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Set up her first Aquarium. Kids and Family Aquarium Project.

Set up her first Aquarium. Kids and Family Aquarium Project.

I’m so excited to have my fish ready for when
you’re done . Hey, everyone. Corey from Aquarium Co-op. Today we’re surprising my niece with a new
aquarium. She doesn’t know she’s getting it. Kind of a family thing. My cousin has had an aquarium about 10 years
ago. Had a beta and maybe I think like a 15 gallon
at one point. But not since I’ve owned a store or anything
like that. Yeah, we’ve got a 23 gallon tank in the back. We got a stand, we got all the stuff we’re
going to need. Hopefully she’ll have a blast, so stay tuned. Here we go, let’s grab the supplies and sneak
in. Yeah you get to open it up. [inaudible 00:01:12] There’s a little slot. Just don’t slam it shut. How old are you now? Four. Fork. Is that old enough to have a fish tank? Uh-huh! Yeah? Uh-huh. What kind of fish are you going to get? Maybe lion fish. Nighting fish? Flying fish? Lion fish? Uh-huh. Going salt water, huh? Salt water? Yeah, the lion fish are salt water. Just like Nemo. Uh huh. Dad we need to put some salt in when we add
water for the lion fish. You can but Dad’s going to have to spend a
lot of money to do salt water. Ha! Yeah. We’ll just have to open up your piggy bank. My piggy bank Oh. See what you got. That’s how you buy fishes, you use the piggy
bank. Uh-huh, I have like a hundred money. A hundred monies? Also I’ve been saving it for some other stuff. But there’s still a hundred cause I just hunt
around to find money like outside and inside; and also far away too. I see. I just hunt for money everywhere. Are you gonna help Dad put the stand together? This is what the fish tank is gonna sit on. It’s like it came from Ikea. [inaudible 00:02:24] I’ll help you Dad. This is where you open it, with this little
handle. Oh. Also, there’s a plug on it. What do you think those do? Uh-uh. Those are the lights. They light this up. Yeah, it’s gonna light up once we plug it
in. We gotta build the stand first though. Looks like there’s more maps in there. Uh-huh. See this one? Hey! What’s this little black thingy? That’s a sponge. What we’re gonna do with that, we’re gonna
put it on the filter so it can’t suck up any fish. It’s like protection. Tickle! Kinda, that’s what you use a sponge for in
the kitchen, but in an aquarium we’re gonna use it for something else. Also, I saw a fish stuck in a cage cause it
was sick. Also, it was stuck in a sick cage. That’s right. Wasn’t feeling good though? He was in a little quarantine tank. Mm. Watch this! Scrubba-dubba-dubba-dubba. Yep. All clean. That’s what it does in the aquarium, cleans
it. Man, that really looks like you could use
more than one person. That’s unfortunate. Here’s a little door that people can walk
through. Well I can’t fit it. You’re a big kid? Uh huh, so I can’t fit through it. Mm-hmm. Are you making sure he’s doing it right by
the map? Scrubba-dubba-dubba-dub Hey! That cleans fish not people. All right, so let’s lift the aquarium on there. All right. So in theory, if you put it close to the front
you’ll be able to have this stand close to the wall. For now the fun part is getting the lights
on. That’s fish food! That is fish food. So there’s a light on top here and you can
put it in a night time mode. That’s the night time mode, and when you turn
it on it’s gonna slowly get brighter. Aah. So it’s like- It’s like a real natural setting. Mm-hmm. [inaudible 00:05:12] All right so now we gotta get everything out
of there. Here, are you gonna hold that? Okay. The heater. Make sure you save this cardboard so you can
return it after a week of using it. All right. You want to put that on next? Uh-huh. Okay, we can do that next. Open it up. [inaudible 00:05:37][crosstalk 00:05:37] I’m swimming around [inaudible 00:05:38]. I’m swimming around. [inaudible 00:05:42]. I’m swimming around. There’s food my tummy. Food in their tummy? Uh-huh! I’ll put this in the drawer. You could, yeah. Put it down there. Yeah. That’s where you put your fish supplies. Oh my. We don’t need this right? The instruction manual. You mean the map? If power goes out, or something like that. A lot of times a filter will stop and usually
what you have to do … These two will be in here like this … So it’s going to be
in there, and let’s say it’s just stopped. You end up kind of lifting and moving this
out of the way. A lot of times you just have to touch the
thing that’s going to spin, it’s in a pillar. It’s because once it starts back up sometimes
there’s some fish gunk in there. Fish gunk in there. Yeah, fish gunk. So much. All right so here’s the trick. But how could the body just fit in there? The cleaning sponge is in there. So you remember this? You see all these slits right here? If the fish gets sucked in there they’re not
going to do so well, so that’s why you put a sponge on the end of it. This also keeps fish food from getting sucked
up in there. Now here’s the trick, we’re going to bring
the camera in for this one. Do you have a pair of scissors? So we’ve got the sponge on the intake but
this sponge comes with a hole all the way through it. So what I recommend doing is we’re going to
cut a piece of sponge off of- The sponge. Right, exactly! You cut a piece off the sponge; even you get
it! Yeah! So we’re going to open up our package. The goal is, we need to cut a corner of this
off to stuff in the end of this. Try that we’ll see if that does it. Cut! Ow. On the floor, that’s where it belongs. Take that. [inaudible 00:07:38] We’re going to stick that right in the end. There. So now there’s no hole all the way through
it, and then we can put that right back on. Now we’ve got a way so that there’s no bypass
on the sponge. It sits snugly. The other thing when it comes to a sponge
filter, you don’t want to put it way on there, you want it just on enough. The water is going to be pulled through this
whole sponge. Where if we put it to this high, it’s only
going to be pulling from the bottom here. This sponge you’re going to want to service
every month, it depends on how many fish you got going. If you can keep this clean then your whole
filter stays a lot cleaner and you don’t suck up any baby fish or anything like that. All right. Now we can go get back to putting the rest
together. Now [inaudible 00:08:28]. Now you want to put the sand in? Uh-huh. This is the time now, if you’d want to scoot
it closer to the wall. We should do that. All right. Let’s add the sand in now! I would say- Dusty dusty sand. -that is reasonable. Yeah it’s time for the sand yep. All right, I’m going to lift you up and you’ve
gotta dump it out. Okay? Okay. All right. You ready to put water in it? Uh-huh. All right. How are you just put the water in it? All right we’re gonna put some stuff in the
tank now. [inaudible 00:09:57] When we put water in the tank we gotta put
something in there so it doesn’t hurt the fish. Every time. Luckily yours came with some. The water. It’s like a crazy aquarium in there. Crazy aquarium! I’m so excited to have some fish. Hey Dad, I’m in the camera. I’m super excited to have real fish. I’m very super duper in the camera and also
excited to have some fish waiting for the dog! We’re putting some coral in there. Yeah, you said coral earlier. This is gonna help with the water. What’s it do? What’s that? What’s the coral do? So we have really soft acidic water here,
so there’s not very many minerals in it, so it’s going to slowly leech minerals into the
water. Over time it’ll raise the pH and mineral content. Oo. What are you doing putting that misty hand
in there? We’re mixing it. In there? You ready to start putting plants in there? We’re going to put live plants. I think one here and here, and one right here,
and one right here. Okay. The banana plant goes right there. Then a [inaudible 00:11:37] plant goes right
here. Oh, which one? It can live there, yeah. It’s floating in there. Mm-hmm. It’s floating back up! [inaudible 00:11:47] Now can we add fish [inaudible 00:11:49]? Not yet. When can we add fish? Two-three years. Aww. So I would say … Today’s Tuesday? Maybe Monday? I would say your first fish- Monday would
be a good day, yeah. Then you’re gonna get very few fish, but yes,
you could start with some fish this weekend or Monday, or next Tuesday. Whatever makes sense. Some fish. I want fish. What we need to do now, we need to put food
in for the plants. Plant food. [inaudible 00:12:25] We’re starting and there’s nothing to feed
them otherwise. Okay, two per week. All right, did that say that on there? [inaudible 00:12:34] It does. One pump per 10 gallons just once per week
for low light, dose twice a week for medium light. Just one teeny tiny little baby fish. Just one little bubble. We’re gonna let that go around for a bit. [inaudible 00:12:44] What are you saying Rinne? We don’t know that that is. Are you talking about a fish? Uh-huh. We have to wait one week until we can add
fish. Aw! You’ve got plants. If you look real hard you might find a snail. Is that orange thing moving? Maybe [inaudible 00:13:00] Look really close. Hm, let me see. All right, so. Look really close. Whoa. Look really super duper close right here. I’m trying. Maybe. [inaudible 00:13:24] the fish again, thank
you. You’re welcome. What kind of fish are you gonna get? Um, tiger one. You want the tiger barbs? Uh-huh. All right. They’re a little aggressive, but they’re still
cool. You can do whatever you want. Are you gonna pick out rocks and wood and
decorations? Uh-huh. Yeah. Rocks and wood and decorations. Are there fresh water shrimp? Oh definitely, yeah. I got tons. There’s tons at the store. Go find what you like cause there’s a lot
of stuff until you see it you won’t know you like it. Oh, that’ll be fun. Yeah. Hey look a floaty ball! Yeah. Can you wait a whole week to get fish? No. Well, Corinne is in love with the fish tank. She wants to go get fishes right now, doesn’t
want me to leave. But, gotta wait a little bit. Let water get up to temperature. Do all those things. She got to do a little bit of planning little
big of playing in the sand. She’s gonna love it. So hopefully we’ll make a fish keeper out
of her and then she’ll stay into it and each year I can give her something for Christmas
and stuff like that. So we’ll hope, you know you can’t force them
into it. You gotta hope they like it and we’ll see
how that goes. So if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs
up. If it’s your first video you ever saw maybe
subscribe get some more tips, but otherwise we’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. What are you doing? What am I- What are you doing? What am I doing? What are you doing? What are y- Taking pictures. Oh. [inaudible 00:14:55] We’re gonna do one more of those. [inaudible 00:14:56] I’m up here. I’m up here. Mom’s gonna be so jealous that we could have
fish. Who’s gonna be jealous? Mama cause she’s- Mama? Cause she’s gonna be so jealous cause you’re
having a fish. [inaudible 00:15:27] keep fish safe. They keep it in the water. Cause when they are not in water they get
flop sideways. Yeah.

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