! Who doesn't remember this story! Now After all this they are still together and Mary Jo has moved on with her life. She dumped her husband! Amy & Joey are both selfish

  2. I remember when Mary Jo got shot and how she denied everything and she stood by her husband saying oh my Joey my Joey my Joey not to sound harsh but GOD that got annoying after while. Amy Fisher should have known better she got herself into a situation with a married man and now she is back with Joey after all of this media frezy its sick. They deserve each other they had to make 3 TV shows about Amy this case had everyone talking.

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