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Sea-Section: Incredible Shark Birth Caught on Camera

GIRL: Yay oh my god this is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen 00:06
COMM: A family outing turned into an incredible emergency c-section shark birth caught on
camera. 00:14
COMM: Restaurant owners Beth and Lindsey Cordell were walking along the coast of Georgia, USA
with their three children and a friend when they noticed a shark had been washed up on
shore. 00:25
MAN: I don’t think there’s a baby in there 00:27
COMM: Strangers gathered and helped remove a hook from the 6ft shark, which was when
they noticed movement inside its body. 00:34
MAN: There are more than 1, back up. 00:36
COMM: Quickly realizing the dead shark was pregnant, another beach-goer volunteered to
cut the mother open and attempt to save her pups. 00:45
COMM: In total 3 baby sharks were successfully rescued and released into the ocean.

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