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Last week I [showed] you guys the stalking to my new office aquarium build in today’s video We’re gonna talk a little bit more about them now if you didn’t watch [that] video from a few days ago I introduced an African shell dweller to this tank specifically x Lampre longest Similis or Neo Lampre longest Similis or Lamprey Longest Similis depending on which book and what year or where you’re reading it from it’s a Cichlid from Lake, Tanganyika Which if you’re not familiar with that? It’s the largest lake in Africa by volume not by Surface area because Lake Victoria takes that however by sheer volume Lake Tanganyika is actually the second largest freshwater lake in the world accounting for about Eighteen percent of the world’s fresh water supply. It’s an extremely deep lake however these guys are not found in the deep parts They’re found more so along the coastal areas of the lake this species Generally in water up [to] 15 feet deep now if you go on Google images and try to find their natural Habitat what you’re going to find is nothing but sand and shells you see there’s several species of African shell dwellers and one of the species that the symbolist often gets confused for is the Lamprey Longest Multi Fasciitis Also known as the Multi why does it get confused for them well at first glance they actually look identical? However, if you know what to look for the differences are quite obvious now if you were to look at a multi fasciitis you’ll notice That the striping stops at their head it actually does [not] continue to stripe over their head in fact the striping on a multi-faceted stops at their operculum Which is essentially their gill cover or gill plate? Whatever you want to call it however with the similis the striping continues over their head and over the gill plate So above all else that’s the easiest way to tell the two apart you don’t need experience with both of them You don’t need two of them side-by-side You just gotta look at their striping and if it goes past their gill plate the other species of shale dwellers are easy to tell apart Now that you know you have you’ll probably want to know who is who do I got males or do? I have females well unfortunately these guys are monomorphic meaning that they don’t show signs of sex However the mail gets to about twice the size of the female so you almost have to wait until they reach sexual maturity To know what you have when they do the male’s can get one and a half inches to 2 inches in length Yes, these guys only stay small. So you now know what you have you know the sex? What about stalking or scaping the tank well? They kind of both go hand in hand You see when stalking shelled weller’s since they never venture much more higher than about six inches off the ground you don’t need a terribly Tall aquarium however what that does mean is that if you do have shell dwellers you can have other? African cichlids that spent a lot of their times higher up in the water column But when it comes to how many fish per gallon it actually goes how many fish per square foot? Ideally it’s one male per square foot And each fish should have at least one shell I prefer to provide each fish with at least four to five shells Giving them options and other areas of [refuge] so with one male per square foot You can have several females with him now depending on the size of the tank and the layout of it you can most likely Exceed those limitations, but when dealing with a smaller aquarium like this, I definitely wouldn’t go much bigger ideally you would start out with a pair in no time they’ll start spawning and establish your colony for you and on the topic of Spawning these guys are pretty easy to breed But it all starts with the water parameters and quality of the water Now in my opinion these guys will do fine in any type of alkaline water meaning that the ph is over [7] why chances are the ones you’re going to get are going to be tank raised locally and The water is going to be extremely similar to your own so my suggestion Is that if your waters ph is already over 7 don’t mess with it your fish are going to appreciate Stable parameters rather than ones that are constantly fluctuating by you attempting to give them. What’s ideal For example the ph in this tank is 7.6 when it comes to the temperature of the water I like to keep it between 77 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 and 27 now these guys tend to be a carnivore type Cichlid but in my opinion They’ll eat just about anything you offer them as long as it’s a quality food designed for Cichlids I feed these [guys] a combination of flakes and small pellets two to three [times] a day as for the quality of the water My preference is thirty percent every three days and with such a small fish this will keep nitrates undetectable and water in pristine condition So if you followed these basic guidelines that I’ve given you you’ll have them spawning in no time now getting them the spawn is one Thing getting the fry to survive is another you’ll have the best chances of the fry surviving in a well established aquarium Meaning that the shells might have a little bit of algae buildup or perhaps a little bit of Detritus Or something along those lines to give the fry a chance to graze if they have to however since the fry tend to stay in Clusters and all in one spot. They’re really easy to spot feed personally I just grind up some flakes into a powder and make [sure] that it falls in that general area that They’re in they might not eat it out of the water column, but once it lands They’ll go ahead and pick away at it now given the fact that you’ll probably have a thriving colony in no time my suggestion would obviously be to have a variety of Shells within the aquarium Anywheres from Half inch to two inch? Giving the fish the ability to choose their homes that’s appropriate to their body size at the time now You don’t need any specific species of snail shell however what I like to look for is the escargot type or the rounded Shell? Although there’s the do-it-yourself option where you can use PVC parts And they will function the same they’ll bury them and make them their own now last week the number one question that I got on this fish it was how do you clean the tank you see since the Fish customize and change the scape of the tank exactly to their likings How do I go about cleaning it without destroying it well to be honest. I don’t vacuum the substrate at all I don’t do it [for] two reasons 1i have proper circulation within the aquarium And it hasn’t necessarily been an issue just yet The second thing is that if anything does collect in the aquarium it tends to collect over on this side So if I do have to vacuum the substrate, I’m not destroying very much lastly since there’s fry in the aquarium I’d rather leave the uneaten food in there for them as Opposed to removing it and since it’s such a small amount of uneaten food or waste It doesn’t have the opportunity to have an impact on the overall water quality on the tank Based on my water change schedule so with that That this tank is actually very low maintenance and that means I spend more time enjoying the aquarium than taking care of it which is Most important to me because watching these fish is entirely fascinating now if you remember last week I showed you guys how the aquascape began and what it was like a day later After they got in the tank you see these guys are constantly rearranging the aquarium digging moving the shells around burying their shells Creating their own little homes and of course constantly interacting with each other The Male’s displaying to each other flaring their gills there’s lots of tail slapping and just constant activity It’s just an all-around Non-stop interesting aquarium to have so if you’re looking [for] a small yet Interesting fish or you’d like to get into African cichlids yet? You don’t have a really big aquarium Give African shell dwellers a try and I think I’ll end the video on that note if you have any further Comments or questions leave them in the comments section below in a few weeks or months I’ll do another Update on this aquarium And let you guys know how everything is going so if you’re not subscribed make sure you do if that’s something you’d like to see Anyways out that you guys enjoyed today’s video. If not doing me next Thursday, and I’ll have something different for you


  1. I am from India I do have a nano aquarium and its about 3 gals.. I have t
    2 Oscars 2 banana 2 remis 2 tiger loach and 2 other type .all of them r small how do I care for them as every day the water gets dirty. please help

  2. If i put boiled shells in aquarium with angelfishes, neon tetras and little sharks will be dangerous for the fishes?

  3. Why I love your videos: your personality, getting to see amazing tanks/building, getting to see cutesie fishes, your personality and most of all how educational they are! Which is so awesome for a new fish owner โคโคโค๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. I just found you videos love them. I am interested in keeping shell dwellers nwo, any advice on where to find some. Keep up the fishy work.

  5. Neolamprologus Brichardi witch is in the family of his shell dwellers I had about 500 per 3 weeks so had to get rid of them really sad ๐Ÿ˜”

  6. My friend! I saw this video over a year ago. Ever since I had decided that, as soon as I move into my first own apartment I will get these fish! I just love them. They look so adorable with their colors, their way of living is so extraordinary and they don't need much except for sand and caves. As soon as I have my own tank with Neolamprologus Multifasciatus in it, I will make a video and link you there

  7. Are these specials shells? Because I thought the chalk of the shells influences the water quality? I also want shells but have a small aquarium (60L), is it possible?

  8. I donโ€™t I turn off very quickly as he goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, we actually see the tank and fish for about 10 mins , then he goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on blah blah blah

  9. Hey awesome scaping looks pretty nice, those are pretty cute, I'm working on that tank next,! Also I've already got a African tiger Oscar chiclid tank with a few eclipse catfish and fire mouth chiclid that I'm almost finished with!๐Ÿค— But that is such a cool chiclid tank!!๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. It's been a long time since I've had these guys. And of course technology has changed. Instead of using chemicals as water buffers can I use some calcium rocks or aragonite sand as a ph buffer? Or what would you recommend as a more natural product? Thanks

  11. Iโ€™m in alberta love the videos watch them all the time keep on killing it bro

    Question?? How would I go about finding these fish I would like to dedicate a tank to them
    But they are not sold around my area
    Anything helps thanks

    Canโ€™t wait for some new videos

  12. How do you clean the substrate if you need to when they make homes in the sand. Watching your videos I found these fish and I think theyโ€™re super cool. I want to make a small tank for my father but I always wondered how you would clean the sand if needed

  13. Loll That's a small aquarium I have a 2×2 feet aquarium to me that looks like a whole sea in your room loll my future dream ๐Ÿ’•

  14. Recommend some online places t get these shell dwellers. Wetspottropicals currently does not have them.

  15. I kept a colony of these for 3 years until I had to move. 75 gallon tank with 4" sand and tons of shells. Honestly I never did a water change the entire time but only fed them a tiny pinch of NLS small pellets once a day. Always had to crunch some food to dust so the little ones could eat too. It was my favorite fish to keep and I still miss them. When I shut the tank down there were probably 50+ in there.

  16. I said absolutely NO other tanks. But my cousin shared this video with me and man am I and my husband super excited to get another tank and enjoy the shell dwellers. So cant wait to have them to enjoy. Thx for sharing all the tips too for care and cleaning and how they change the landscaping. We are in love with these lil guys. Question what fish are compatible that swim more top that wont kill these to fill the tank a little IF any? Thx.

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  18. One question what do u do about overpopulating when you get to that point? How do u stop breeding?๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. I got 3 kribensis for my tank, i dont know their genders. 1 is very dominant. The other 2 took the areas that he/she didnt take, they hide alot but at night they seem to stop fighting and become friends.

  20. Joey, I absolutely love your videos! I recently discovered this little firecracker of a fish and instantly fell in love. It was hard to find decent reliable information on these little fellas but I think you did a great job with this video and tank. ๐Ÿ˜

  21. this is one of the best aquariums of Joey. even when teh gallery is built. actualy i like this one and 375 gal. the others might come and go, but these two got my attention for long. it is january 2019 and i just remembered the video from past came to watch this office tank built videos. those were the good times.

  22. !00%true on the PH part, all my cichlids are on 6.5 / 7.00 and they are pretty happy and colorful. Much better that when i was trying to reach those 8 people talk about on A.C.

  23. Would this species do well in a much smaller group in small aquarium just as a side feature tank or do you really only get the enjoyment from a shell dweller when they have enough room to properly establish there area?

  24. If your keeping them two start a colony 2 will lead you to a tank of inbreeds that over time is a poor choice …start with 6-8 preferably from different breeders to vary the gene pool

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