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Shark Gloves – Official Commercial

Shark Gloves – Official Commercial

A shark is the most dangerous predator in the ocean A knife is the most dangerous tool in the kitchen A bite from either can cause serious injury Watch out! Not anymore! Now there’s Shark Gloves The amazing steel fiber gloves that protect like an impenetrable shield. Watch – this razor sharp knife
slices this tomato with ease but it’s harmless to the Shark Glove Shark Gloves are stretchy fabric that fit any sized hand You can wear one or both at a time and they provide maximum grip wet or dry Even the jagged edge of a sharp can lid is no match for Shark Gloves! *pop* Now protect your fingers from any knife prevent nasty nicks while peeling or shield your knuckles from painful grating accidents. Shark Gloves have been used by professionals for years The secret? Hundreds of stainless steel fibers woven together with flexible nylon fabrics to withstand the sharpest cutting blades. There’s no other gloves like it! Watch! This razor blade cuts through industrial rubber thick leather, reinforced fabric, but not the Shark Glove – Amazing! Broken glass? No need to get out the broom & dust pan Just pick it up quickly and safely with Shark Gloves! But they’re not just for the kitchen! Take them outside for gardening or pruning a must in the garage with heavy tools and if they ever get dirty just toss them in the washing machine Other cut resistant gloves cost up to eighty dollars But you can get the Amazing Shark Gloves for only ten dollars! But catch this deal You can double the offer and get a second pair for the garage, workshop, or garden Just pay separate processing and handling Call or click right now and get our Ultra Knife – razor sharp cuts anything, and it’s non-stick yours free! Don’t get bit by a knife again Order the amazing Shark Gloves today for just ten dollars! Here’s how to order Order online at

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