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SCRATCH CRAFT for Sunday School (eg. Feeding 5000, FISH & LOAVES)

SCRATCH CRAFT for Sunday School (eg. Feeding 5000, FISH & LOAVES)

hi guys and welcome to my channel where
I put up simple ideas to help people like you who are teaching kids about the
Bible about Jesus and Christian values and today I have a little friend here
who’s going to help us with this really simple craft this is PD he is
PD my little possum and he really enjoys craft yes he really loves
doing crafts and this craft is really simple isn’t it yes it’s simple and it’s
very creative and I’ve made it so it’s really affordable as well and you can
use it with any Bible story whatsoever so let’s go ahead and let’s show them
how to do the crafts okay okay PD what do we need for this craft well we need
the scratch paper the engraving paper and there are five – a pack and you know
what I do I make it even smaller so I could get a class of 20 out of one pack
so I cut them up into smaller pieces here is an a4 size and look there’s five
in a pack and you can get eight so I can get up to 40 kids looked-after
just by cutting them into smaller pieces and then what you need is they only come
with one of these one per pack so I found these great skewers and they work
really well and they’re not as sharp and the perfect size for kids hands so that
worked really well for the etching tool and then the other thing that you need
is you need just scrap paper because it gets so dirty when the kids are doing
this engraving so I give them each a piece of scrap paper they put their
piece on and then they begin their engraving of their picture but one of
the most important things you need to have is you need to have samples of what
you’re going to do that day can you tell what Bible story
we are doing today? but the kids love doing this type of
paper and I will show you how they went so PD how do you think the kids went?
did they do really well? yes they did really well they did a good job didn’t they?
and it’s really simple and you can use it for any Bible story so if you like
this idea be sure to give us a thumbs up yes and if you haven’t subscribed yet go
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there for you and we’ll see you next time
you say goodbye wave goodbye bye my little possum puppet isn’t that cute
it’s got a cute little tail the kids really really love PD it looks like a
real Australian possom and this is what Australian possums look like they’re
really cute yes you’re really cute

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