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Senior Success: Annabelle Fisher at High Point Central

Senior Success: Annabelle Fisher at High Point Central

“High school has been a time of exploration
in terms of academics and interests and new people and new friends. And so I think High Point Central has provided
that really neat space to kind of combine all three of those aspects.” Senior Annabelle Fisher attended High Point
Central as an IB – or International Baccalaureate student. She says the reputation of rigorous classes
is accurate and that one of them in particular is her favorite. “One class that comes up at the front of
my mind is the Theory of Knowledge class. And that is a less traditional class. Its’ more discussion based. And I think it was one of my favorites again
because it was mainly discussion. We would sit in circles each day and talk
about current events and things that we’re seeing in the world and I think that that
class really challenged me to think about things from different perspectives and to
listen to my classmates as they shared things from their perspectives as well.” Giving back to her school by promoting the
IB program to prospective students became an important activity to Fisher. “I’ve been involved with the Student Ambassadors
program and we have students come and shadow us, perspective students for the IB program. And so these are middle schoolers who are
looking at different high schools and trying to discern where they’re going for the next
four years. And that’s been really impactful for me
because I know how much Central has given to me and so I really want to inspire other
students to come here and have a unique, incredible experience in school.” Annabelle also became very involved in her
school outside of the classroom – with causes that are close to her heart. “I think one of the activities that I’ve
been most involved in is ‘Students Against Gun Violence.’ I co-founded that organization last year with
one of my classmates. And that really rose with a lot of the student
activism that was coming from Parkland, Florida after the shooting. And that came from kind of a time where we
felt a loss of hope at school and we as students wanted to take action to do something. So we felt like we could possible tackle this
large problem. And so we planned a walk-out last year which
was really neat. And we’ve been doing work against gun violence
since then. Thanks to her hard work and commitment to
excellence, both inside and outside the classroom, Annabelle is this year’s Valedictorian at
High Point Central. Following graduation, she’s headed to UNC
Chapel Hill as a Morehead Cain scholar. “it focuses on leadership, character and
physical vigor and those are 3 of the strands that the scholarship focuses on and it pulls
nationally and internationally and so there are a group of about 70 of us who were awarded
the scholarship this year. And I’m really excited to join that group
of inspiring students and I’m honored to have been offered this opportunity.”

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