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Shock Encounter With A Shark | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E14

Shock Encounter With A Shark | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E14

55 comments on “Shock Encounter With A Shark | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E14

  1. Your drive and perseverance are unwavering. As physically fit as you are, you are twice as strong mentally! Truly amazing. Keep pushing mate.

  2. Loving your regular updates Ross – your mental strength/attitude/humour is amazing! You’ll definitely do it 👊🏻

  3. Ross, I love you but you gotta eat healthier. If its getting you through the swim, good, but you hound not be carb loading with jelly beans. Just saying, it will help you in the long run.

  4. Your worried about what pops up in the see which I understand but don't forget your doing something that nobody has done before and in that you have giving yourself so many opportunities that very little get so don't be afraid just embrace it while you move on..

  5. No recorded cases of orcas attacking humans in the wild ever. Also orcas are not just beasts working on instincts but intelligent creatures that have been thought to have something of a culture even. All family groups have their own dialects and they can learn from each other and nail something like killing a great white with ease without having ever been face to face with one. All I'm trying to say is, the possible orcas on your route are very likely not going to mistake you for a seal. You are a great inspiration and I'm wishing all the best for your adventure around Great Britain!

  6. ROSS, my name is ROSS! I have found myself using your story both in conversation with friends when staring at the Irish Sea from Northern Ireland and more recently when struggling for power in a standard aerobic swim session. You're doing it! Where did you get the map you use?! It looks perfect.

  7. Just a quick question what's it like swimming around our coastline in regards to plastic pollution. Do you see alot of waste or not so much? Your doing incredible by the way keep it up mate

  8. Crikey Ross !! that would have made me nervous. I was swimming a few weeks ago in Wales in an event .Swimmers were saying they saw black fin , i would have freaked out Im sure . Happy I did not see it and my goggles kept fogging . Love watching you you are doing fantastic .

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