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Sea Center Fish Stocking – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Sea Center Fish Stocking – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

– NARRATOR: It’s time
to feed the fish.
[splashing] – WORKER: You don’t want to
stick your hand in there.– NARRATOR: These hungry
red drum and seatrout
are at Sea Center Texas
in Lake Jackson.
Located on 75 acres,
the fish hatchery raises
red drum, seatrout,
and southern flounder,
stocking between 10 to
16 million fish into
Texas bays each year.[acoustic music] – Stock enhancement is not just
putting fish out there for people to catch. It is the idea of making our
naturally occurring population of game fish more robust.– NARRATOR: Sea Center Texas
also features an aquarium,
nature trail and fishing events.It’s open to the public
and it’s always free.
– Pond 5 probably has the
same issue going on.– NARRATOR: It’s 7 am and
hatchery staff are preparing
for a day of raising fish.Biologist Jeff Bayer starts his
day in the baby making room.
– JEFF: We’re going to start
our day collecting eggs from a spotted seatrout spawn. And those floating eggs
will come out of the tank and into an egg collector. And we see that the eggs have
started to float so we know these are good eggs,
these are fertilized eggs.– NARRATOR: Now it’s time
for an egg count.
– JEFF: 1,700 trout eggs fit
into one milliliter of water. So today we have 102,000
fertilized eggs– NARRATOR: Next the eggs go
into the incubation tank,
which is aerated with oxygen.– JEFF: So that’s the idea: these trout are spawning in the
passes, it’s a little rougher. We’re replicating what
happens in the bay.– NARRATOR: After the eggs
hatch, the tiny larvae go
into outside ponds to grow.– JEFF: One of my
responsibilities as a biologist, we’re going to read the ponds. We take a lot of data here. I can see what the
oxygen has been. I can see how many
fish were stocked. I can see what size
the fish are. We’re trying to produce 400,000
fingerlings in a 1-acre pond.– NARRATOR: For Jeff,
it’s personal.
[inspirational music] – JEFF: I grew up near the
Gulf coast. My dad grew up fishing
speckled trout and red drum so I grew up doing that, too. And by the early 80s,
here I am 10-12 years old, and even I knew I wasn’t
catching red drum anymore. And I became fascinated
with aquaculture. [crickets chirp]– NARRATOR: While most folks
are still sleeping,
Jeff and his crew are
collecting seatrout fingerlings
to stock in the bay.– JEFF: I’m going to try to put
between 6 and 10 pounds of fish in a bucket. So it’s 150 pounds
on the trailer.– NARRATOR: By the time the rest
of us are starting our day,
the young seatrout are getting
ready for their new home.
[pump engine runs]And off they go!– JEFF: I’m going to want to
release them where I see some grass over there or some
oyster shell, somewhere these little guys can hide.– NARRATOR: As often happens,
a curious onlooker stops by.
– And you figure these will be
two years these will be legal. – Well that’s great. That’s money well spent. – JEFF: Thank you! We appreciate you! This is why we do it.– NARRATOR: Meanwhile, thousands
of tiny trout now have
a new home in the bay.– All done. 200,000 West Matagorda trout
released alive and healthy.– NARRATOR: But how many of
those trout will make it
to adulthood?If seatrout have the same
results as red drum,
the outlook is promising.– He was just pop, pop…– NARRATOR: A study with
Texas A&M showed about
10 to 21 percent of
red drum caught
were hatchery-raised fish.– It’s really cool when you
pull up to a red light and you got that trailer behind
the truck and you hear honk and you turn over and here’s a
guy in his Saltwater Life hat and he’s giving you
a big one of these. And it’s very rewarding,
very rewarding.– NARRATOR: This project was
funded in part by a grant
from the Sport Fish
Restoration Program.

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  1. I'm going to college to get a degree in aquaculture not only does it pay well it also helps the environment and I hope I get a job in Texas because they pay more than any other States

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