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Seatrout fishing in Norway 2019 4k

Seatrout fishing in Norway 2019 4k

Hi and welcome to fishing with Jaska Today its Lofoten special – seatrout fishing Hi everyone and welcome to fishing with Jaska Today its all about the seatrout fishing And we are at the moment close to lofoten I have a fly fishing rod and spinner rod I know a place where should be a lot of seatrout, we gonna go and find out There is a lot tide at the moment And the water is slowly rising And then the seatrout should come close to the shore So lets see how it goes Allright and people been asking what kinda flies i use So here is one fly This imitates like a small bait fish, really good Goes in the surface of the water Then i can show you contents of my fly box I have all kinda shrimps Like this This is orange, here is ofcourse Gray ones Green ones, pink ones All kinda different shrimps, sizes, colors Like lets say here is the bit smaler variety And these are really good for seatrout And ofcourse you need to try, wich one is the best So what you are seeing here its actually not a river This is a canal Leading from the sea And up to a lagon of a salt water that is behind This bridge The lagon there streches about a kilometer maybe two in to the country in to the landmass and from the lagon there is fresh water river The seatrouts and the salmon wants to go there And here i fished already the whole canal part And now i waded to the norwegian sea As far as i could And as you can see, they are jumping just right under my nose, but not biting ofcourse And when you are fisherman, ofcourse this jumping feels a bit bad but you know They are just probably removing sealice from their skin Even when you are in right place in a correct time and with the correct gear you are always not guaranteed to land a fish And the first big one on! Now it was, the fish was coming with such a speed towards me, i didnt have anykinda chance to keep my lines tight And a first fish on! This is a perfect example, how you can lose a fish So now you can see the importance of keeping the lines tight But sometimes you will lose the fish anyway So the result of the day I got one small fish with the fly Lost one bigger fish And now the best moments of the tide is already gone, the clock is two We decided to go to sleep And try our luck tomorrow with the spinning equipment New day in a beautiful weather And now we are trying the spinning rods Jap As you can see i have fish on And i have really really stiff rod And a fiber lines, so i need to work really hard With my reel, to compensate the stiffness Got lose what was it? Sjöörret What? sjöörret jap And a couple casts more a new fish on It feels like a mackerel Im sure this is a mackerel Im just pulling it now, watch out Yes! Mackerel Finally something good to eat I love Mackerel in tomatoe sauce These tasty sidecatches are awesome! yea i think so too First seatrout really small Going back! I really love the views Close to the lofoten And i really cannot complain about these tasty food fishes what i can take home Mackerel fishing in the summer time Had a fish It was already getting a bit late Fish! i had Fish! It was such as Pro stuff with the net so I will get the Clown of the year reward Yea nice one Good size There is one more so There So i got a anotherone, what a day! And with a spinner, this is quite nice ammount of sealice here yea this is 600 grams maybe fish 700 40 cm so really nice goes to the table Allright so, thanks for watching! And like the video if you did like the video Subscribe if you want to see more of my fishing action Im not making these videos so often So you might want to press that bell icon So you will get the notifications immediately When i have been uploading video So see you next time and thank you for watching! And Bye bye!

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  1. That's awesome man! I'll need to plan a trip up there to catch some seatrout! Looking forward to the next vid!

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