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Shark Attacks | SHARK ACADEMY

Shark Attacks | SHARK ACADEMY

How common are shark attacks and what are
the chances of being attacked by a shark? I’m Jonathan Bird, and this is Shark Academy! You are 75 times more likely to drown at the
beach than to be killed by a shark. And…for every human killed by sharks, about
25 million sharks are killed by humans. It hardly seems fair for us to be afraid of
them! In an average year in the USA, there are only
about 16 shark attacks, and most are not fatal. On the other hand, 41 people a year are killed
by lightning in the United States! Nevermind what this tells us about people standing outside
in the rain, it means sharks just aren’t that dangerous. In fact, 15,000 people are killed each year
in bicycle accidents in the United States. So just to put it in perspective, let’s
look at 20 things from around the world that kill more people every year than sharks every
year: Traffic, falling coconuts, high school sports, champagne corks, tripping, bacteria
from raw meat, cows. Seriously. Wind, bee stings, horses, cold weather, falling from
ladders, choking on food, hot tap water. Not kidding! Ants, dogs, falling icicles, Hippos.
I couldn’t make this stuff up. Vending machines, jellyfish, and even falling out of bed. And
the most dangerous animal to humans? This: the malaria-carrying mosquito, which is responsible
for 800,000 human deaths every year. Almost a million people. So next time you are worried
about sharks, don’t be. Watch out for sneaky vending machines!

100 comments on “Shark Attacks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. if 100 people die yearly on bicycle accidents out of total 10^7*365 times the bike was used yearly, it makes it 0.00000273972603% change of getting a fatal accident when you use the bike.

    But if one man die by shark attack out of 100Β encounters, the chance of having a fatal accident by shark is 1%.

    So to recap, there are 100 times more accidents with bicycle than sharks, but is 50000 times more probable to have a fatal shark attack rather than bicycle.

    Do you understand why the statistics you are providing are pretty useless?

  2. Not all of these comparisons are fair. I mean for example pretty much everyone in the world gets out of bed once every day, for that to be comparable, the same amount of people would have to be in the water with a shark once every day or at the very least be in water that could potentially be inhabited by sharks.

    I'd be more interested in how careful I should be if I ever where to have an encounter compared to other animals. πŸ™‚

  3. I really like these YouTube videos, its annoys me often on channels like the discovery channel that they always feel the need to attach horror movie music and make sharks look like evil animals with humans on their menu

  4. Well, as you said. You need to put it into perspective. I wonder how much time people spend in the ocean together with sharks. Of course it's easier to get killed by a bike because you run into them everyday. Do you run into sharks every day? I don't think so.

  5. The moral of this public message: Β don't worry about swimming with sharks. Β I don't care if the guy doesn't say it directly. Β He can't help but project his own personal experience onto the less than shark-savvy public. Β 

    Most people are naturally afraid of big sharks and will never be in the same area as one, therefore we don't have many shark attacks. Β If sharks were as ever present and easy to disregard as mosquitoes, it would be carnage. Β The two are not a fair comparison.

  6. Those statistics are not a good reference because many of those things are more in contact with peoples daily lives than sharks. I'm not saying that you should have irrational fear towards sharks but you should respect them as apex predators of their element and don't take stupid risks.

  7. I dont ever let it stop me from having fun in the ocean but Im always more worried about nonfatal attacks on me. If I die, Im dead thats it, but I dont want to be standing up to my shoulders in the shore and suddenly a great white swoops through one of my legs, or even just a bite. I hear their bites are extremely painful because of the shape of their teeth. But Ive been swimming all over Los Angeles for years and havent seen a shark.

  8. I am actually scarded of bugs but not sharks so this didnt change any thing but i hope sharks get a better rap i guess its just built into our minds

  9. The hot water problem is especially an issue in the UK because many homes still do not use mixer taps, which means that there is an individual hot water tap and it burns. How on earth this isn't a public scandal I have no idea.

  10. how does a vending machine kill a man? did he kick it and it fell on him? did he get his hand stuck and everyone nearby just left him to die? or did the vending machine viciously suck him in and he was trapped between the glass? Lol

  11. when i saw this video a couple of days later i was staying at a hotel and at the end of the very long hallway theres a vending machine just sitting there under a small shade of light😟

  12. Amazing programme. Great work You make me interested in the blue world. I like you Jonathan & thank you

  13. Hello, I have a question. How can I start working with sharks? I know I'll fail school cause it's not for me so I was wondering if there's another way that I can start working with sharks. If you how please let me know. Thanks!

  14. Douse that miscitito live in fleet wood that's in England because Iam 7 and I love nacher ok thanks please reply bye

  15. Drowning
    Falling Coconuts
    Champagne Corks
    Bacteria from raw meat
    Bee Stings
    Cold weather
    Falling from ladders
    Falling from trees
    Choking on food
    Hot tap water
    Falling icicles
    Big Cats
    Vending machines
    Heart attacks

  16. You have to put it into perspective. Of course more people die in car accidents then from shark attacks but there are also millions more people driving around in cars then swimming with sharks. I'm certain that if I jumped off a boat knowing there are sharks in the water i'd be much more likely to die then if I drove into town in my car passing hundreds of other cars.

  17. The chances of getting eaten or attacked by a shark? Lower than the size of a ant. Like if you agree or like if you just like this quote.

  18. hi john, your chan is great. I want to know all about shark they are so cute. In florida I was in the shallow water at the beach and a 4-5 meter shark came next to me and disapeared. while I walked slowly to the coast watching out, he reapeared seconds later moving away. I saw his black back so think it was a Gwhite. Now i'm really carreful with water.

  19. 2800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 blue sharks die from fish-icle accidents. Icle from bycicle.

  20. "Sharks barely kill people." Yeah because we don't give them the chance to do it. I find it silly that environmentalists make the claim that sharks are harmless because of the rate they kill humans, but they are still aggressive and huge creatures that would attack if interspecies interactions were more frequent. Although humans still remain a huge threat to sharks

  21. See this is how innocent sharks truly are a few years back I wrote a letter to David Cameron to help protect them

  22. Actually there is nobody willing to get in a river anywhere near hippos, as they are huge, territorial (to the point they make bull sharks seem like your besties), & have powerful jaws & massive tusks!!! I saw a vid of one being fed a watermelon & the thing BURST in the hippo's mouth!!! Steve Irwin wouldn't risk it, African safari guides wouldn't risk it, nobody with any sense would risk it!!!

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  25. i know its listed in the video, but how can a person die from a vending machine? does it fall on them or something?

  26. I love how some people get triggered over shark diving, but no one bats an eye over climbing Mt. Everest, even though I would say the latter is more risky and has a higher death rate.

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