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Shark Jaws [ 1975 ] [ Arcade ]

Shark Jaws [ 1975 ] [ Arcade ]

Shark Jaws Shark Jaws

2 comments on “Shark Jaws [ 1975 ] [ Arcade ]

  1. Changes made on this Remix:

    – Added background music (originally the game has none).

    – Added sound effects, namely: shark biting player character. Decided on a muffled (underwater) metal crunching sound to simulate a bite in the oxygen tank, rather than the actual player character, otherwise game would be realistically over.

    – Removed sound effects, namely: whistle sound when catching a fish. Modern simulators don't replicate it properly and, frankly, the sound felt ''out of place'' with the more realistic design I was aiming for.
    – Replaced lateral black bars with theme appropriate graphics, to make the video more appealing on modern 16:9 screens.

    The game is otherwise intact, so you can still use this as a demonstration of the original gameplay experience.

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