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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a special guest, Drew! Drew:
Hello. Ro: Hello! We met on tabletop. Drew: We sure did. Ro: Yep, the episode hasn’t
come out yet, but as soon as it does I Ro: will put the links out there for you to
see. And Drew is super fancy, he is Ro: an actor from a SciFi series that I really
like! Ro: Do you want to say a little about it? Drew: Yeah, I play Hal Mason in Falling Skies,
we just, uh, completed our 3rd Drew: season and uh we’re going back to
shoot the 4th here in about, uh, I guess Drew: it’s about 2 weeks now. Ro: Yeah,
so cool! So cool! I love SciFi stuff Ro: so I had to have him on! Plus he’s pretty
cute, so I was like, really fun! Ro: Alright, so today, I thought, what we
would do, we missed Shark Week, Ro: but I got so many requests to do something
Shark related, and I’ve got Drew Ro: here, who’s form SciFi world, so I thought,
why not make Sharknado Cupcakes!?! Drew: Da-na-na-nuh! Ro: Da-na-na-nuh! Ro: Alright, let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, we’ll be making
Blue Moon Beer Cupcakes. Drew: Mmmmm! Ro: Mmmmm! My favorite! Blue Moon beer is
my favorite, so the things you will need Ro: will be: Flour, regular white sugar, butter,
3 eggs, baking powder, salt, Ro: vanilla extract, Blue Moon beer, my favorite!
Milk, and… Drew: And when you have Blue Moon, you got
to have an orange. Ro: Heck yeah! Drew: A zester, a whisker? Ro: Mmmhmm, whisk.
Drew: A whisk. Ro: A whisker! Drew: A whisker! Ro: It’s
called a whisker! Drew: A beater, 2 giant mixing bowls, and
of course, your cupcake tray. Ro: Yeah, with little liners, we put these little
paper liners in ‘em. Ro: Alright, let’s put it all together! Ro: Now you’re gonna take 1 of the big mixing
bowls and we are gonna whisker Ro: together our dry ingredients, a-ha-ha-ha!
Drew: You’re a little whisker, a-ha-ha! Ro: A-ha, I’m a little whisker! Ro: OK, so you’re gonna take 2-1/2 cups
of flour, 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. Drew: And then 2 teaspoons, what do we have
here? Ro: Perfect! Drew: Baking soda? Ro: Yeah baking… Powder! Drew: Baking powder.
Ro: Baking powder! Ro: Now, we will whisk these together! I’m
gonna let you do the honors. Drew: Alright, so I… Ro: I’m putting your
muscles to work. Drew: Just all… Ro: I’m just gonna relax over here. Drew: I think we ought to drink some beers
while we’re doing this. Ro: Yay! we can have beer-nado! Drew: Haha alright. Ro: Look, beer-nado! Drew: Oh that’s gonna be exciting to pop
open here in a little bit! Ro: Oh, oops! Ro: I didn’t think about that! Drew: It’s
all good! It’ll make things more fun! Drew: So you’re gonna take your next big
mixing bowl, and we’re gonna use some Drew: butter.. Ro: Butter! Drew: That’s
3/4 of a cup. Ro: Yeah, right on! Ro: And 1-3/4 cup of sugar, oh there we go.
Ro: And Drew is gonna beat these together Ro: until everything’s… Yeah! Till it’s
really light and fluffy! Drew: Light and fluffy eh? Ro: Yeah we’re
making butter sugar tornado right now! Drew: My mom is about to be proud of me, alright! Ro: Yeah, OK go! Drew: Just stick it in there?
Ro: Yeah. Ro: Just keep going! I’ll try to hold it
in! Drew: Oh geez, should I turn it down a bit?
Ro: No that’s great, that’s great Ro: Once your mixture is all light and fluffy,
we’re gonna add eggs, and we’re Ro: gonna add 3 eggs, 1 at a time, Drew’s
gonna beat, I’m gonna crack! Ro: Here we go, ready? Drew: Crack. Ro: Crack,
beat. Drew: And…. Ro: Crack. Drew: And… Ro: Beat! Ro: Crack. Drew: And… Ro: Beat! Ro: Amazing teamwork, crack and beat! Drew: Pschhh! Yeah-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Oh sorry,
I got egg yuckies on you! Drew: Nothing to wrong with that, we’re
cooking! Ro: I’m sorry! Ro: Now we got our eggs all beat in, we’re
gonna add vanilla and orange zest. Ro: You’re gonna need 1 teaspoon of vanilla
extract, and 1 teaspoon of orange zest. Ro: And Drew’s gonna be doing the zesting,
so you hold it down like a cheese grater Ro: just like that. Drew: Yeah? This is my
first time, maiden voyage! Ro: You can do it! Perfect! Ro: You can push a little harder. Drew: Is
it supposed to… Ro: Yeah, there you go. Drew: A little more
elbow grease might go somewhere for us! Ro: Yeah, use your alien fighting muscles!
Drew: Oh yeah! Drew: How’s that look? Ro: It’s great!
Drew: That looks good too! Ro: Did you know that the beach is this way? Ro: I’m just gonna take a teaspoon of this,
here we go. And put it in our mixture. Ro: Now, last we are gonna be doing the milk
and beer, and you’re gonna combine them Ro: together. I’ve got here, I’ve measured
1/4 a cup of milk. And now Drew’s Ro: gonna be opening the beer, my favorite
beer. Drew: How’s it gonna be? We’ll see. Ro: It’s a girly, it’s really girly, so
it’s not even that functional. Drew: Naw, it’s not girly, I enjoy a good
Blue Moon. Ro: Yeah! And we’re gonna be adding 1 cup
of Blue Moon to the milk. Drew: Let’s see here… Ro: Oh it smells so good. Drew: That does
smell nice. Ro: Now we’re gonna take our butter mixture,
ooh, butter and orange mixture, it Ro: smells so good! And we’re gonna alternate
dry ingredients with the beer-milk. Ro: OK, so I’m gonna add a little bit of
the dry, add a little bit, and now Ro: you’re gonna beat. Are you ready? Drew:
I’m ready, who am I beating? Ro: OK, this! Drew: Oh man! Ro: Aliens, sharks
and batter! Drew: Ooop! I think it’s supposed to be
slow too right? Ro: Yeah. Drew: This thing doesn’t really have a slow
mode… Ro: It doesn’t know how to go slow, it’s
like Chuck Norris. Ro: Now we’ve got our batter, you’re gonna
take your cupcake pan lined with your Ro: little liners and we’re gonna scoop
about 2 tablespoons of batter into each Ro: cupcake tray. You can just scoop like
this, it’s OK to get messy, just use Ro: your finger, put it out, there you go,
bewp, bewp! Just like that, and do it Ro: to all the cupcake trays. Ro: Once you got all your cupcakes filled,
you’re gonna put them in the oven Ro: at 350 and bake for 18 minutes. And while
they’re baking, we’re gonna be doing Ro: some decorating. While the cupcakes are
in the oven we’re gonna be showing you Ro: how to do some decorations. So, yes, Drew
has the hot chocolate, we dyed it Ro: gray by just adding a little bit of oil based
black food coloring dye and then mixing Ro: around. Then we heated it up in the microwave,
you can also heat it up over the Ro: stove if you like. And, we’re taking
sugar cones, like ice cream cones, la-la! Ro: Like so, I’ve already dipped some of
them so you can see what they look like Ro: over here. We’re just gonna put them
on top of a piece of wax paper so that Ro: they don’t stick to the surface. And
Drew’s just gonna show you how to dip it. Ro: So just take the cone. Drew: You hold
above, and you lower. Ro: Go right in, and then we kind of have
to move it around the sides… Yeah. Ro: You have to get all the sides… Drew:
Mmmmm! Ro: I’ll let you do it, you got it! Ro: He’s got it, he’s got it. Drew: I was wondering who you got yours up
so high over there, it’s the old tilt. Ro: Yeah, it’s the tilt, gotta tilt the tornado.
Perfect! Ro: And then you let it drip, let the excess
drip off a little bit, like so, Ro: ah, perfect! Drew: Uh-oh. Ro: Oh there you go, there you go! Drew: Alright, you ready? Here it comes! Ro:
And then plop it down. Perfect! Ro: And you’re just gonna make a bunch of
these because we’re gonna flip it upside Ro: down and stick them onto the cupcakes
when they’re ready! Ro: Cupcakes are fresh out of the oven. Drew:
Oooh, and they’re warm. Ro: Little warm, so we’re gonna let them
sit right here and cool, and now we’re Ro: gonna make the shark heads. I got this
idea from a really cute cookbook that Ro: I love, it’s my favorite cupcake decorating
cookbook, let me show you. Ro: Ah, I’ll put it… Drew: Oh I have that
1! Ro: Uh, Hello Cupcake! Ro: I’ll put the links down below so that
if you want to check out this idea it’s Ro: so cool! But she makes shark head cupcakes,
so we are gonna use the shark Ro: head today. We are gonna be using Twinkies
today and chocolate wafer cookies. Ro: Alright, so the first thing that you’re
gonna do is take your Twinkie, Ro: And open it up, oh gosh, maybe I should
do your way. Drew: I was gonna say, Drew: wow you open Twinkies… Ro: Uh, I don’t
know, uh, huge knife I guess. Ro: And you’re gonna cut a little bit diagonal.
And then this side you’re gonna Ro: take your knife, and you’re gonna shave
off, kind of the edging. Ro: Now this is the tricky part, when chopping
these cookies, Ro: they’re kind of delicate, so it just
matters, you just gotta hit straight down. Ro: Line your knife up, cut it in half. Oh! Ro: Now get your little guy, and then you’re
gonna put in the fin facing this way. Drew: Wow! Ro: And it will hold it into place. Drew: Hey cutie. Ro: Hey what’s up?! Drew: Oh yeah, mmmmmm! I’ll meet you in
a tornado. Ro: Oooh, oooh! Ro: Now you’re gonna take these and put
them in the freezer, make as many as Ro: you’d like, and we’re gonna let them
sit in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Ro: And then we’re going to dip them into
frosting. Drew: Could you make a hammerhead shark? Ro:
Oh my god that’s amazing! Drew: Da-nuh. Or it’s a flying fish. Ro:
Da-nuh-da-nuh-da-nuh-da-nuh! Drew: 1 or the other. Ro: OK, now our little sharks are ready to
be dipped, this is just buttercream Ro: frosting that I’ve dyed with a little
bit of black food coloring dye to look Ro: light gray like the shark. And I just
microwaved it for 30 seconds. Ro: And it’s kind of liquid-y, this is a
really cool alternative if you don’t want Ro: to use chocolate too on the tornados.
You can dip it twice, but double coat it. Ro: Alright, Drew’s got the shark. Drew:
Here’s the shark. Ro: OK, you’re gonna Ro: flip him upside down. Drew: Alright…
Ro: And you want to make sure they’ve sat Ro: in the freezer for 10 minutes, because
you want to make sure that they’ve cooled. Ro: There you go, keep going, keep going,
keep going… Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Drew: Oh man! Ro: It’s a little bit messy,
but we’re gonna paint waves at the bottom Ro: of the cupcake, so it’s fine! Ro: Now I’m gonna show you how to put the
tornado onto the little cupcake. Ro: You’re gonna take, here you go! Drew:
OK. Ro: 1 of your little sugar cones. Ro: I’m gonna take this 1, and then you’re
just gonna bite off the tip, Ro: a little snack! There you go! Ro: And then you’re gonna stick it down
in the center of the cupcake. Ro: Now we got our tornados all ready, we
are gonna add blue frosting, this is Ro: just blue buttercream frosting that I
dyed blue with a little bit of food Ro: coloring dye. And a little weird tip,
I’m not sure what type of tip this is. Ro: And we’re gonna use this to make water.
Then we’ve got this bad boy, it has Ro: gray frosting mixed with a little bit
of white frosting, and we’re gonna fill Ro: that on the top of the tornado. Ro: Woooooooooooooo! Ro: Now that we’ve got all the frosting
on, we’re gonna take little toothpicks and Ro: we’re gonna distort the frosting up
here to look like a windstorm or hurricane. Ro: Oh yeah, oh yeah, look at that tornado! Ro: Now that we got our tornados ready, I
made these 3 little sharks out of fondant. Ro: They’re so cute! Take a look! Er-doo-doo-doo! Ro: Just a little bit of gray fondant with
black. Drew: Schooooo! Ro: Are you ready? Drew: He’s getting sucked
in right now. Ro: Here we go! And just kind of dip him in,
so his little head’s gonna stick out. Ro: It’s amazing! Drew: Nice! Dee-dee-dee-doo-da-loo-doo-doo! Ro: Now that we got our little sharks dipped,
now we are gonna make their mouth. Ro: We’ve got Fruit by the Foot, this is an off-brand
but you just need red Ro: Fruit by the Foot. So I’m gonna cut
this open. Drew’s doing detailed work Ro: over there. Drew: I had to hit a knee
for the detail. Ro: Yeah! Ro: And you can either take a knife or baking
scissors, Ro: and you’re gonna cut the shape of their
mouth. Ro: OK, now we’re gonna add teeth, you’re
gonna take your white frosting, gonna come Ro: down here… Drew: Hmmm, see, you needed
to get on a knee too! Ro: Yeah I did! Ro: OK, now you’re just gonna go boop! Boop! Ro: Ta-da! Here are our Sharknado Cupcakes!
They turned out so cute! Drew: Dan-da. Ro: Duh-dun. Drew: Duh-dun.
Ro: Duh-dun. Both: Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da! Ro: Ah! Ro: Drew’s is awesome, he’s super creative
and has some decorating skills! Drew: She came up with the whole idea… I would
say you’re more creative. Ro: Yeah, look at ‘dis 1! It’s so cool! Ro: So for Sharknado or for next year’s
Shark Week, you have some ideas. Ro: Alright, I will put all of Drew’s links
down below, on Twitter, Facebook and Ro: Instagram, right? Drew: Well thank you. Ro: Yeah, and I’ll put a link to his show
so you can go check it out! Ro: Yeah, thanks for coming! Drew: Yeah, I
hope you guys enjoyed, we had a blast! Ro: Yeah we did! Drew: I’ll speak for all
the guys out there, these are kinda fun! Drew: You know we can do a little baking every
now and then! Ro: Yeah, especially when there’s beer involved.
Drew: That always helps! Ro: Yeah, a little Blue Moon! Yeah! If you
guys have any other suggestions for any Ro: other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know,
leave me a comment down below and I Ro: will do my best to make it happen! Ro: OK, thanks you guys, bye-bye! Drew: Take care!


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