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Shark Alarm! Bondi Rescue Lifeguards Switch on Alarm (Shark Sighted!)

Shark Alarm! Bondi Rescue Lifeguards Switch on Alarm (Shark Sighted!)

That is where I’ll be… “I’m pretty sure
there is a shark out there over. A club lifesaver has raced to the lifeguard tower. A large
shark has been spotted swimming between the flags alarmingly close to swimmers. Between
McDonalds and the 4th ramp. Somebody has seen it, and then come up to tell us that they’d
seen it. Kerrbox races out to search, but lifeguards get dozens of false shark sightings
ever summer. As the man in charge of the beach, Hoppo faces a dilemma, sound the shark alarm
or run the risk of mass panic amongst thousands of swimmers, or, risk a shark attack itself.
See I’m not sure. Now its time to act. I’ve gotta make sure. *sounds alarm. Nothing clears
the surf at Bondi faster than a shark alarm. In seconds the beach switches from playground
to pandemonium. Its all hands on deck as the volunteer lifesavers in red and yellow join
with the lifeguards to clear swimmers from the surf. Hoppo’s unsure about the shark sighting, but seeing is believing. Yeah I’m pretty much
near where you’re pointing. There is something down there near the shark net I think. I can’t
really pick it though. You can see a shadow and something grey and then it took
off out to sea.

69 comments on “Shark Alarm! Bondi Rescue Lifeguards Switch on Alarm (Shark Sighted!)

  1. what a cool awesome volg I am glad that nobody got attacked because that is pretty scary but I'm glad you guys did a good job getting those people out of the water as quickly as possible and you guys did a good job you were calm and you got the job done and congratulations also I'm new to your channel we here in Washington have a great white sharks but that's really odd

  2. I just got back from my holiday in Sydney and I went to Bondi and now as I have searched it I have loads of stuff in my requested 😂

  3. amazing. love 12-year-old vids in my recommended. The best part is I dont even watch any vids related to beach/sharks. xD

  4. 2007: Nah
    2008: Nah
    2009: Nah
    2010: Nah
    2011: Nah
    2012: Nah
    2013: Nah
    2014: Nah
    2015: Nah
    2016: Nah
    2017: Nah
    2018: Nah
    2019: YES

  5. Rackem Frackem Surfers!

    Still those jobs may seem great but it comes with alot of responsability.

    All it takes is one bad judgement call and you got people asking you why someones kid was just taken as lunch by Jaws.

    Better safe than sorry!

  6. 2007: no
    2008: no
    2009: not yet
    2010: no
    2011: no
    2012: nope
    2013: definitely not
    2014: noooo
    2015: no
    2016: nearly
    2017: not quite
    2018: nope
    2019: yes

  7. every season they at least get one Shark Alarm at Bondi. If a shark is spotted alarm goes off beach closed and the shark chasers go out. You don't want Jaws showing up because that is how people die. Jaws does no know the difference between a swimmer and lunch and they think swimmers are lunch. If you see Jaws get out of the water or you will be eaten.

  8. Peeps wit PTSD be like:: 1:00

    Ohhh shieettt m8s man the gunners

    My bad I know PTSD is a serious condition & I was just making a joke

  9. Okay, besides the fact that the volunteers in red and yellow have to wear ridiculous hats, calling police choppers when there is a shark is sooo over the top. What's the plan there? Chop it up with the blades?!

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