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How good is a shark’s smell, and how important
is it to the shark? I’m Jonathan Bird, and this is Shark Academy! Sharks have nostrils just like people. They’re
called Nares or Nasal Cavities. But unlike the nostrils on a person, sharks can’t breath
through theirs, they’re only for smelling. As you probably know, shark smell is extremely
acute. They can detect one part blood in one million parts water, which is sort of equivalent
to a teaspoon in a swimming pool. This acute sense of smell means sharks can
detect blood from a great distance. When we chum for sharks, sometimes they find us very
quickly from a great distance. In fact, sharks use their sense of smell to
find prey at great distance—it’s sort of like a long range sense to a shark. They use
it to get to a general vicinity of an injured fish. But when they get up close, smell is
not very important for hunting– they’re more using their eyes and their electrosensory
system to catch the prey. Thanks for watching shark academy! If you
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19 comments on “Shark Smell | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. Mith busters tried adding some blood on a pool but they only reacted to fish blood. Human blood is not attractive to them so dont you guys worry about scrapes at the beach!!!

  2. Hi i really enjoy your videos and i just wanted to let you know that i appreciate you making these keep up this amazing work!

  3. Hey, John. This episode was great. I have to share this! Your channel is amazing. This is a very informative series and my favourite on YouTube, (apart from Johnathan Bird's Blue World), The mascot looks so good with the video!

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