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[MUSIC] Hey, everybody.>>Hi, guys.>>So welcome back to How to Feed a Loon,
I’m Kris.>>And I’m Wesley.>>The Loon.>>The Loon.>>And folks, today we’re doing
something really special. We are heading to the coast, and
we’re going to make something->>[LAUGH] Where you going?>>We’re going to the coast, and
we’re going to make some tacos, but we are making-
>>Our favorite.>>Mahi Mahi Tacos.>>Yes.
>>They’re so good, you had to say it twice.>>Yeah. [LAUGH]
>>Mahi-mahi, for me, me.>>Mm, mm, mm, well, yeah.>>Okay, so let’s step right into it,
so the mahi-mahi tacos, we’re going to get to
that in just a moment.>>They’re so good.>>But what really makes these tacos so spectacular is the way you
sort of build the flavors.>>Yes!
>>So what we’re->>The accoutrements.>>The accoutrements and all of that
deliciousness that goes with it, so-
>>Yes.>>We’re going to start
with an avocado-lime slaw, and the Loon is going to
show us how to make it.>>Avocado, lime, jalapeno, it’s so good.>>Right, right, right.>>So what we first did is we made
this lovely dressing, it’s so good, it’s just-
>>It is so good.>>So fresh and bright, so
what we did was we had our food processor. And we started off with a half
a cup of the mayonnaise, and then we threw in a whole avocado,
plus some cilantro, and then some garlic. And then we also had some jalapenos,
diced jalapenos. And then, last but not least,
some salt and pepper and some lime juiced. And then we just pulsed it until it
got nice and creamy, and it’s so good. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>I was like, creamy. [LAUGH]>>Didn’t he do good, that was really good.
>>And it’s good, I’m sticking my finger in it right now.
>>Well, no, it was good.
>>[LAUGH]>>Okay, so now this, and just to make things easy, because that’s-
>>I love that.>>What we like to do here
on How to Feed a Loon, is we bought just a bag of
pre-shredded coleslaw mix. You can, of course, get cabbage and carrots and-
>>Yeah, you can do some red and-
>>All of that, and you can chop it up yourself.>>Some white cabbage,
not white cabbage, red cabbage.>>Green cabbage or red cabbage, but
save yourself the time and the effort->>Just get a bag of it.>>And just get a bag,
it’s already washed, it’s perfect.>>Yep, my fingers are clean.>>For this, it’s really good, so now he
is going to, this is going to be fun, he’s-
>>You do what you have to do over here, I’m going to add this to the slaw.>>He’s going to dress the slaw.>>Yes. [LAUGH]
>>It sounds like when you’re reading someone their rights,
I’m going to dress you your slaw.>>Just fix your stuff.>>Anyway, so now what were going to do
is now we’re going to continue to build another flavor component of this. And I am going to make a chipotle aioli, so aioli is basically- [SOUND]
>>[LAUGH] Sorry. [LAUGH]
>>It’s literally like working under a big top, it’s just craziness.>>Just keep going.>>Anyway, so we’ve got a- [SOUND]
>>[LAUGH]>>Mayonnaise here, aioli is basically a mayonnaise
that’s usually got garlic in it and some sort of other flavor
enhancer that’s infused. So we got our garlic right here-
>>Yes.>>I’m just going to dump this out into
that, and then I love the pop of citrus. If you know me, you know that, so
we’ve got a little bit of lime juice. This particular dish
is all about the lime, it just makes you feel like
you’re down at the beach.>>Yes.>>Okay, and then we’ve got some,
so here’s my chipotle chili powder. Now, if you can’t find that,
you can just use regular chili powder, you can use use ancho chili powder,
whatever you’ve got.>>I like the smokiness of the chipotle.>>Well, in the chipotle, just so
you know, chipotles are jalapenos, they were once, in another life, and
so they’ve got some heat to them. So this is going to have
a little bit of heat, it’s not burn-your-mouth-off-
>>Yeah.>>But it does have a little heat.>>It’s more of a smoky
taste to it as well.>>And, well, it is, it is, well, you’re thinking of the adobo
sauce that’s the chipotle.>>But chipotle’s kind of smoky.>>It is a little smoky, anyway,
so that’s all there is to it. And that was a little salt and
pepper, if I didn’t say that. And now we’re just going to
whisk this together, we’re going to whisk our troubles away.>>Ooh, love this.>>I know, doesn’t that look great?>>I love this, it’s so good, y’all.>>So folks, this slaw over here, like
I said, we’re going to use this to put on our tacos, which it makes,
obviously, a good, nice, fair amount. It’s a perfect side dish
to have with your tacos.>>Yes, on the taco, it’s so
good with the mahi-mahi.>>It’s so super delicious,
okay, now, moving right along, let’s get to the star of this mahi-mahi,
it’s actually the mahi-mahi.>>The mahi-mahi tacos.>>So what this is is this is
two pounds of fresh mahi-mahi. You get them in fillets,
ask the person at the fish market.>>Your fish monger.>>Your fish monger, or
you can do this yourself, but I find it’s a little tricky with
mahi-mahi to remove the skin. If there’s skin on it, you don’t really
want the skin on your fish on tacos. Skin is perfectly edible, it’s actually very nutritious-
>>Yes.>>It’s where a lot of the nutrients are. But for your tacos,
you don’t really want that skin, you want to ask them to remove that.>>Yeah.>>So then we got these,
they were basically two fillets, I cut them into bite-sized pieces.>>Perfect.>>And what we’re going to do is
now we are going to blacken these, it’s going to be an explosion of flavor.>>Really?>>And we’re going to do it on the grill.>>That’s right.>>You can-
>>[LAUGH] I’m just kidding.>>Really?>>Really.>>We had these for lunch, but anyway, no, you can do them in
a skillet if you want to. In a really blazing hot skillet, but
if you can, do them on the grill. It’s just when you do them on the grill,
we’ll talk about this in a moment. But you want to make sure that
they don’t fall through, so there’s a few tricks on doing that.>>Yes.
>>So how’s your slaw?>>My slaw is ready.>>[LAUGH] My slaw is ready.>>I’m ready, and my slaw-
>>So now we’re going to make a marinade, okay?>>That’s great.
>>So we’ve got a theme going throughout here. So I’ve got some more of this-
>>The chipotle chili powder.>>Chipotle chili, it’s sticking
a little bit, chipotle chili powder.>>Yes.>>Come on, chipotle chili powder.>>Yes.
>>And then->>Ooh, you got a lot of stuff there.>>Then we’ve got a lot, see, when you
blacken, you’ve got some caramelization. And you got just some blackening
that’s going to happen.>>It’s so good, so good.>>It’s so delicious.>>So we’ve got, right here, we’ve got
some smoked paprika, which I love.>>Yes.
>>We’ve got cumin, which I love, we have salt, which is great, pepper.>>Pepper.>>Hi, pepper, and then we’ve got
onion powder and garlic powder, so talk about a flavor explosion. Okay, so that’s lovely, now, again,
we’ve got a theme, we’re being consistent. We’ve got got some fresh lime juice
that we’re going to add to that. Go to or
look in the recipes.>>You can get all the, yeah.>>The recipes will give you
the complete measurements of everything.>>Yep, and that was some oil,
some olive oil.>>That’s some fresh olive oil,
and now we’re just going to, look at that beautiful color.>>Ooh.>>When that hits the grill, it is going to blacken it, it’s-
>>You guy, and the smells are just amazing.>>They really are, so okay, and
this comes together very quickly. It’s fish, so that’s one of the beautiful
things about fish is it does not->>It cooks quickly.>>Well, it does not take long for
the fish to absorb this marinade. So you don’t have to marinate it
over night, you shouldn’t do that. It literally only takes about 15 minutes, sitting in the fridge with
this beautiful marinade.>>It smells so good, I can’t take it.>>I know, it’s ridiculous,
it’s crazy, so look at that.>>I’m going to just stick my
face on this slaw over here.>>Try not to.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, so what we’re going to do is I’ve got some
plastic wrap, I’m going to cover this. Like I said, 15 minutes, it gives me
time to go out and turn on my grill, and we’re going to cook these babies up. We’re going to bring them back in, and we’re going to build the most
beautiful tacos you can ever imagine!>>Yay! [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]
>>You guys.>>It is done.>>Mahi-mahi is ready, ready.>>Yes.
>>Okay->>Going to my mouthy-wouthy.>>It smells heavenly, I mean-
>>Ooh, yes.>>This is perfectly, I mean, you guys,
you see this, it’s just so flaky, it’s so flavorful.>>It’s so good, it’s so good, and I love mahi-mahi because
it doesn’t taste fishy-ish.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>Yeah, it’s not overly fishy, it’s really a beautiful, flaky,
delicious, delicious fish.>>Yes, it’s so good.>>So
now we’re going to build these tacos.>>Build it-
>>So I’m going to->>And I will be there.>>And you will eat it.>>[LAUGH]
>>Build it and he will eat it, okay, so now we’ve got the traditional way to do
these kind of California-style tacos is to do two tortillas.>>Corn tortillas.>>You want them to be good and
sturdy, so you want to hold everything.>>Yes.>>So what I love to do is,
the way I heat up my tortillas is I just, you can do this on your grill,
but I find it so easy. If you have a gas burner,
just turn your burner on kind of high.>>Yeah.
>>And then just literally put the tortilla
on the glass, the glass, on the gas, the flame.>>On the flame.
>>And let it go for just a couple minutes per side, and
it gets this beautiful, I mean, it’s so perfect. And it toasts,
it gives it kind of a smoky taste.>>When I was a kid,
Mom would make burritos, and she would always take the flour
tortilla and hold it over the flame.>>Just to warm it up, I loved that.>>Yeah, well, that’s a good way to do it.>>[LAUGH]
>>I mean, you might as well use what you’ve got. So okay, so now we’re going to
take this incredible mahi-mahi->>Yes, put some more, yeah, put some good-
>>Yeah, I know, we’re going to get it good and loaded up for you because I know you’re-
>>Thank you.>>You’re hungry, okay-
>>[LAUGH]>>So then what we’re going to do is, if you recall, we’ve got this
beautiful slaw that we created.>>Slaw, the slaw.>>The slaw is so good.>>This slaw is my slaw.>>The only challenge is is having-
>>This slaw is your slaw.>>Him not eat it all before-
>>[LAUGH]>>Before we do->>Here’s a fork.>>Well, we can do this-
>>Go fork yourself.>>All right, I thought maybe-
>>[LAUGH]>>Boy, so sophisticated, okay, all right, isn’t that beautiful?>>Yes.
>>And that’s the other thing about
this dish is it’s gorgeous, too. I mean, I’m telling you, you bring this
out to folks that you’re serving to, like poolside. Or inside, I mean, like I said,
you can do this in your skillet and if it’s snowing outside, and
you can have amazing tacos.>>I wish you would stop talking so
much and just get it done.>>I’m talking, I’m talking while I work.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, now, remember the chipotle aioli?>>Yes.>>This stuff is-
>>Now, he does this different than what I do, I like to put the aioli-
>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Right on top of the fish and
then the slaw.>>That’s true.>>But Mr. Man has to do his own.>>Well, you were bothering me,
you were disturbing me, so yeah, it all goes to the same place.>>Yeah. [LAUGH]
>>Okay so now, again, we said now-
>>Now I’m going to put on the other stuff.>>Okay, you put on your accoutrement, so
traditionally, you’ve got some radishes, just some very thinly sliced radishes-
>>Mm-hm.>>Are delicious.>>I love radishes.>>Yes.
>>So we’re just going to put
them right on there.>>Put them on top there.>>I’m going to put two on each.>>Now,
jalapeno is another really great topping. If you’re going to use fresh,
which we love, which we’ve got right here.>>Actually, I’m going to stay away from
the fresh because it can get really hot.>>The fresh, it’s got some seeds in it,
and it’s some hot.>>So I’m going to put some-
>>Pickled.>>Pickled ones on here.>>Some pickled jalapeno.>>Yeah, I like a big pickled jalapeno.>>Yeah, I know.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, and then->>Some hot sauce.>>Yeah, we’re going to do some hot sauce.>>Some hot sauce, mm.>>Okay, and then while he’s doing that,
because that’ll take at least ten minutes. I’m going to go ahead and squeeze
a little fresh lime over all of it, because you know my
fascination with citrus.>>I love it, though, it’s good,
this slaw, all right, people, enough talking, wait,
we’ve got a little cilantro.>>Now let’s do just a little more,
I mean, just keep building.>>Yeah.
>>Building it quick.>>Those are gorgeous.
>>I mean, that could be-
>>That is gorgeous.>>Take that down to the museum,
would you?>>Yeah.
[LAUGH]>>They’re going to say, put that on the wall.>>That’s a piece of art.>>It is a piece of art.>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s about to go in your belly.>>That’s right, all right, folks-
>>All right, I’m so jealous, go ahead.>>It’s going down, going in,
look, and it’s just perfect, I love this little holder, too.>>I know, I know, we have a link to that
and some of these little holders as well.>>I want to take a big
bite to get everything in.>>As if you-
>>So please forgive me.>>Take any, I don’t know if you’ve
ever not taken a big bite, okay.>>Mm, mm, mm.>>Yeah, is it just-
>>Mm, mm.>>It’s crazy flavor town, right?>>Yeah, it’s amazing, first of all,
the grilled mahi-mahi->>The blackened.>>The blackened, and
then when you grill it outside->>Smoke.>>It gets that lovely smoky taste.>>I know, I know.>>Mm, and then you have-
>>That slaw.>>The brightness of that slaw.>>I know, I know.>>And then, and then you’ve got
the tanginess of this aioli, it’s crazy!>>Yep, that is a really good
point is that that’s what’s so great about the citrus, which is kind of bright, offsets
a little bit of the spice from this.>>So good.>>And it’s not too heavily spicy.>>I could eat these day in and
day out, and you know what they are?>>What are they?>>They’re 100% Loon Approved.>>Are you kidding me?>>No, I’m not.>>I had no idea, well,
I’m going to have one then.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s awesome.>>That’s great,
here take the whole plate.>>Okay, thanks,
that’ll leave you with none.>>That’s all right,
I can reach, I got a big reach.>>That’s for sure.>>Now, you can get this recipe and
a lot of other taco recipes, actually, and fish recipes on
>>Mm, that is so good.>>I know.>>So, sorry-
>>[LAUGH] Here, here, use this.>>That’s okay.>>[LAUGH]
>>Go to social media, like us, go to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Do all that, please like us,
share us, it really helps a lot.>>Yes.
>>And make these mahi-mahi tacos.>>[LAUGH]
>>You will be so happy, happy that you did, did.>>Mm.
>>Aren’t those so good?>>Mm, mm.>>And you’re right,
you really wouldn’t know that that’s fish.>>Mm-mm.
>>It doesn’t taste fishy at all, it’s just flavor.>>Mm-hm. [SOUND]
>>Hey, everybody.>>Hey, now, if you like what you saw, make sure
you subscribe to our YouTube channel.>>That’s right, and to get more amazing
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