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Sensasi Mancing Belut Yang di Bawahnya Banyak Akar – Eel Fishing

Sensasi Mancing Belut Yang di Bawahnya Banyak Akar – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel I Wanna Go Home First But This Is a Pretty Beautiful Hole Small But Suppose That Swamp Ouch to transport But usually in a swamp it’s a small hole but inside it’s big It’s Still in the Swamp This Is Not Swamp Yes, What Is It? So This Is Still the First Place In the Rice Swamp Land Well, this one Not quite a bit difficult to enter Because the hole is very small Whereas Urek I Bring Quite a bit big, but not too big While this is rather difficult to enter Because Many roots for example rice fields on That Swamp It’s hard for guys It Seems to Be Us Big Hole First Hole Guys This is so hard Tuh doesn’t enter Tu Is Hard for Many Root Guys We Magnify It First, Don’t Be Too Hard Okay Thank You Who Has Like, What I Have Said Thank You Very Much And those who haven’t supported please help To Subscribe and Turn on the Bell We Will Enter Again Well Already Enter Guys You’ve Banned the Same Root Look? Well Guys See Guys See Guys Eaten by Guys Taken – carried Great Guys We Try to Pull Come on See Guys Relax Look, guys, it’s great Let’s get out Sadistic Come on Now the difficulty of the rice field eel For example, if the ground is swamp, usually there are many roots He is Hold the tail to the root So this is rather difficult Usually Direct Get it, like this Ouch Must Use Guys Power Steady Come on Dong Get Out Dong Relax Looks like Guys? This Must Use Extra Power Come on out Coy Steady Widih is brought again Great Guys Sadistic Relax Mas Bro Seen Just Guys? Steady See Guys Taken Sadistic Come on, Guys come out Well One Exit Come on Coy Jeprut I don’t say I’m also good Cleaned First Well Guys This eel is as big as this Root

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