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100 comments on “Shark Arm Murders – Q+A

  1. I dont know if you’ve already done this, but there is a story about the woman found in the witch elm. “Who put bella in the witch elm”

    Though im not sure how much you can find about it…

  2. 4:23 that makes no sense! If Smith cut off his arm to get rid of an easily identifiable tattoo, he then would be even more identifiable as the guy who has no arm and he'd receive way more unwanted attention because of that. Poor choice to cut off a limb for someone who wants to disappear. Like if anyone ever noticed him "hmm this guy who looks just like that guy Smith who disappeared….oh and he just so happens to be missing the same arm that turned up in that shark's mouth…must be a coincidence" or "yea I need to go into hiding…I'll cut off my head so no one notices me and no one will recognize me and surely no one will connect me to that headless man case. Perfect" 🙂

  3. It’s not Cud-gee it’s pronounce Could-gee. Also in the episode you pronounced Cronulla wrong. It’s Crow-Null-ah. Also I loved the Australian accent

  4. Can you guys cover the Villisca Axe Murder House? I stayed the night at that house, and it is creepy as hell. It can be a True Crime/Supernatural crossover

  5. cud-gee, lol, that's not how you say it either. The c is pronounced like a k, and the oo like in "book" or "look". Gee is pronounced like the letter "G". So, Koo-gee/could-jee/coo-ghee.

    It means smelly place/smelly seaweed, as coogee gets a lot of that.

  6. Sharks are way more intimidating because if you come in contact with a shark, you’re probably in the ocean and couldn’t possibly out-maneuver it. You would have a far smaller chance of surviving a shark encounter than a bear encounter

  7. I think the cut-off-his-own-arm theory doesn't hold up as there'd be no way for him to know that a shark would eat it, be captured and vomit it back up sound enough to be identifiablr.

  8. The fingerprints might not be viable for identification if water or gastric juices degraded the pattern. 1930s forensic technology might not to resolve the identity in such a case. Were his fingerprints on record anyway?

  9. Most people who said they liked the Australian accent, probably aren’t Australian. You spoke like a Australian serial killer who has a speaking disorder. #roast #theyaintaussielikeme

  10. ryan: "rip the arm off with his 'bear' hands"
    me: "what a 'grizzly' thought"

    also laughed at my own joke like ryan

  11. How is having the tattoo any more conspicuous than not having an arm? That makes someone a lot easier to find

  12. I'm 100% sure Shane said 847 for the area code in his phone number cuz that's the area code for NW Chicago suburbs, and that's where he's from #ShaneStalking

  13. guess who’s late, i’m from sydney and i kinda loved shane’s accent, ryan did actually say coogee relatively right #boogara

  14. I've never seen anybody with my last name before (Ybarra). Nobody in my family even has my last name 🤣

  15. Fun fact for Shane : The guy who plays Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek is called John Jarratt, who was a presenter on the life-style show Better Homes and Gardens.

  16. i desperately need "we're all just hurdling through this inky black on this blue marble" on a shirt now, thanks.

  17. "Or he could were a long sleave shirts for the rest of his life" HE clap LIVED clap IN clap AUS*clap*TRAL*clap*I*clapA

  18. "Pleasure boat doesn't have to be like… smutty" why am I not surprised by the prospect that shane probably does read fanfiction

  19. "We're not good at what we do"

    Yeah finally someone admitted it…

    Jk i really love this show ive watched and rewatched every episode pls never stop

  20. I'm not usually one to say this, because usually people who say this have no idea what they're talking about, but Shane genuinely looks drunk in this

  21. I didn't generally like the Hot daga, but if you're going to stop running it, we need a conclusion! I'll actually sit through the whole thing without speeding the video up or skipping.

  22. Here are the time stamps for when Ricky Goldsworth and Australian Shane interact. I find it very amusing so I shared to save the time stamps and I figured I might as well share them so everyone else can use them too.

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