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3 comments on “Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum – Model NV352

  1. I have one of these,

    the hose is too short, its unbalanced when using the hose attachments with the top unattached, the extra attachments are not well made and break easy. the actual vacuum cleaner is ok, and works well on carpet. Doesn't seem to work as good on flat floors, wooden or vinyl, will leave lots of objects behind. Very difficult on stairs, infuriates my wife. Also emptying the little box is badly designed.

    Over priced, but good. try before you buy.

  2. I love my new vacuum cleaner >>>    I have had a Kirby for over20 years and it finally went so we bought a Shark Rotator and when I tell you it's beats the Kirby by100 percent I just love it hopefully it lasts20 years I highly recommend it

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