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Seafood Delight Catch n Cook Chili Lime Fish EP.358

Seafood Delight Catch n Cook Chili Lime Fish EP.358

Hello everyone, It’s Andy here, it’s been a while
some that in episode and here sorry about that I’m just had work I had the
cyclone and we’ve had a lot of bad weather so I’ve got a few hours this
afternoon for about three or four hours I’ve got and I’m going to go for a bit
of a fish I’m going to try and do a catch and cook and catch my dinner at
breakfast around 11:00 I did some work and I’m pretty hungry now so hopefully a
fish I can cook and I’ve got a really cool recipe I’m gonna try never tried it
before I think you’ll like it nice little drain here then a lot of
little jelly prawns in it while I was freaking out this is just coming in and
all they’re smashing here or enough on the side here you might see that while
I’m fishing here about yep nice little bear it’s the light outfit got a plane
very gently come on Very thin leader on this so I can’t muscle
them at all are you very well under the motor was hoping to get the big foot off here
I I knew that would happen I have to change the leader that is just two
things to fish like that oh good so a little outfit I’m using is the Black
Hawk – in a 2000 model and Samaki Zing’s in a 5 foot 4 , 4 to 10 pound spin rod
nice little outfit and I usually handle the fish pretty good but yeah I just had
some really light leader there so we’ll try it with some heavier leader ivory
rings I’ve got the same spider crawling on and I’ve got a 20-pound leader on
same size look one oh you want to attach this time – salmon
right there yep that’s a blue salmon and a thread fin I
think it’s like King King threadfin no leave it
problem is that on bait it’s about this big and my pawns about this big I’ll
just keep peppering it in this Oh Oh one bit mess up there we go we good
that was literally three metres from the drain it okay we good now okay Oh around
something there yeah is around something like yes Lisa
got half a chance of getting this one well I did out before you went under
what everybody’s under heavy a leader on this time this is not good
I’ve gone under three or four and I have been fishing the big rod but I always
just like the really on sale there we go come on laughing OH Barramundi that’s two to you none to me going
yes a big flathead I think could be a con not sure it’s not moving a lot
Oh No got a bit of a look at it it’s a big sweating all right yeah being flat
head not the fish I wanted the breeding females let her go down one up girl oh look at the size of that I like the
techniques critters out sometimes and got some really cool looking features
look at the eyes on this thing and then why that I’ve got this weird weird
looking eye it’s cool she is a nice breeding female so we’ll
let her go I don’t kill the big breeding fish right oh yeah oh I’ll see ya
beautiful oh yes why we got hard hit
Oh bigger grandpa maybe take a little bigger grandpa come on up yeah I don’t
still don’t think he’s quite legal a little bit big in the last one I’ll
check it out KC’s not bad not bad at all let’s measure him so the size looks a
grunter it’s 40 centimeters let’s see what it goes straight here we go just
over 40 and a half centimeters so you’ll be my dinner tonight buddy I hear these
taste very good I don’t have the rent money so now I’ve caught a fish on this
outfit I’ll show you what it is it’s a spin or 3000 rampage real 20 pound line
samake zing six foot ten to 20 pounds spin rod nice little outfit and I think
I’m running yeah 30 pound leader on this one so I’ll fish a little bit more but
I’m going to go and clip that fish up before the Sun Goes Down hopefully it’s
about 10 or 15 minutes before sunset it’s going to be a bit of light but the
sand flies are beating me it’s just unbearable I put air a guard on but
they’re just too nasty some there’s still fish there’s still fish charging
in the shallows it’s still biting but we are going to go and cook some dinner
and hopefully you like it I get more than 3000 likes I’ll keep doing more
really interesting recipes I’m going to try and here just challenge myself each
time to do something quite different and I think you’re fine this is quite
different so I’m going to find a spot where I can pull the boat up on the bank
and maximum fire I found a nice spot on the beach as you
can hear them fires going boats out that way somewhere it’s you
know pretty low tide and I couldn’t get it right in here so I grabbed a bag and
a few other things out of the boat and we’ll cook this fish up right now get
our foil get a nice big piece of that nice big piece get mr. Potato Head and
we’ll start at this corner doesn’t have to be neat as long as it’s covered on
all sides there we go I get a little cute can of coconut milk and I don’t
have a can opener so I’ve got to studying off you want to be careful
doing this I just need a couple of holes in there so get that bit and that’s it
there’s one hot try not to wreck the knife spin it around and get the other
knife probably best to do this a hard surface where the can doesn’t pull over
but it should work we’ll start making a little foil oven I
guess that’s definitely longer than the fish you get a cutlet pieces there we go
two nice pieces trying to get too much sand on it right see how we’re going to
do this get the sand off first heat will fold it in half like so and then we’ll
fold the ends up that and do the other one as well and
that way still makes it stand out there we go we’ve got probably half of our
oven made up already there there you go we go to work quite nice and make a
little divot in the sand there something on the sand in there okay there we go
nice little boat and we’ll grab our fish now because now because most of the meat
is on this side of the fish I’m going to put that down into the fire drop him in
there look at that fits perfectly have any
measure it and throw some stuff in there so we’ll get some bits of lime cut a
bits in there too bit too chili in there some garlic so the garlic I am I chopped
up into just this little sort of slice each chunk the chillies which I’ll put
another one in here one on this side so one on this side I just cut them into
like down the middle and clean have it so quarters and we get another color
bits of live on that side and another bit of lime on this side so then this is
the tricky part we’ve got to just fold that in a little
bit okay and we will fold that in a little bit go is that I could be it’s
going to be very tasty huh hang on we got more garlic Leone yet the garlic on
this side here I think at about 4 or 5 cloves of garlic one whole lime and one
small reasonably warm chilli now this is let’s see how much this is this is 165
mm and just right through the fish both sides and we’ll just use that whole can
that will keep it nice and moist laughs look at that
that looks delicious already mm-hmm got one little bit of foil shiny side out
and we’ll just just that little bit actually that’s not going to work of it
a bit like that yes like that just closed a little bit of same color a lot
of heat in that fly all right mr. fish is down on a handful now we want to get
a bit of that coal up against the side let’s hold that team down all right guy
and you have on this side as well we’ll leave that for a while actually got mr.
potato off to find another spot see mr. soda and then go down the back here so about ten minutes into cooking and it’s
yeah sizzling along nicely it’s actually getting quite dark so
hopefully I can get it finished before it gets too dark to film yeah so lovely
afternoon there’s not a cloud in the skies it’s still just just nice being
out in nature so if you want to see more of these especially the different
catching Kooks leave a comment let me know what you want to see and like the
video the more likes the more of these I’ll make so here hopefully I get 3000
likes it’s really quite dark now but it’s been
20 minutes and I reckon it should be pretty much done with this cover off if
we can one-handed it’s how much ash in the fish oh there we go
oh look in there well it feels soft all right you might pull it out of fallout
yeah have a look at it beautiful okay I’ve got two sets of two sticks and
I’m going to use them like chopsticks or tongs and try and lift this fish out I
have been myself not so easy with 2 separate hands good good on that one there we go
look at that Oh a little good for it okay so look inside
there I’ve got my phone talk to all the other tosses you’re on the boat but I’ll
tell you what that smells delicious that smells like a green curry to be
honest open this up so you can have a good-looking nice-looking sir look at
that that ah yep that is done let me just see if I can peel those scales off
and have some dinner with the shame it’s a little bit too dark for you guys to
see me eating that some people didn’t like me anyway that just fell off there
let’s get this apart well we’ll just try that little tiny bit on camera and then
all I’ll let my dinner now you can see that the sky is still quite light in
this camera but I’m having trouble seeing that fish mmm nice mmm just
subtle flavors the UM the lime the chilli coconut cream and just coming
through so you can still taste the fish which is something I really like I’m
going to keep being this but I have to make the apples lots of the skin is here
I’ll have to make the next video when there’s a bit more a lot more light you
can see what’s going on but yeah this is going to be delicious thanks for

100 comments on “Seafood Delight Catch n Cook Chili Lime Fish EP.358

  1. I enjoy your videos mate but It honestly boggles my mind why people skull drag as soon as they hook a fish, I understand it some place structure comes into to play but it's not like your using light gear

  2. I enjoy your videos mate but It honestly boggles my mind why people skull drag as soon as they hook a fish, I understand it some place structure comes into to play but it's not like your using light gear

  3. Actually this video is on par with the barra C & C one, love cooking with coconut milk/cream. Thanks for the idea, i'll have to give it a go!

  4. Good recipe very similar to what I did to a Rainbow trout by a very remote river in the mountains. I had rice with mine 🙂

  5. Hey Andy,
    Love the Catch and Cook productions!!!! Kudos to you!
    On a different topic: Have you retired the DavidCraft K-320 Telescoping? Haven't seen it about for a while.

  6. With that much foil theirs no need to put it in the fire lol.btw love ur vids they r awsome and also don't think I'm hating pls:)

  7. I really enjoy your videos mate, it's refreshing to see a guy who doesn't carry on like a pork chop. One of my favorite fishing video presenters. As entertaining as bushy

  8. เป็นคลิปที่สนุกมาก andy พาฉันไปคุณด้วยนะ

  9. Love it all, suppose u know it's on channel 31 in Melb. 20 to 30 minutes is the right length of time. Also small Barry tongs work so much better than 2sticks, and a plastic plate no weight. Should never have flame while cooking and commercial grade foil is so much stronger and easy to work with. Don't stop making em there excellent

  10. Awesome work mate!!! Im from mackay so if u ever need a fishing buddy let me know.

    Just a quick question. What tide do u like fishing?


  11. Thanks Andy for helping me get back to fishing, have allways loved a good fish with a mate. Your videos have been like medicine for me and i am really enjoying them, particularly the catch and cook.
    Hope your house is back together and your Mum is good.
    Cheers Pete.

  12. Your awesome Andy I wish I could fish the awesome spots you fish it’s more abundant fishing, your videos are nice to watch wish they were longer.

  13. i enjoy and watch your videos so often that i dreamt we were fishing together lol. mate i would love to join you on one of your fishing trips oneday when i visit aussie

  14. I get the whole sportman spirit of using lighter tackle, but your constantly losing hooks in fish. At some point you have to recognize this as being irresponsible and kinda cruel. I see you being a noble conservationist on other matters, so I know it's not intentional. Just food for thought…

  15. Nice life U got there Andy, I love your videos & the way U cook those catch of yours.. i tend to learn new methods to cook from U & it is quiet mouth watering to watch them cook.. keep it up.. but this fish U shuld have scaled it before cooking to get a more enhanced taste.. 🤗🤗

  16. In my opinion I put fish in stick flips back and forth till getting brow ready to eat it’s has more flavor tasty that how Montagnards traditional.

  17. Go the mild and creamy thing, yeah.. If you plan to do a dish like this, consider scaling the fish as soon as he's out of the water – it's a lot less fussy to eat. Good work on the outdoor kitchen stuff – you do it well.

  18. I love yourselves however I would rather see you catch 20 V vs 40 fish and cook your meals on the bank where we can see what you're doing and what you're putting in it

  19. Just an fyi… I see people using foil wrong all the time.
    The shiny side needs to be facing your food. It's a heat reflection issue and yes it makes a difference.

    Cheers Mate!

  20. Hi Andy I enjoy all your videos but I particularly like your catch and cook videos. As an avid Outdoorsman I don't ever shoot anything I'm not going to eat. I like catch and release fishing but what what makes it really entertaining for me it's what I know I'm catching something that is going to be top quality eating. I guess that's why I appreciate your catch and cook so much

  21. I liked how you edited in the chopping of the ingredients while putting them in .. and I liked the angles you had with the cameras while you were preparing the foil and putting everything in ..

  22. I watched almost all videos …. What is the meaning of legal size…I really didn't understand… You can kill once it is grown up or what…..?

  23. I love your videos. Keep it up. Our favourite one is the one you cooked fish and chips during the sunset at the beach!!

  24. If you like fish cooked like that ?
    Use the same ingredients and raw fish.
    Use 1 lemon as well to cook the fish for 3 hrs in fridge
    Then add coconut milk and cream 50/50 chopped tomatoes + spring onions in fridge over night.
    Next day..Yum Yum.

  25. thank you for sharing. how come you didn't show the fish being gutted and put the hot cole's on top of the the fish. . good vid and all the best. . hope to see more videos.

  26. Andy, I love your videos. As you requested that we make recommendations to future videos. I believe 4 things capture my interest in your documentaries: 1. The catch of what ever you plan on eating. Don't fish to the point that the viewers cannot see how you prepare the meal and the result. 2. Use some of the products like your titanium culinary hardware, hand held processor, gas or grill cooking device. 3. Give your opinion of the cooked food. Would you do it again, how would you cook it different. 4. Discuss your environment, talk about the birds, sun, wind, sand fleas, etc. This provides a full scope of your journey.
    By the way how are your plans on the larger boat working out? Let me know. From Florida

  27. I love seeing new recipes and your review of how they turn out. Cooking and eating fish is something that every fisherman loves doing.

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