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Shark Movies of 2018

Shark Movies of 2018

I will kill half of all living things in the
universe Why don’t you just double the resources? [snaps finger] Good idea! Darn! Why do we keep making these things of pure
terror? What, dinosaurs?
No, Jurassic Park sequels With this VR headset, I can be anyone I want
Like right now I’m someone wearing a VR headset Wow Hey I just wanted to take another look at you Ok, I’m going to go home now
Hey AAAARRGGH!! Wait no, don’t break into song! I gotto get this donor heart to the hospital
ASAP otherwise [Mamma Mia by ABBA] Hey Chewie, why is this movie called Solo? Yay!
Oh. So will this biopic actually give us an insight
to the dark side of Freddie Mercury’s life? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Oh Mamma Mia Mamma Mia HERE WE GO AGAIN Well let me just check inside my handbag, hmm? Hey I heard you can talk to fish Um actually anyone can talk to a fish. You’ve only gotto say “hello” and you’re talking
to a fish y’know? Oh…
This is why no-one talks to you. [Loud crying] Hey what version of Spider-Man is that? Oh that one’s from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thanks for watching my pile of ash you guys Praise the king! Praise King Killmonger!
Killmonger’s the best! I’ll let him overthrow my king! Hey why are you worshipping him? I’m Black Panther! Sorry your majesty. Praise King Killmonger!
But I’m Black Panther… Oh Shut Up! Wow, we’re in the internet! Isn’t the internet full of outdated memes?
Like what? Hey

85 comments on “Shark Movies of 2018

  1. Iron man: who don't you just double the resources?

    Thanos: Snaps Good idea.

    Iron man dies



  2. Hmmmmmm….. I feel like you're missing something……. (the meg) (the meg) (the meg) Oh wait I know! Sharknado 6!

  3. For people who like the shark pun I have a few I would like to say
    Shark world the fallen kingdom
    Mary sharking returns
    Shark man into the shark verse
    Ready player shark
    Infinity shark wars
    And that all the puns I got

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