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Shark and Bluefin Tuna Protection at CITES Conference in Qatar

Shark and Bluefin Tuna Protection at CITES Conference in Qatar

Elizabeth Griffin>>Hi, I’m Elizabeth Griffin.
I’m a marine wildlife scientist and fisheries campaign manager at Oceana. I’m here in Doha
at the CITES meeting. It was a really exhilarating and really exhausting day today. We started
off the day with launching a new paper written by the Oceana scientists in Madrid, and the
paper documented the fact that 10 million kilograms a year of shark fins are entering
the Hong Kong market. This is equivalent to the weight of over 2,000 African elephants.
It’s just an enormous amount of shark fins. We got a lot of media attention on the paper,
including Reuters and AP, and then I was interviewed in a life Al Jazeera interview too. We also
had some interesting policy developments on sharks today. There was a very noncontroversial
shark paper that should have really easily been approved, but things had gotten so heated
and so political that this really noncontroversial paper ended up being really contentious and
ended up in really heated debate. And it’s just a really interesting sign for things
to come that different delegations from around the world are so worked up about these marine
proposals. But we are very hopeful for the success of the shark and the Bluefin tuna
proposals, so we’re looking forward to a very exciting next couple of days. So there will
definitely be more to come soon.

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