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Sea Trout On Dry Fly (skumbille) – River Fishing In Denmark

Sea Trout On Dry Fly (skumbille) – River Fishing In Denmark

Hi, my name is Michael.
– And I am Oliver. Today we’re out to do some dry fly
fishing, in the small streams of Nordjylland. It’s late season, so there should be a lot
of fish in the river. So we hope for some action! So if you are interested in this type of fishing, stay tuned! I have done this type of dryfly fishing for 7-8 years, and it’s that one season, I look forward too the most every year. It’s the coolest part of the season! Basically this type of fishing is like ordinary dry fly
fishing, beside that we are using these big foam flies. We are sneaking around the river banks, making
casts to places where we think the trout is. Then we start to strip them in, so they
make a V-shape wave behind the fly. In that way, the sea trout should be able to
spot the flie, and then rise to it and take it. When you hit the right day, you can experience
some really actionpacked fishing out here. You can have a lot of strikes, and fish rising. Other days it can be a real struggle to get the fish to rise.
But when you’re out here at the right time and place… Then the fishing can be crazy, and that is so cool! Right there, come on!
– Yep! Ohh! – That was a big fish.
It was big! Just saw the flie come right towards me… Okay, that was a nice trout… – It was big! It wasn’t just one of those half meter fish, it was bigger! Why didn’t it… Just gonna try again. – It was mad! Come on one more time! At least I know where it is now.
– F*** it was big… Yeah, no doubt. Not just a small one. Let’s get the flie close to the bank, and then.. It was in the exact place where I said it would be. And then I failed it… – You want another go? My heart is just beating! Okay, we just had a big trout rise to the flie.
At first it just followed without taking the flie. Then I gave it a 10 minute break, and took another cast.. This time it took the flie, but failed to get hooked. Or else I was too fast. So now we are gonna wait a bit again. Let’s take
a drink or a smoke, and just let it rest for a while. Now that it was a bigger fish,
we are gonna give it one more try. So first, just a small brake, and then let’s try again.
At least we know where it is hiding. Let’s see if we can get it. Cool! Not that big as I thought, but nice fish! – Cool Michael! Cool!
– Yeah! Yes please!
-That’s it! Nice fish! Around 45, crazy fish! Cool! So damn cool! Oh, I never get tired of this… Still the most cool thing in the world! I think this fishing is cool, because it’s so intense. As mentioned, we are fishing these large foam beetles. Most of the time, we see the trouts
come all aggressive and take the flies. It is some kind og ninja fishing, where we are
sneaking around in these small clear water streams. And it’s just so cool, when it
works out, and a big fish rises. Maybe it will rise really gentle, or maybe it will explode with the flie in the mouth, and that’s just awesome. Ohh, that was a trout! – Stop it, try to let it be! That there, was a trout! Yes! No!! No! It will come again, I think!
– But you felt it tho? – You’re rod just flexed?
Not that much.. – Think it felt the hook, because the flie disappeared. It won’t come again. I will buy you a Mc. D meal if it strikes again! Here we go!
– Nice one! It’s tough tho. Yes!
– Just keep it in the net. Yes!
– Ahh, how nice! 35-40 cm sea trout, on the foam beetle. That’s what they want. Nice Michael!
– Yes! The rod we normally use, is a weight 4-5.
Here I am with a weight 4. It’s not that important that it is a weight
4, 5 or 6, but somewhere around that. Alongside with that, we have a short belly WF line. It has a pretty agressive tapering, that makes it
easier for us to turn the leader, with these big flies. The leader is a 9 feet tapered one,
that ends out in some 0.28-0.30 mm Behind that, I have around a meter of 0.28mm. That’s pretty much it, for the gear, for this fishing. When you get to a place like this, it’s effective
just to fish with the leader out only. In that way you can fish right in front of you’re
feet, and often there is a fish hiding around there. And as long we are up here, and not in the water,
everything should be fine. As long as we are carefull. We recently got a lot of fish this way. It’s important to fish all the way around. It really doesen’t have to be long casts,
actually it can be enough with just the leader. We are heading upstream now, and at our own
side of the river, we need to pass a bush. At this place, the river gets quite small. That’s often a hotspot for the trouts. We are walking around in half meter of water now. So to avoid spooking the fish, I am gonna sneak up by
myself, and then let the cameraman stay behind for a bit. Let’s hope we can get a strike! Let’s go, real slow! Way to go Michael! Nice fish! It’s decent! Look at this! Nice male fish. Those foam beetles… Real nice fish! Haha, so nice! The flies we are using, is as mentioned, foam beetles. It’s flies in the size 6-4. And some in different colours. If we are fishing in a river that is really wide and deep,
then I tend to use some harsh colours on the flies. And if we are fishing some small streams, with clear
water, then we tend to use some more natural colours. Because of that, it is important to have some
different colours, and sizes in the fly box with you. Right in front of me, the river is not that wide. That makes up for some nice places for the trout
because the water runs a bit faster in this place. I know it’s a place were the tend to hang around, so I
will just give it a go. Else we will continue upstream. I’ll just turn it around. Now it’s going in the woods! No no, stay here! Can you grab it?
– Yeah, bring it. Come here!
– Yes man! So nice! Let me just reel in the line.
– Yeah. It just smashed the flie in the right spot! So nice!
– It’s just resting here. So freaking nice! In the middle of the woods. And that was one the red one?
– Yeah, the red flie. That’s so cool. Now we have been fishing for a
while, with orange and yellow, without any luck. Then you changed to a red.. It didn’t take long..
– I think red is a good colour in general for this water. It can be so effective. It’s important to have some different colours in
the really harsh ones like orange, yellow and so on.. But have some in green, brown and tan as well.. It depends on the water. Murky water is harsh colours.
Is the water clear, then we use the natural colours. Let’s try to move on, see if the red one brings any luck. It’s really about making the right cast. The cool thing is: When you have found a spot,
where you think the trout should be around.. Then you make a perfect cast.. Then you make a couple of strokes, and see
the trout come in with a massive wave or maybe take the flie, and jumps right out the water. That’s the coolest ever. Maybe we have been out here
many hours when it happens. But when first you have experienced a tout
taking the flie, with that massive power… Then all the hours out here, searching
for the fish, is forgotten. All of it. And that’s why we do it. Hmm, it should be here. Yep! Ahh it’s a brown trout. I thought it was a sea trout, but it’s not. Nice little fella. Way to go. They wanna play! Now we just need to find a bigger one. If these small brown trouts wanna play,
then maybe the bigger ones will as well. There is really deep right here. And if that small fish rised
from the bottom here, the bigger ones will as well. The small brown trouts are usually harder to provoke
with these harsh coloured flies, than the bigger fish are. So when a small fish around 25 cm want to rise to a flie, from 2,5 meters of depts, then the bigger ones will too. Just in a moment! Come on! There should be some up here, that I can
say to you with 100%! Right here. Just sitting at this bench in the middle of the river, haha! Nice fish here! Big black spots on it! – Really pretty. Let’s release it again.

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  1. Har selv dyrket opstrøms fiskeri i Fjerholdt å, efter den til tider meget svære bækørred, godt nok ikke med skum billen. Super flot film

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