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78 comments on “Shark Dash – Cinematic Launch Trailer

  1. MC3 came out 6 months ago and so far there has been a new Modern Combat about every year. So yeah, if you're really expecting a new one to come out soon…

  2. Funny is that most of the haters here haven't even tried the game, and are already hating… Haters gonna hate.

  3. I developed a slight hate for Gameloft when they started doing all freemium games, but when I heard this is a full game, I actually got my hopes up. Hoping for more "one price games" in the future. Haven't tried the game yet, but it looks really fun.

  4. Para Nokia Symbian belle nada né? Isso é completamente uma falta de respeito aos consumidores de todos os pais, fica ai minha indignação com vocês da GAMELOFT impresa que sempre adimirei! Nos vem com esse desrespeito cairam seus conceitos comigo e com todos da nossa cominidade no orkut twiter é varias outras formas de comunicação….

  5. Hello,

    Please send me your email address in a private message and someone from Customer Care will get in touch with you on this issue.

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  7. Hey gameloft, what happened to the level selection screen and storyline on shark dash? Did you give up on them? I always liked the game for its unique storyline, taking out the ducks after Sally, sharkee's girlfriend, got sharknapped, Choosing whatever level we want to play, and even the optional in app purchases are what I got this game for! the fans of shark dash are really hating what you did to this great game. You're letting Shark dash go to the dogs! REPLY TO THIS COMMENT PLEASE! I WANT AN ANSWER!

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