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Sea Bass fishing in Lisbon – Pesca aos Robalos em Lisboa

Welcome to another fishing video Today I am in Tejo I went to visit my parents to Lisbon. today is 24 December And I came to spend Christmas with them. I decided to go fishing at the beginning of the day At the beginning of the day with this curl tail from Savage Gear I am doing light spinning my target will be small Sea Bass That are found here the tide is bad is low tide And it will only be full tide at 12:00 but I don´t have all that time to fish but let´s see if I can get any fish cya soon There is the first Sea Bass there he goes The morning turned out to be very weak I only got one fish I was hoping a good day because it started well. after 5 or 6 cats I already got the first fish I met a sailor leaving the boat. And he told me that lately this area has had very little fish Who lately had to go and buy fish for the boat So I leave you some images of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and where I am fishing now hope you like and cya soon

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