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Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Fish Call

Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Fish Call

ERNIE: (HUMMING) BERT: (SIGHS) Oh, gee, Ernie. An hour on this lake
and not one bite. ERNIE: Mm-hmm. BERT: Where are all
the fishes? ERNIE: Well, they’re
down there, Bert. BERT: They are? ERNIE: Sure. If you’d like, I’ll catch
some and show you. BERT: Oh, you will? ERNIE: Mm-hmm. BERT: Easy as that? ERNIE: Sure. BERT: Ha! OK, here’s a pole. Go ahead, show me. ERNIE: Oh, I don’t need
a fishing pole, Bert. BERT: What? ERNIE: Mm-mm. BERT: Well, how are you going
to catch all these fishes without a fishing pole? ERNIE: Oh, you see,
I call them. I have this special fish call. And they come right
into the boat. BERT: Oh, they do? ERNIE: Mm-hmm. BERT: You call them? ERNIE: Mm-hmm. BERT: (LAUGHS) He calls them. (LAUGHS) That’s rich. This I got to see. Go ahead. ERNIE: Sure. Well– BERT: Call them. ERNIE: –you see, Bert,
I have to call them really loud, though– BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: –so they can hear. BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: You know, the fish
are under the water? BERT: Sure. ERNIE: And so you have to call
real loud so they can hear you through the water, you know? BERT: Sure. Sure. ERNIE: OK. BERT: Go ahead. ERNIE: I call them like this. BERT: (LAUGHS) ERNIE: (CLEARS THROAT)
(LOUDLY) Here, fishy, fishy, fishy! Found one fish. BERT: Wow. ERNIE: Mm-hmm. I think I’ll call a few more. (LOUDLY) Here, fishy,
fishy, fishy! Two fish. Shall I call a few more, Bert? BERT: Yeah, yeah. How do you do that? Yeah, yeah. ERNIE: Well, just like this. (LOUDLY) Here, fishy,
fishy, fishy! Three fish, four fish,
five fish. BERT: Wow. Ernie, that’s terrific. Let me try, OK? ERNIE: Sure. BERT: How do I do it? ERNIE: Just make sure you
call real loud, Bert. BERT: OK. Just real loud. ERNIE: Mm-hmm. BERT: Got it. OK. Here we go. (CLEARS THROAT)
Here, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy. ERNIE: No, Bert. BERT: What? ERNIE: That’s not loud enough. You’re calling very quiet. BERT: Oh. OK. Here, fishy, fishy,
fishy, fishy. ERNIE: Mm-mm. Still too quiet. BERT: Too quiet? ERNIE: Mm-hmm. BERT: OK. Here we go now. (LOUDLY) Here, fishy, fishy,
fishy, fishy, fishy! ERNIE: No, that’s not
loud enough, Bert. BERT: (SIGHS) OK. (LOUDLY) Here, fishy,
fishy, fishy, fishy! (GASPS) Ernie, it doesn’t
work for me. I’ve been trying to call
and call, and they just don’t come up. ERNIE: Oh, that’s
the way, Bert. See, you got it now. You’re yelling real loud. So you have to yell just like
you’re yelling right now. BERT: Yeah? OK. (LOUDLY) Here, fishy,
fishy, fishy, fishy! SHARK: You called? (LAUGHS) BERT: (SIGHS) That’s
one for you, Bert. (LAUGHING) SHARK: (LAUGHING)

100 comments on “Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Fish Call

  1. I remember this a different way. When Ernie calls the fish, they jump in the boat. Bert tries to call the fish but only pigeons come and land on his head and on the boat.

  2. This is the exact skit why searched for Ernie & Bert and you tube delivered. I'm 44 and it's funny.

  3. You know what's interesting? They are supposed to be a couple… It's strange seeing this now that I know that information.

  4. Just came back from bass fishing here in Ontario Canada….. just had to watch this….. 28 years old? Who cares.. still love this scene.

  5. I'm pretty sure I had stopped watching Sesame Street before this skit was written… But damn I still love me some Bert and Ernie.

  6. Decades later this and the sheep talking out Bert while dancing is the ones that stick out the most from this show

  7. My late father did this when we went fishing just to make me laugh before he died #bestfatherever he always brought me hunting with him which I really appreciate R.I.P. JB ❤

  8. One of my most favoritest Sesame Street episodes. Herrrre fishy fishy fishy FISH-EE FISH-AY! 🦈 Ah!😨 SHARK!😰 A SHARK!🥴😵

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