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“Search for Perch” – A change in fishing method

“Search for Perch” – A change in fishing method

If you have been following my “Search
for Perch” vlog you will know that my catch rate to date has been dire, and that
after four sessions and several hours on the river bank with the drop shot rod I
have failed to net a single perch. I needed to break this duck and quick
Smart, so it’s time to do a bit of research and try to identify where I was
going wrong, and what I could do to rectify it. The first thing I did was to
set aside my current collection of plastic lures and invest in some
different ones, and ones I was sure I could actually catch a perch on. After a
bit of looking around the internet I ended up investing in some Fox rage micro
lures. The main reasons for this were because there are numerous catch
reports using these lures as well as loads of video footage. As well as buying
new lures I thought changing fishing methods may increase my catch rate. I
have solely been drop-shotting for perch and this clearly hasn’t worked me so I’ve
made the decision to swap over to jigging instead. The only fishing
gear I didn’t already own but needed for jigging were jig heads which are
pretty essential. There are loads of different jig heads on the market and
the number of weights and hook size combinations can be baffling. Since I
invested in the Fox Rage micro lures it made sense that I invested in the Fox
Rage micro jig heads. The Fox micro jig heads are specifically designed to match
the micro shads and grubs therefore I won’t have to worry about
the hook shank being too long or too short, the hook gape too wide or narrow,
or using the wrong sized hook or weight for the lure. The Fox micro jig heads, as
you’d expect, aren’t the cheapest of jig heads on the market. In fact the Fox
micro jig heads are damn expensive compared to other jig heads. They are
good quality, and if they make micro jigging easier, less of a hassle and put
a few perch in the landing net these jig heads will be worth every penny, and
some. My internet research suggests that micro jigging is a more successful way
of catching perch, and since I need to get some perch in the net jigging is
what I intend to do. Consequently I’m going to
park the drop shot method for the time being, however I do plan to try drop
shotting again later in the season as I’m going to catch a perch with this
method it’s the last thing I do.

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  1. Kamatsu double micro barb jig head 2g size 4 they have small barbs on the shank that hold the lures on better I like these over the Fox jig heads .About £2.30 for 3 on Ebay.Don't give up on it I have been through all this, I have gone from blanking ever time to catching every time good look and tight lines.

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