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Seared Salmon Salad/Salach Ca Chien (English sub)

Welcome to Cathyha Cooking Today I’m making a pan seared fish dish. But we’re not having rice with it but instead it will be a salad dish. I’ll be cooking salmon because it will cook fast and so fresh tasting. This fish is nutritious and tastes delicious. Let’s get to cooking. Remember to ask for your fish monger to save the skin. I’ll fry up the skin and use it as our topping. It will be so crunchy and just fantastic. when i’m going to love a lot of my I got us some mixed greens today. And also some tomatoes and green grapes. Let’s get our pan hot …with some cooking oil to start. Here’s some black pepper for the fish. This pepper is so simple and it’s so good with the fish. And add just a pinch of salt, very little. Now I’m frying up the skin. Just add them to the hot pan. They tend to curl up but just open them up again and flip over. It’s salmon, so let’s have it a little rare on the inside. First it’s an orange color. Then as it cooks, it gets more opaque. As it’s cooking, let’s add about 2 garlic. Smashed. Add them to the oil. These will flavor the oil. Will look like so. I have about a dozen or so of the tomatoes. Just half them. They’re easier to eat this way. Next is the grapes. Let’s do the same and half them. The filet is ready to be flipped to the other side. Be careful when you flip it. The oil may plash so flip it gently. If you like grapes, add more, if you like tomatoes, add more of them. I’m adding a little wasabi to make the dressing. We usually see wasabi with sushi for it’s nice kick of flavor to the sushi. Our Vietnamese markets have these. And so I’m using about a spoonful for the dressing mix. Can you see? Let’s add it in. The salmon is about done. Very good. Let’s turn off the heat in just a tad. Now add in the 1 spoon of soy sauce to make the dressing. Then we add in the seasoned rice vinegar, or mirin. This vinegar also has some salt and sugar in it. I’ll use 3 spoonfuls. We can taste and adjust as needed. Oh wow! It’s super crunchy. Now let’s assemble the salad. Some dressing to this first. Now the mixed greens. Have them on one side. Then add a little dressing. Now let’s add the salmon skin. And then the last part is… We place the salmon filet on the top. It looks just beautiful. I wish you a wonderful day with your family and friends. I’ll see you here again next time with another delicious dish. Ummm good!

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