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Shah Gee Famous Fish in Rawalpindi

Assalam-o-Alaikum viewers!! I am Ehsan Ullah Ehsan. I’m here with new episode of Pakistan Food Guide. Food Choice changes according to changing in season. With this change in season, we bring a new product for you. So without wasting any time, let’s see what new we have for you. While change in seasons, food choice also changes according to human nature. Winter is just begin to arrive, so cold drinks have been replaced by hot food items. We’re talking about winter and didn’t talk about Fish. How’s it possible? Famous fishes in Pakistan are Mushka, Masheer, Kala Rao, Fimal and Dabra. The purpose of our program is to introduce you new food items. So you spend your Halal earnings on quality food and your halal earning won’t go wasted. If you still didn’t subscribe our channel. Please subscribe our channel Pakistan food Guide.. And Press bell icon so you get notify for new food products Also, you can like our Facebook page Pakistan Food Guide and get notify for new products. Whatever type of fish, the big task of making it delicious belongs to cook. For that finding expert, we are at Quetta Shah Jee fish center. And let’s see the opinion of public regarding Fish of Shah Jee fish center. My name is Muhammad Shafeeq. I am working here since 10 years. This is Bamra fish, finger fish, Masher, Rao and Mushka. My name is rehan Ali, I belong to Gujrat. Here I do work. As you know Gujrati’s are food lover. I am eating fish from Quetta Shah Jee for past 6, 7 years. Fish is very tasty. I’ll recommend new customers to buy fish from Quetta Shah jee center. You’ll enjoy it. I’m enjoying for 6, 7 years. I’m a regular customer. Fish is so delicious. I’ve my shop in I-8 Ibd. Here is my home place. Hardly skipping a day, I ususally purchase fish form here. A sellar person is very kind and cook very delicious fish. My name is Muhammad Imtiaz. Here I came for mostly 2 times in a week and buy fish for home as well. MashaAllah it’s very tasty and I like their hygiene. So many people came here to buy delicious fish. B-ismi-Ilahi r-rahmani r-rahimi My name is Muhammad Sakeen. You are asking about fish. Fish is very good food especially for diabetes patients. For those people who used to say, fish is only winter season dish. This is false. By eating a fish, your tongues will remain pure for 40 days. After that, few people use to say, we won’t be able to eat in summer because its effect is warm. For those, it doesn’t make a difference. Doctors couldn’t restrict any patient from eating fish. My name is Abdul Wahab. Here’s fish taste is very good. I came here from a long distance. He is a good man with kind moral. Fish taste is very delicious. Hello viewer!! As you seen a public opinion about Quetta Shah Jee Fish. Now you can decide whether you have to visit here or not? Complete address is mention on our screen. For more videos, keep watching Pakistan Food Guide. We’ll see you in another episode. Till that! Allah Hafiz.

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