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Seared Tuna Sushi Roll Recipe

Seared Tuna Sushi Roll Recipe

Welcome back to my channel. In this week’s
episode I’m going to show you guys how to make a Seared Tuna Sushi Roll.
To season the tuna add some pepper onto one side and then some crushed sesame seeds, now
you can crush these seeds with a mortar and pestle. The idea here is only to season the
side that’s going to be in contact with the pan, because I only want to sear this
one side. You want to start off by adding a little bit
of coconut oil to the pan, coconut oil is great to cook with, you can find some on my
store. Just wait until it gets nice and hot, add
a little bit of sesame seed oil for taste – here we go, lay away from you. That’s
what you want to hear, that nice sizzling sound. You just want to give it not long,
maybe two minutes tops. Just look at the side of the tuna, you want it to be about one third
to half way cooked. Alright so when you take it out of the pan
you just want to have it crispy side up to make sure the heat doesn’t get trapped in
between the board and the fish, cooking the rest of the tuna. Now what you’re looking
for is a nice crispy brown layer on top with sesame seeds and pepper and crispy tuna.
Now to assemble the roll, first let’s cut the tuna. You want to cut it into strips about
2/5 of an inch, one centimeter, wide. Now place a bamboo rolling mat on the cutting
board, add a sheet of Nori, put the rough side up – this is the shiny side, I’m
going to show you, you can see it in the video. Now take the cooked sushi rice, 150-grams
which is about 5-ounces and spread it out over your Nori. You’re looking to cover
about 70 to 80% of the seaweed wrap. Just spread it out, don’t press it down, just
fluff it up, you don’t want to compress the rice, you want it to be nice and airy
and light. If you want to know more about how to cook
sushi rice, a link will appear now on the left hand side.
Now that you’ve covered your Nori sheet add a little bit of spinach, just cover the
center of the rice more or less, leave a little bit of the edges to close it so the rice meets
the rice. Now you add some Cole sprouts. These are really good for you and it’s really
advisable to start incorporating sprouts of any kind to your diet and this is a great
way to do it, inside sushi rolls and salads, you’re choice. It’s really good for you.
Now add your seared tuna slices and now roll the sushi roll. Just close it up – perfect,
and now just push forward, and one more time, there we go. Now what you want to do is just
find the seal here and just leave it resting on it so that the rice lets out the moisture
which goes into the seaweed paper and the seaweed paper will tighten up when it gets
wet, and this makes sure that the sushi roll is completely tight and closed. Leave it for
about 30 seconds to a minute, just go make another sushi roll and then come back and
cut this one. There is no need to cut it straight away, because otherwise you will have a little
floppy piece of seaweed paper which isn’t properly sealed.
Okay, now to cut your sushi roll. What you want to do is just have your blade slightly
wet on the edge so that the rice doesn’t stick to the blade too much, and you simply
cut off your end pieces. Okay, so now just simply cut your roll in half and then cut
the halves into quarters and the quarters into eighths. This will ensure that you have
eight pieces of sushi. That is how you make the seared tuna Maki
roll – beautiful, done. Thank you for watching this sushi how to video.
Now if you want to use the same products as I use in my videos like this cutting board
or these knives then click here now and it will take you to my store on my website which
has a lot of sushi related products like sushi-grade fish and ingredients, the basic ingredients
and sauces, also utensils and machines that I would use to make sushi and that I think
you should be using to make sushi also. Thank you for watching and good-bye.

41 comments on “Seared Tuna Sushi Roll Recipe

  1. i love all your recipes, they look gorgeous and delicious. Watching your videos makes me always wanna eat sushi LOL . Do you have any restaurant here in Spain?

  2. Tough vote- tuna and salmon sushi balls please -I'm not completely thrilled asking another man to show me his balls mind you 😉

  3. Whenever I make the sushi with the nori on the outside its always really tough. Is this normal? If not what can I do to reduce it

  4. Tuna and salmon sushi balls.
    They would add variety to our current repertory of several types of oshizushi, nigirizushi, makizushi, and inside-out makizushi (California rolls and suchlike).

    P.S. how about some onigiri recipes?

  5. Inspiering and awesome as allways m8! Many of my friends get bored with sushi because they make the same old salmon maki rolls etc every time. But I always stun them when I use your recipes. Beautiful sushi and awesome, new fresh flavors!

    Make the sushi balls next! They look cool and tasty! =D

  6. Why do you use full sheet nori? Why not half sheets? Why cut off the ends? If you place your ingredients all the way across, you're not wasting anything.

  7. You are not wasting anything if you eat the perfectly fine ends before serving. I always do that, just to make sure it tastes good before serving.

  8. I like the coconut oil and sprouts,I used coconut milk and white pepper(Restaurant only has coconut milk no oil) .I have coconut oil at home from India which is excellent.I use cucumber and sometimes I will add arugula.I use spicy mayo on the vegetable.This roll is great with roasted sesame black and white mix on the top of the roll.I like how healthy your seared tuna roll is very nice.Thank You!

  9. Hi and thanks so much for sharing you chef skills on suchi. I am a new sushi lover and made my own this wkend with the help of your video. I bought a suchi cookbook but it wasnt that great – you videos are far bettrt!! This seared Tuna roll was so delicious!! Wondered if you would consider making a video on how to do a sushi roll with crispy salmon skin? This has to be my favourite when i go to a sushi bar. Thanks again.

  10. Have you ever tried Rainbow Trout in sushi? Rainbow Trout is my favourite cooked fish but I don't know if it would make good sushi, and it is hard to get unless I go fishing so I don't want to waste it if it doesn't make good sushi.

  11. It's weird seeing this quality of video compaired to your others. Though it makes me wonder, is there any recipe videos you'd ever consider remaking or revising into a better quality? If that is a possibility (Process/Taste wise, not video quality.)

  12. What oil would you recommend instead of coconut oil? I'm allergic to coconut but still am interested in healthy oils. Thank you!

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    do you deliver to the philippines ?
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