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Sea-Doo Fish Pro Jet Ski Review | Club Marine

Sea-Doo Fish Pro Jet Ski Review | Club Marine

Chris: Hi. I’m Chris Beattie from Club Marine TV. We’re here today to check out the brand new
Fish Pro Jet Ski from Sea-Doo. Of course, jet ski fishing is nothing new. The Kiwis and the South Africans have been
doing it for years, and it’s become increasingly popular here in Australia and elsewhere. What Sea-Doo has done has taken it to a whole
new level with the Fish Pro. Everything from the Garmin chartplotter and
fish finder up at the front to the fishing cooler down here at the back with its rod
holders is designed to make fishing easy and simple. All you’ve got to do really is bring some
bait and fishing rods and away you go. Chris: One of the great features of the Fish
Pro is the fishing cooler, which is a great combined esky and rod holder and tackle preparation
station that you get with your Fish Pro that sits on the back of the jet ski. It has some great interchangeable rod holder
positions all around it. It’s got a fish measuring scale on the front
of it, and it’s got a lot of room inside for ice, and drinks, and of course, fish and bait. It sits on an extended platform on the back
of the Sea-Doo, so it’s actually extended quite a way at the back to make more room
for fishing. The extended platform also adds stability
to the ski especially when you’re at rest, and you don’t want the thing rocking backwards
and forwards too much, well this actually helps. Chris: Of course, you’ve got the great ST3
Sea-Doo hull which also is very stable at rest and underway. Fisherman are really going to love the back
part of the Fish Pro here. There’s just so much room to move on this
rear deck especially when you take the back half of the rear seat away which is very easy,
just two clips, and you pull it away. All of sudden, you’ve got this great big area
to play with. If you hook with a fish or you could follow
it around, nothing gets in your way, prepare your bait, etc. Then, in addition to that, Sea-Doo has put
their links system in here. That’s a mounting system which allows you
to plug in and remove all sorts of different storage accessories, fuel churns, and that
sort of thing. Chris: If the fish go off the bite, well you
can actually plug in a ski pole here at the back so you can tow the kids around on water
toys and have a bit of fun. It really is a very versatile jet ski. Sea-Doo hasn’t forgotten performance or handling
with the new Fish Pro. We saw almost 90 kilometers an hour on a fairly
flat sea out there, but with that new ST3 hull it really handles the chop nicely. And they have also squeezed in an extra 10
liters into the fuel tank taking the total up to 70 liters, which gives you extended
range and also more time on the water. Chris: The Fish Pro also has troll mode, a
great feature which allows you to troll a lure and adjust your speed in one kilometer
an hour increments. One thing you want on a jet ski is plenty
of storage. The Fish Pro’s got it in spades with over
150 liters of storage. How good is that? Well, after two days with Sea-Doo’s new Fish
Pro, I’ve got to say, it’s one very impressive machine. It’s very versatile. You can obviously fish from it. It makes for a great all around package and
price, value for money, with an Easy Tow trailer it’s just $21,000. With the stereo package as well, $21,700. Great all around package. I love it. I can’t wait to take it fishing again. This has been Chris Beattie from Club Marine
TV. I hope you’ll come back and join us sometime.

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  1. I like the room in the back, I use an ex Yamaha, need a bigger cooler bait well and extended miles aux. tank! still tinkering!
    I need 80 miles range! lol

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