Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More
See the new menu items at Golden 1 Center for 2019-2020

See the new menu items at Golden 1 Center for 2019-2020

I like to really think of like,
arena food but kicked up, right? So it’s still your staple stuff
that you could still see but the thing is, what sets this
arena up to any other arena or sports venues, is everything that
you see here is handcrafted. It’s about great food,
it’s about local food. So when you’re looking and you’re walking
around the concourse and you’re like, man, look at those nachos, it’s not just a
nacho, that nacho cheese we make in house, we make a 120 gallons of nacho cheese
that we execute every single game day. So it means a lot to us as culinarians and to this program is we wanna make sure that
everyone really understands this program. So to start off, we’ll have the vegan
nachos, the half pound chili cheese dog, a double bacon burger,
the bulgogi beef build your own bowl, fish tacos, chips and guac,
farmers market salad, chicken tenders and fries, the clucker chicken sandwich,
the biscuit chicken salad. I’m right in front of a baby. [LAUGH] I wasn’t really much of a fried
chicken guy and really didn’t know too much about it, so I took this on as
my little my little baby right here. So I did literally two weeks of R&D on
just this guy right here to make sure that it has everything going for it. So hopefully, it works out for our fans. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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