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Shark Awareness

Shark Awareness

(waves crashing) (light piano music) – Sharks are such an important
part of a healthy ocean. The perception of sharks
can often be misguided because of films like Jaws. People get the wrong idea about sharks. They’re apex predators, so they help keep the oceans clean, so they really are super important. The Victorian Fisheries
Authority is responsible for managing fisheries in a
sustainable, responsible way. We also manage shark hazards. (light piano music) Community safety is a
massive part of my job. (light piano music) – Sharks are present right
throughout our oceans. We’re very conscious that they
can turn up in any location. Typically sharks are sighted
by the frequent water users, such as surfers or swimmers. Can also be surf lifesavers and of course fisheries officers that are out and about, particularly over summer. (light piano music) Today, we’re launching our
local fisheries vessel. (light piano music) If a heightened risk situation is present, we would launch a vessel, there may also be a helicopter deployed, and we’d monitor the
area for shark activity. – I love sharks, and I love
being out on the ocean. People should be mindful
when they enter the ocean. You’re entering into the shark’s home. But it’s up to each
person to make a judgement on when they enter the water. Nationally, across Australia, there’s about one fatality per year, and we haven’t had a fatality
in Victoria in 30 years. (waves crashing) We’re doing an exercise
looking for sharks. This is what we would do in
a heightened risk situation. Fisheries would deploy a boat, and possibly a helicopter
to try and find the shark. We’re looking for a dark
shadow under the water. Quite a large one. (helicopter motor) – When we do see them
in the water initially, we just identify the outline and then move in for a closer look, to confirm if it is a sighting and if so, what the size, species, and risk might be and proceed accordingly. (light piano music) – [Natashar] We work with
life-saving Victoria to help keep the community safe. If you swim between the flags, you’ll always know that
there will be somebody out there watching and making sure that you’re safe in the water. – The safest way to enjoy
the water in Victoria especially is to swim with a buddy, surf with a buddy, dive with a buddy. Not only is is probably more enjoyable, but it also means that you’ve got someone to look out for you if
things don’t go to plan. If you are down the beach, and you’re keeping an eye
out on the surroundings and you do notice unusual
behaviour from other wildlife, such as birds or fish or
something of that nature, keep in mind what might
be happening there, because they could be an indication that a shark is in the area. It is important that
everyone stays up to date with the latest information, and if there is a shark sighting, that everyone follows the
directions of lifesavers as best as they can. There will be an alarm sounded, and if people do hear that alarm, that is an evacuation alarm and we encourage people to make
their way out of the water calmly but as quickly
as they possibly can. – [Paul] We encourage people
to avoid areas of high risk, such as areas where food or
animal waste enters the water, where fishing waste is disposed of, or where sharks’ natural food
sources occur, such as seals. We certainly recommend
that the public download the Vic Emergency app. That has all the information the public needs to be kept up to date. They will be informed whenever there is a sighting in Victoria
that’s considered dangerous. – It’s definitely important for people to have respect for marine life, and especially sharks. I mean, they’re the top
predator in the ocean, and they keep all the fisheries
and marine life in check. I’m not scared of sharks. I’ve been diving with
them for a very long time, and I think they’re amazing animals, and amazing to see underwater. – The risk of shark attack
in Victoria is very low, so we encourage people to use the oceans as they always have. But make sure you stay informed. (waves crashing) – [Woman] To find out more, go

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