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27 comments on “Shark Week’s Best Breaches

  1. so I watch them sharka then sharkpera can't wait can you make them sharkoul, what about shark'ap. We breach but can they bounce with it? come on!

  2. I'm sorry but shark week SUCKS now! everything on discovery sucks now! it used to be about the only channel I ever watched and then… they sucked! and they haven't stopped sucking! in fact, they suck more every year! I don't know what happened but it's obvious that quality and integrity are no longer a concern. I can't watch it anymore. they were awesome and now they suck… plain and simple.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that using a dummy seal made of rubber and foam could be dangerous for health even life of sharks? A part of such synthetic material could get stuck. Instead, PLEASE use a piece of "actual meat" or appropriate "edible stuff"..could even shape it a seal outline.

  4. They never measure up the power for a shark that big, flying off from the water like that…..

    If that shark launches itself like that underneath the crew boat….. I am sure, it would have marked or even broken the boat badly and the crews would be thrown out to water…..

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