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Shark Attack Survivors Speak Out On How They Made It Out Alive | TODAY

Shark Attack Survivors Speak Out On How They Made It Out Alive | TODAY

67 comments on “Shark Attack Survivors Speak Out On How They Made It Out Alive | TODAY

  1. I know what they mean by the adrenaline. I personally have never been bitten by a shark but I have been in a work place environment working with cars and ahad a glove on and my hand slipped and his something sharp yet it hurt and i didnt realize it until I took the glove off and saw the intense amount of blood on my hand and the hole in it

  2. Honostly I’m not scared of anything and I mean anything but I have the biggest fear of sharks but tbh I think that’s reasonable I remember one time I was on my anties boat and a massive shark just came along rite beside the boat and tbh I naily sacrificed my cousin I’ll be on gta and I’ll just scream if I go to far out COs I don’t even like sharks on that 😂😂

  3. You keep showing a great white…I DOUBT very much any or especially all of these attacks were by a great white. Also, other than the lady who lost an arm, these were shark bites, a testing of sorts. All are VERY lucky, because all could've been much much worse. These are animals like any other, we shouldn't demonize them.

  4. Let’s do actual statistics though..🙄
    If it’s 1/ 12,000,000…is that people going in the water? Or including people who are on the planet, not setting foot in the water. There are far less people who go in the oceans…than people who don’t ever set foot in the ocean. Can’t include numbers of people, when their non-participation is statistically of no value.

  5. The mother of 3 looks great. She looks so young. Tiffany is just amazing. And To all of them, God Bless. Sending love and prayers from VA. And the advice about a Tourniquet Wow that’s such great advice. Thank u so much. I never heard much less thought about that. So that is just a blessing thank u

  6. "Unprovoked shark attacks" lolol….this makes me laugh as if it suggests that some swimmers tease, aggravate, or annoy the sharks. I think we "provoke" them the moment we enter their home uninvited.

  7. Sharks are my favorites animal I guess U go into their habitat U need to be aware there's always a chance thank God they all survived

  8. No really….. imagine being bum rushed by a HUGE fish with a hundred razor sharp teeth trying to EAT YOU ALIVE under water with a breathing apparatus on and now you have to swim away from the threat and make your way to land while it's still stalking you!
    I ❤️ sharks but——-++++++——

  9. Do people know how many sharks are being killed for shark fin soup millions are killed every year hmmm who at a greater risk the shark at the moment

  10. It’s good that sharks bite once and then leave. Like maybe they think your a seal or something yummy and then they bite you and are disgusted

  11. Look, I’m not a veggie or a vegan or any of that kinda stuff but…you gotta admit, some dude getting bit by a shark whilst out spear fishing is pretty ironic lol like bro! You gotta kinda think…

  12. I love the ocean, but for some time I cannot get in the ocean anymore to swim. I have an intense fear of sharks. I was watching shark week about 10 years ago. I found out that the bullshark is now able to inhabit fresh water. That was it for me.

  13. Absolutely beautiful, strong, amazing, people! If they can survive this, I should be able to survive most all things.

  14. Shark: Ya, I bit them n spit em out. They not to my liking. Meanwhile these monsters with slanty eyes cut off the fins of my brothers and sisters and toss their bodies back in the ocean to die. Any sympathy for us?

  15. God's wisdom so you having your arm bitten of was all part of god's plan lmfao may he was short on bimbo arms give me a break

  16. I got chills when Keane said his hemoglobin was at 4 when he got to the hospital, and he said most people die when there levels 3

  17. Girl: wow where did you get that scar??
    Him: ohh ya know, I was bitten by a shark
    Girl: 🙄🙄🙄 Rightttt.

    I feel like nobody would believe it.

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