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SDSU Outstanding Faculty Monty Awards 2017 – Dr. Douglas Fisher

(Music) He does a certain stand, but all of a sudden he’ll go, “I got an idea.” And all of a sudden you know it’s gonna know it’s gonna be an idea that’s gonna make a difference but you gotta be ready for the ride. (Music) I’ve always wanted to be in education. I always knew something about education was my life. I just wasn’t sure what kind of education I was looking for. And I stumbled across this thing called the Visible Learning Database, that learning should become obvious and visible for teachers and for students. In 2006, Dr. Douglas Fisher and his colleagues founded Health Sciences High and Middle College, a place where learning goes beyond the walls of a classroom. “We’ve got to practice our format.” What works best to cause learning? Well, one of the high effects is student and teacher relationships. We have to choose to maintain those relationships. We should know each other’s names. “Hi, what’s your name?” “Hi, Doug.” We should know what their interests are, what their aspirations are. Some students are not gonna be willing to struggle through difficult content if they don’t trust the adults around them. I’ve known Dr. Fisher since 8th grade. We even call each other cousins cause me and my cousin “adopted him”. That close relationship helps me feel more welcome to school and helps me succeed throughout the year. I’m very, very proud of what we’ve accomplished. Learning how to help them and help their teachers help them realize aspirations is very rewarding. Doug Fisher is an amazing, encouraging mentor that really sees the great potential in people and helps people reach that potential. He makes his research come to life in that he strives to embody the principles at the core of great leaders and great schools. One of my professors said years ago at San Diego State, “When you’re educated in the public system, you’re responsible to give back to the public.” And I’ve taken that pretty seriously. I really enjoy helping people accomplish the aspirations they hope to accomplish. (Music)

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