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Seafood in Pakistan – CRAB CLAW Lollipops + Fish Market in Karachi, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!

Seafood in Pakistan – CRAB CLAW Lollipops + Fish Market in Karachi, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!

– Good morning, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Karachi, Pakistan and this morning we
are at the fish market. It’s six a.m., we’re
gonna buy some seafood and then the plan for the day is we are going to cook some seafood. We’re gonna go to a beach house. We’ll see what happens but
it’s gonna be an amazing day and we are starting at the
fish market this morning. (upbeat music) This is the main fish market here. We’re at the Karachi fishery. Ali, good morning. – Good morning. – [Mark] How are you? – Half sleepy. – Half sleepy. The market is already buzzing though. There are people transporting
barrels and buckets and wheel barrows full of fish. And then the fish is just
kind of laying out all over the entire area of the market. Just mounds of fish and ice, fresh fish. Hello, how are you? – Fine, fine. – Is that the tuna? It’s still kinda dark so
we’re waiting on better light but in the mean time we’ve stepped inside the fisherman’s cantine. This is just like a mess hall. Quite a lively environment
in here, very cool. We’re gonna stop here maybe
to eat a little something but definitely to have some tea. So they don’t have any seafood
at the fisherman’s cantine but mainly what people are eating are paratha and drinking tea. And a paratha is like a fried bread. First they have the dough in rounds, kinda like a cinnamon roll, like a swirl, and then they roll out the dough so it has kind of those
layers onto the hot griddle in some oil, and that fries
until it’s just golden and that’s just like a simple, very common breakfast in Karachi. (upbeat music) Yeah, that’s always good, always good. I don’t think this one is
spiced with any cardamom, I think that’s just straight tea. But yeah, check out this paratha. It’s hot, it’s flakey, it’s fried fresh. You can feel that golden crunchiness. Oh yeah, that is hot. And it’s very good. Slightly greasy. But you’ve got that contrast
between the crunchy, crispy outside, and the gooey interior. And you have to follow that with tea. The dipping method, so
you dip it into your chai. Oh I got the milk skin with that. (upbeat music) Yeah, that is good. You still got that crunch
because you just dip it fast. You flash dip it but then it’s absorbed a little bit of that tea so it’s juicy. Okay step outside, good morning. The sun has risen. The commotion from the fish market. It’s still buzzing,
just the piles of fish. People transporting fish
from place to place. Oh yeah (laughs). (speaking in foreign language) But that was a good breakfast. A great way to start the day and one of the most
common of all breakfasts eaten across Pakistan. Very good. Good, good, good. Actually one of our friends
is going to buy the seafood because we don’t really
know what we’re doing buying the seafood, so
he’s gonna buy the seafood. Actually I think he already came earlier this morning than
us to buy the seafood. Gonna take it back to the beach house and then that’s where we’re gonna cook. So we’re not actually buying
the seafood ourselves. We just came here to walk
around and see all the fish and just enjoy the atmosphere. (upbeat music) The fish market this morning was great. We’ve now picked up
Joel and Ying and Micah and we are driving en route
to, where are we going? – Hawke’s Bay. – [Mark] Fox Bay. – Hawke’s Bay.
– Hawke’s Bay, alright. That’s where the beach house is. We’re on our way to Hawke’s Bay. (cheerful music) Awesome. Oh and by the way, Ali and I have switched places. Ali is gonna… – Hi this is Ali from We are live from Hawke’s Bay, Karachi. Mark has decided to stay back in Pakistan so I’ll have to do it onwards guys. Get used to this face. – How are you? They’re already preparing
some of the food in the front. But this is a beautiful house right along the beach, along the sand. Hawke’s Bay. Oh man, that is bright and beautiful. The Arabian Sea. We’re really not that far away from the gulf from Dubai, UAE, from Oman. It’s pretty close here. (cheerful music) – Beef boti. – [Mark] Boti? – [Man Grilling] Beef boti and some kebab. – They’re cooking all the food
in the front of the house. The beach is at the front, we’re at the back of the house. That’s what it is. But they’re grilling up
the chicken right now. There’s kebabs. They’re also gonna be grilling
some Pomfret fish and shrimp. And then over on this section they have live crabs which they
are gonna show us right now. (upbeat music) They have fresh mud crabs as well. I think those are mud crabs. Just walked in with a
gunny sack of fresh crabs. Breaking those apart, that’s
gonna be a crab curry. – To be boiled, the crabs. – [Mark] Oh okay. – [Harun] And called crab lollipop. – [Mark] Crab lollipop. And this one is prawns masala? – [Man Stirring Pot] Yeah. – They’re gonna be making crab curry, but at the moment he’s
making prawns curry. – Crab kebabs.
– Crab kebabs? Oh, nice, on the grill? – [Sheruz] No, they’re going to be fried. – They will be fried also. Wow. Okay we are having the full
Pakistani seafood feast. I am feeling extremely hungry after smelling these aromas
coming out of the backyard. (upbeat music) Crab lollipops? – [Harun] Yeah, I’m broking the shell. – [Mark] Nice. – [Harun] And here’s some meat. – [Mark] Thank you. And what is your name? – Harun.
– Harun, great man. Very nice to meet you. – Thank you so much. – Thank you for cooking.
– Thank you. – [Mark] Are you from this
area, from Hawke’s Bay? – [Harun] Yeah, no, no, I am from Karachi, and live in Kiamari.
– Ah okay. (upbeat music) And then just shook it
perfectly so that the sauce all coats every little
crevice of that crab. (pan sizzling) The dishes just keep on coming. Now he’s frying fish and at the same time he’s making crab cutlet. So there’s potato that you mash down with some crab meat that he’s
making into little patties, and I think those will fry as well. This is gonna be an all-out
Pakistani seafood feast. They just keep coming up
with more and more dishes, or just letting me know
about more and more dishes as they go along. Wow, but I think we
are getting very close. They’re starting to set up the table. (cheerful music) Wow. Was I not recording? So we’re all sitting down
to feast now with Sheruz and Alisa. Thank you so much for them hosting us and for putting together, organizing this and for inviting us to their beach house. And for the chefs for
preparing all this food. We have like, there’s at
least 14 different dishes. The aromas, the spices. Mostly it’s seafood but
there’s also some meat so we have the best of
the land and the sea. It’s everything you could possibly want on a single table when you’re in Pakistan. And are you supposed to
eat it with the cutlet? – [Sheruz] Yeah. – Okay awesome. We’re all gonna begin
with the crab cutlets, which are freshly fried
potato and crab in here. And we added some of the chutney which is tomato and
tamarind in the chutney. Oh wow. Oh it’s so good. You taste that crab and
then the potato is just like mashed up in there. And that chutney, you were
right about that chutney. It’s unbelievable. Thank you. That chutney, it’s tomato and tamarind so it has a tartness to it,
and then at the same time it has like you can taste the
spices and the cumin in there. (cheerful music) This just like melts in your mouth. The next dish that we have to try first is the crab lollipop which
are the claws, de-shelled, and then with that
curry sauce all over it. This is beautiful. And so you just grab one of the claws. (cheerful music) Yeah. That is just like way better
than any sugar-filled lollipop you could ever have. And it’s just as sweet,
and then just coated in that contrasting blend of of spices. Unbelievably good. You can taste all the spices
and yet they’re all just like balanced to perfection
and you wanna just lick every crevice of that crab. (cheerful music) Cheers.
– Cheers. – Oh with the tamarind. Just like brings out the flavor. – And then behind it
there’s this sweetness of the prawn itself. – Put some of this onto the plate. Oh and you can sees whole cinnamon sticks. You can just see all those spices. You can see the chilies in there. You can just see that rich sauce. (upbeat music) It’s crazy, crazy good. It’s such a harmony of spices and you can actually taste
the tomatoes I think in there. Has that kind of tomatoey tartness. Then blended with all the
spices, the little prawns. Now it’s time to just go head first and just dive into the
food, dive into the seafood and just go all out. Tamarind chutney?
– Yeah, this one. – Alright. Ali has said that the
chicken is amazing too. Chicken tikka, that’s unbelievable. Like all of the moisture and juices have just been absorbed and held up within the side of the chicken. That’s real perfect. And then into the tamarind chutney again. Mmm. You can taste the sour tamarind. It’s tart. It tastes like there’s some mint and maybe coriander inside of it as well. Okay, next up our beef bihari. (upbeat music) You’re just gonna be licking
your fingers this entire meal. It’s just dish after
dish of just pure joy. And that fish has a real
buttery texture to it. That has been shallow fried
too, it has that crispy edge. You can taste all that salt crust, the spice crust on there. Another plate of crab curry. Lollipops, they refilled it. Nice. Thank you very much. There’s nothing greater than
a refilled plate of lollipops, crab lollipops. Some more fresh lollipops. (cheerful music) That just slides right out. Oh wow. Even with that blend of spices
and the curry coating it, the sweetness of the crab
just like penetrates through that entire spice but then both the spice and the sweetness of the
crab compliment each other. I’m gonna dip that tail
into the tamarind chutney. Yeah Pomfret is one of my favorite fishes. Fish, because of the
texture and the juiciness and again, the fish is coated in spices before being grilled. And then with that tamarind chutney. That tamarind chutney is such a perfect sourness and tartness. (cheerful music) Kebab. It just collapses in your mouth. Everything is spectacular but
I think the two best things are the lollipop crab drum stick curry as well as that prawn Karahi curry. (cheerful music) That’s just unbelievably flavorful. I love how it’s not oily but
it’s just like pure spices. You taste that tomato mash. You taste the black pepper in there, the turmeric, the cumin. Every now and then you
chomp down on a cumin seed. Sauce is so enriching both to
your mouth and to your life. This is a tomato chutney
loaded with spices and also tamarind, and then that chile. I’m gonna try to pile this all up onto this bite of fish. That chile just like burst with juice. Not too spicy but very fragrant. And then that chutney, yeah
that chutney is award winning. Okay another fresh pomfret
right off the grill. It’s hot. Oh it’s so juicy. (relaxed music) I just can’t stop, and partly I can’t stop
because I’m in one of the most breathable expandable outfits. That’s one of the best reasons. As your stomach expands you
just continue to feel great. There’s no belt to loosen. (cheerful music) (waves crashing) Kinda windy out here but we
just finished with lunch. That was an incredibly delicious meal. One of the best Pakistani meals we’ve had on this entire trip. And this is actually our
final day in Pakistan. Tonight we fly out from
Karachi back to Bangkok. So what a meal to end with. A massive thank you to Sharuz and Alisa for hosting us at their beach home. For all the chefs that prepared the meal, it was spectacular. From here we’re driving back to Karachi. Well I guess we’re still
kind of in Karachi here but anyways this is,
what a beautiful place. What a spectacular seafood meal. Oh man. And that ocean breeze. (cheerful music) – Very nice to meet you. – [Mark] Very nice to meet you also. – Thank you so much.
– That was an amazing, amazing cooking. (speaking in foreign language) Very, very much. – No, thank you for reminding us that we live in a beautiful country. – [Mark] And an amazing culture. – If you come again, let us know. – Thank you, yes. Thank you so much
– Always welcome. for hosting us. (cheerful music) Thank you so much man. (speaker announcing airline information) Just made it to the airport in Karachi. Today was the final day
of our trip in Pakistan and it was an amazing
day to end this entire, to wrap up this entire
Pakistan food and travel series and I have to say that the entire series, and I’ll have the link
in the description box where you can watch the entire series of every single day of this entire trip. It has been a trip of a lifetime. The people that we encountered. All the way from Lahore to Peshawar to the Hunza Valley and
all of Gilgit-Balkistan. And then finally ending in Karachi. We’ve met just countless people that have just been so
kind and so generous and showed us such a welcome to Pakistan. I wanna say a massive thank you to Ali. He organized our entire
trip from start to finish, starting with the visa. Our entire trip to Pakistan would not have even been
possible without Ali. Check him out, I’ll have his Instagram in the description box
but he’s an amazing guy. Thank you, Ali. Thank you very, very much. It was a trip of a lifetime. And so that’s gonna be it. I wanna say a huge thank you
to you for watching this video and watching this entire series. Again, I’ll have a link
in the description box so you can watch all the videos. If you haven’t watched them all, go back and check the entire series out because there was so much food and so many amazing experiences that you’re not gonna want to miss. Our flight is about to
leave in about 30 minutes so I will see you on the next video. Thank you again to Pakistan for the amazing, amazing trip.

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