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Seven Seas Wreck Fish | The Sportsman’s Table

Seven Seas Wreck Fish | The Sportsman’s Table

[Narrator] The Sportsman’s Table is brought
to you by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. Whether you live in South Carolina or out
of state, be sure to buy South Carolina grown meats, vegetable and fruits. Make sure your food is South Carolina certified. It’s a matter of taste. – Folks, welcome to this week’s Sportsman’s
Table. We’re back here at Deck 383, beautiful Murrell’s
Inlet at Wacca Wacha Marina here. Look at this setting behind us, okay. And joining me today is our guest chef, Henry
Ford, and he is with Seven Seas Seafood. You want to know certified seafood right here
in South Carolina, right here in Murrell’s Inlet. And he’s got a great fish recipe for us today. Henry. – How are you? – Brother, it’s great to see you. – Yes sir, thanks for having me. – I need to get you and your boss there behind
reels, huh? – Absolutely – We need to catch some fish. – We try, yes sir. – Well, man, well tell me what we got going
on. – Today, we got some fresh, local Wreckfish. – Okay. – Yes sir. – Now, how far out are you guys going to catch
these? – You can go anywhere from 50 to 60 miles
offshore. – No kidding. So you’re going to the gulf stream? – Yes sir, yeah. – Oh, wow! Now is this pretty much a bottom fish? – It’s a bottom fish, yes sir. – There you go, okay. Low them down, wind them up. I get it – That’s it, that’s it. – All right, man, let me shut up and let’s
get cooking. – All right, so I’ve got some of our house
blackening seasoning. – Okay. – We’re just going to coat this on both sides. – Oh, wow, that stuff smells great. – And we make this in house at Seven Seas. – Mmmm, okay. You know you guys, over here on the coast
just have such, I don’t know. All the things that you make of certified
South Carolina products for all the folks. It’s such a pleasure, okay. And folks don’t really understand it until
they come here as tourists or whatever. – That’s it, yes sir. – All right. – All right, so we’ve got a little olive oil
here, heated up in the pan. And we’re going to get it good and hot. And we’re just going to blacken it for about,
maybe three to four minutes on each side. – Okay – Yes sir. – All right, Henry, now the fish is, man,
looking good. – Oh yeah, it’s delicious. – Okay. – That’s our finished product there. – Okay. – And we’re just going to sit that on the
plate. – Ah, now what’s next? I know you always got stuff next. – Yes sir, we’re going to make a cheese sauce
with everything, the oil and everything. So what we’ve got here is some half and half. – Ah, heavy cream, huh? – Yes sir. We’re going to go with some shredded cheddar
cheese. – Oh, wow. – Yes sir. – There ain’t a soul that doesn’t like cheese. – No, not at all. – There you go. – All right, and then we’re going to give
that a stir around, and it clicking up real good. – Mmm – Yes sir, we got some of our in house fish
stock we make there. – Oh really, wow. – We’ll add a little of that. Seven Seas, we make that in stock. – Okay, here let me see that. – It’s good stuff. – Seafood Market, Murrell’s Inlet, Seven Seas,
really good. – You want a shot of it? – No, no, that’s okay. I’ll taste it in the cheese. – Tomatoes, a little color for the tomatoes. Lemon juice. – Oh, okay. – Squirt of lemon juice. – Yeah, man, add a little sour to it. – Yep, and we’re going just give it another
stir. Let it thicken up. – Wreckfish caught at 1,400 feet out in the
gulf stream. – Yes sir. – Wow, that’s fantastic. And brought all the way back? – All the way back. That’s a haul. – The Seven sea’s at Murrell’s… Now we’ve got what looks like mashed potatoes. – Yep. – Asparagus. – Yep. Got some fresh asparagus. We’re going to add our cheese sauce on top. – Oh, wow. – This right here we’re going to drizzle that
on top like so. – You know, there is not a fool alive that
wouldn’t like cheese sauce on fresh fish. – Yep, and mashed potatoes and asparagus. That compliments it very well. – Oh my goodness, yeah. – All right, from there, we’re going to just
add a little bit of color. We’ve got some more fresh vegetables, some
more tomatoes. – Oh yes, certified. – We’ve got carrots we’re just going to place
on there. A little bit of fresh squash there. We’ve got some parsley to, kind of, give it
a little bit of color. – Oh, yeah, there you go. Listen. – Lemons. – Man. – And I like to get a little fancy sometimes,
so we’re going to go back with the cheese and we’re just going to. – Ah, there you go. I call that the trail of tears. – That’s it. – Because, by the time you get done eating,
you going to be crying. – That’s it. – Because it’s so good. – Yes sir. – Henry, thank you so much, for being our
guest chef. – Yes sir, thank you for having me. – At Seven Seas, you guys just keep up being
certified South Carolina, okay? – Yes sir. – Folks, listen, right from Deck 383 in beautiful
Murrell’s Inlet on Wacca Wacha Marina. I’ll tell you what, we’re going to come right
back again next week. Log on, check and see what’s fresh on the
menu. But we’ll see next week right here on the
Sportsman’s Table. – [Narrator] To find out more information
on food that’s fresher and tastier, go online at Buy certified South
Carolina grown products. It’s a matter of taste.

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