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Seafood Sausage – Food Wishes – Fish Sausage Recipe

Seafood Sausage – Food Wishes – Fish Sausage Recipe

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with seafood sausage that’s right out of all the sausages in the world
seafood sausage is by far the least popular and i think the reason for that
is it when it comes to the land animals you can make a really good sausage from
old and unusable parts whereas when it comes to seafood sausage that’s not
necessarily the case all right we actually have to use some nice seafood
to make this but with this stuff lacks in popularity it more than makes up for
by not containing lips and ears so with that lovely thought let’s go ahead and
get started and first up I’m gonna saute a little
bit of shallot in some butter over medium heat until it just starts to turn
golden and by the way feel free to substitute some finely minced onion and
or garlic if you want and while many people do add this route to the mix I
think a few minutes saute does this wonders so that’s what I did and once
those shallots did soften and Sweeden up and turn sort of golden like this we’ll
go ahead and turn off the heat and will simply let that cool down to room temp
before we add it to our seafood which will be the next thing we cover for
today’s selection will be going with Sepideh and devayne shrimp some skinless
boneless salmon and yes that piece of salmon was previously frozen since I
will take frozen wild salmon over fresh farm salmon any day and then we’re also
going to need some kind of whitefish and in my case I’m using sole and what we’ll
do once our seafood is set is go ahead and transfer it into a food processor
and as we do let me give you two huge tips first of all we’re going to want to
cut our seafood up into smaller pieces and that’s simply to help ensure even
blending and the second tip is make sure this product is very very very cold all
right doesn’t matter what animals we’re talking about cold meat makes better
sausage and then to our smaller very cold pieces of seafood we’ll go ahead
and add a couple tablespoons of breadcrumbs as well as our main binder
which is going to be egg white but in addition to that we’ll also add one
whole egg since I think with all this lean seafood we can use a little more
fat and then once that’s in we’ll go ahead and season this up with some
kosher salt and a generous amount of it as well as the obligatory shake of
cayenne make that multiple shakes and then
assuming it’s cooled down to room temp we can go ahead and add our shallots as
well as last but not least some freshly chopped parsley and that’s it this is
now officially ready to process and as usual we’ll start this by pulsing on and
off starting off with nice slow pulses at first and then transitioning into
longer pulses and what we’re looking for as soon as the mixture sort of blends
together is basically for it to start clumping up on the blade which is what
we have right about here all right you see that how it all kind of comes
together if for a better look let me go ahead and take off the top and grab a
spatula so you a little better idea and by the way I’m doing a smooth style of
seafood sausage sort of inspired by a boudin Blanc but if you want you can do
coarser textures of this sausage it will discuss that on the blog but anyway what
we’ll do at this point is transfer that into a bowl because I highly recommend
chilling this before you work with it right you don’t have to you could
probably start now but I do find this stuff easier to work with if you pop in
the fridge for an hour too which is what I did
but whether you Chili’s or not here’s how we’re gonna form our sausage right
we’re gonna transfer exactly one-fourth of our mixture onto this piece of
plastic and then using some dampen fingertips we will sort of shape this
into a log and I find this initial shaping and smoothing before we roll in
the plastic very helpful and I think you’ll end up with a smoother better
looking sausage and then once we form that basic shape we’ll go ahead and roll
this up in the plastic and once rolled up was sort of twist the ends apply a
little bit of pressure in an attempt to make this as even as possible and then
what would do once we have that initial shape done with plastic we’ll transfer
this onto a piece of foil and basically do the exact same thing okay we will
roll that up and then we’ll go ahead and take those ends and twist them in
opposite directions which is going to sort of press and tighten everything up
but don’t do it too hard this will explode and I’m not kidding and that’s
it once those ends are twisted up and folded back we should have a perfectly
formed and more importantly water proof seafood sausage ready to poach which I’m
happy to report is the next step so let’s head to the stove where we’ve
brought some water up to a simmer in the saucepan and we will go ahead and
transfer our encase seafood sausage in and then just to make sure those I’ll
stay submerged I’m going to top it with a small plate but be careful don’t crush
them otherwise you’re going to end up with some non sausage shapes and then
what we’ll do is cover this and cook it on low for 20 minutes all right no
stirring no peeking just leave it covered like that for 20 minutes at
which point we will uncover it and we’ll transfer those into a bowl of cold water
to stop the cooking process if by the way you want to stop the cooking process
all right theoretically you could remove these from the plastic and foil and eat
them right away but I much prefer mine Brown and butter first
so what I like to do is let these cool down in the cold water for about 15 or
20 minutes at which point once cooled I’ll go ahead and pop those in the
fridge until I’m ready to cook them up so basically I like to do this part
ahead and then simply Brown these up and hitam through when I’m ready to serve
and again if you want to eat right away you just start browning them as soon as
they come out of the water but like I said I prepped mine ahead so I pop those
in the fridge until later that day at which point we’ll go ahead and pull
those out and we’ll remove that foil and plastic and as you’ll notice I’m doing
this on a paper towel because there’s gonna be a good amount of moisture and
we kind of want to dry this off before we brown it in the butter so we’ll go
ahead and take off the foil and the plastic which I’ll do by snipping off
this end and then sort of pushing it out and that’s it check it out one perfectly
formed poached seafood sausage ready to brown I mean besides drying it off if
you want you can take a knife and trim off any unsightly parts like this for
example little bit unsightly and that’s it once our sausage you’re
unwrapped and patted dry and possibly trimmed we’ll go ahead and brown these
up in some melted butter over medium heat and what we’ll attempt to do is
somehow someway Brown as much of the surface as we can which can be a little
tricky since these are round but we will do our best and basically we will just
keep turning it browning spots that are not browned until most of the spots are
browned and by the way a little tip here sometimes it helps to move the sausage
to the edge of the pan to get it to sit exactly how you want to sit
but anyway what we’ll do is spend about five or six minutes browning the outside
at which point I’d like to reduce my heat to medium low and then cover these
okay because we want to make sure these are heated all the way through which of
course you can always test with a thermometer but anyway that’s my general
strategy five or six minutes of browning uncovered on medium and it could get
covered for another five or six minutes until completely heated through then
once that’s been accomplished we’ll go ahead and remove those sausage from the
pan and we’ll go ahead and keep those warm on a plate for a few minutes while
we make a very very simple butter sauce so into the exact same pan we’ll go
ahead and add a couple tablespoons of water as well as the juice of one lemon
and we’ll set our heat to medium-high and bring this up to a boil and all
we’re going to do is let this bubble for about a minute until it reduces by about
half which is about what I have right here and once that’s happened we’ll
reduce our heat to the lowest setting and we’ll go ahead and toss in some
chunks of cold butter as well as some freshly chopped parsley and what we’ll
do is swirl that pan and keep that pan moving until the butter disappears okay
feel free to use a whisk or spoon if you want but just swirl in a pan like this
works beautifully and maybe season this up with a little bit of salt and that’s
it in just a couple minutes you’ve made a beautiful lemon parsley butter sauce
and as soon as that is saturated plate up which I’m gonna do on some potatoes
but pasta rice would also be great choices so you decide I mean you guys
are after all the Bob Ross’s of your seafood sausage but I really do enjoy
mine on a happy little cloud of mashed potato and of course we’ll finish this
up by spooning over our butter sauce and that’s it our seafood sausage is done
and ready to enjoy and man did I enjoy this I mean I don’t even know what to
brag about first the incredible texture or the amazing taste well let me go
ahead and do texture first since you can get a great look at that here and I
mentioned earlier I was kind of patterning the texture after a boudin
Blanc and that is pretty much exactly what we achieved right we have a smooth
fine tender texture that’s not too rubbery which can be a big problem with
some seafood sausage recipes so for me this is just absolutely perfect and as
far as the taste goes that’s just as impressive Oh Cara shrimp sole and
salmon have combined to produce a very mild very pleasant seafood flavor which
I find difficult to precisely describe so I’ll just summarize by saying it’s
very delicious and very tasty and I thoroughly enjoyed it in fact the only
thing I don’t like is the name I think seafood sausage is kind of generic and
unremarkable so we should probably come up with something more interesting like
I don’t know the Weiner of Neptune or not probably sounds better in Italian
anyway I’ll work on that but in the meantime I really do hope you give this
amazing seafood sausage a try soon so head over to food versus dot-com for
all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you

100 comments on “Seafood Sausage – Food Wishes – Fish Sausage Recipe

  1. I do that exact recipe (salmon, shrimp, cod) but I bind with egg whites and duck fat. Fabulous. Cheers !

  2. Logically, Im sure this tastes great, but my first visceral reaction when reading the title is of disgust. Weird, hah

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    Just saying, is all.
    Ahhhh, the promise of the internet. By all means, keep wasting your lives, idiots.

  5. Tried the recipe. Looks OK, but taste isn't…it's not a popular dish for a reason. Enjoyed mashed potato more than the sausage

  6. The french town of Lyon has a spécialité called "quenelle" which is basically a fish sausage (recipe as a comic here: , not easy to read, but at least should be visual)
    It is done with river fish meat (cheaper, not very tasteful), blended with a panade (a sort of heavy bechamel), formed into sausage shape and boiled
    Typically they are then broiled in an oven, covered with a tasy sauce which makes up for the lack of taste from the fish

  7. Wow! these were delicious. I used salmon trimmings, some cod cheeks I had in the freezer and tarragon for the herb. The taste/texture with the lemon butter sauce was fantastic. I even did it over mashed potatoes. Thanks Chef John…

  8. I made this and it good. However it wasn't until I ate it that I realized that I had just made fish sticks…. 😧

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  19. Chef John, the first try was so good I wolfed a log right down after cooling and unveiling…but my seafood choices were scallops, salmon and cod. For sure I will try another combo. The flavor was very muted. I think because of the cod.

  20. I made these and they came out beautifully! Despite me having to use non gluten flour from chickpeas instead of breadcrumbs. Thanks John!

  21. can these be frozen in the foil before or after they are boiled? (would of course also put them in freezer bags) prefer after boiled if possible. if so how long can they be in the freezer before they need to be eaten?

  22. As a rule, if there is a choice between meat and seafood, I tend to go for the meat. But after seeing this video, I may have to change my mind. These sausages look absolutely divine! Chef John, you are just too, too dreamy, thank you!

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  25. Native Louisianan here— and as chef says, this is basically a boudin. To make it a true boudin, you’d just add some rice as a binder, and you wouldn’t blend the mixture quite so smoothly. Boudin is a bit more coarse.

  26. Look AWESOME my wife does not care for salmon or fish that you used can my wife substitute them for crab meat and minst scallions and shrimp please ? Tks for sharring love your channel

  27. I used to make boudin blanc with scallop and lobster. Horseradish sauce. Put the horsemeat in sheep intestine, hand link into sausages and poach in milk.
    Your version isn't a sausage.

  28. Lips and ears are the nicest part of the animal you'll find in store-bought sausage. You don't even want to know what goes into that stuff. I've been making my own sausage from Elk deer Pronghorn moose caribou for the last 25 years. I only use the finest cuts of the ham and neck, in other words all meat and organic Ultra fatty pork shoulder for the fat content.

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