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I need it I Need you it’s beautiful I’m taking you guys miss shopping with me today because I think I’m gonna start working on the Asian aquarium over the next few weeks, or a few days really but I’m in the mood to go shopping for some fish luckily I’ve got a hundred gallon aquarium sitting here empty that I’m gonna be able to use this quarantine system So if I do find anything and the tanks are not ready, I’ll be able to house them anyways and hold them temporarily And of course we’re coming back to one fish two fish here in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Hmm More on that in a minute, I don’t know if I’ll actually buy anything while here, but you guys know me I simply like to shop around Look at what’s available And you know I’ve truly feel at home and in a fish store like this and just a round fish in general Really so after a quick look around the store. There’s nothing that I need Right now or nothing that’s gonna suit what I need right now probably got to put an order in but there are a few things that have caught in my eye where I’ve caught my eye and a few things that stood out that I don’t need but I kind of want But I don’t know let me show you a few things This is the same type of Asian Arowana that I have I’ve been watching him for a while Nobody’s bought him and you know it’s kind of making me want him even more You know take him home type of thing, but yeah, it is an ultimate blood Asian, Arowana, I’m rarely on grade Beautiful stunning fish. It’s a little bit bigger than mine if I got hit mine my two would fight Probably so if I got him I’d probably have to get this one now the lights in here are a little blue but this is a panda cross-back supreme so basically like a really nice fish that’s gonna turn a little blue and You know really gold especially across its back now I had a panda gold before it was one of my first Asian, Arowana And they grow to be absolutely stunning one of the things that I find they’re really well known for is You know perfect body shape and of course I know for many of you. It’s really easy to say Joe We just get another one get another one well that one’s about $2,000 and the red is about $3,000 so we’re talking five thousand dollars for two fish tough pill to swallow but I’ll try to baby something big these little coy angels also caught my eye Really pretty love their patterns but you know I already got a bunch of Platinum’s with that said I’m kind of liking this little black one here the black and white Really cute. I of course the the the coy portion comes out in you know having three colors usually But I don’t know I really like these black and white ones that I think they would contrast and really stand out with the Platinum’s That I already have but these guys are much smaller than the ones I have but you know. I’m thinking about it and of course By me thinking by me thinking about it means I’m probably going to buy a lot of stuff by impulse I’m gonna try to hold back Because I do have some specific plans one of them is to get some coal draw me for that Asian tank leave it or not where are they you’re such a Beginner type fish and in fact was one of the first community fish I ever had But in my opinion is one of the most underrated fish absolutely stunning makes a fantastic community fish now I don’t know what you guys think should I go with you know just do a Gourami tank all the different species they technically are from you know different parts of Asia Or should I go with something different? You know maybe I should wait to see what you guys say in the comments section below these rants borås These are the SBS they do look Pretty amazing let me see if we can get actually get in there and see them yeah, they’re a little panicked right now, but They look just like the Harlequin grass bora one of the massive difference That’s also a fish that I was considering putting in there as well Yoji, it’s actually a bunch of you know almost beginner style community. Type fish that are all from Asia Why why wouldn’t I get something more exotic? I truly want you guys to be able to do this and maybe grab some Inspiration from it with that said I always get some amazing comments and suggestions from you guys as well So make sure you leave me some in the comment section below because then I certainly appreciate it little silver, Arowana up in here They’re always cute at this size those guys get to 4 feet long though They’re the cheap is there I wanna you can buy but beginning to you know 4 feet long is a massive fish And I don’t think a lot of people are really Prepared for that then this is another one look at this. This is a tinfoil barb So next time you go And buy these guys realize how big they get now if you had 5 or 6 of these at this size I definitely picked them up a little baby Oscar. This is like a long fin really cute oh He’s got some peacock bass in here Get three four of them. I wonder. It’s got some good-sized piranhas in here these are nice As some bikers in here these will be the Senegal’s these guys stay relatively Smaller compared to a lot of the other bikers, so if you’re looking to get one. This is probably one of your better choices nice big parrot big jack dempsey always attractive to the bigger fish Africans up here He’s gonna look at the floor look at the size of these guys. These are red Billy saying in the size alone Yeah my mouth Yeah, saying if he’s trying to get me to buy them some clown loaches to Nice size nice and active nice dark coloration these guys will look a lot better on a lighter substrate though clown knife This black ghost Another one over here oh and another one over there Maybe I should start buying all these baby monsters and grow them out for the 2020 guys thing a little sidebar. I’m I’m buying all kinds of fish that I don’t need and probably not gonna have room for I think I’m going to start needing somebody to come with me to the pet stores and Slap my hands when I say I want Beckett So corridor then here over here For those that have been following me for a while now you remember that I did a store tour of this exact store I think it was a couple of years ago And you’ll remember this exact point of view you’ll also remember the guy that I did that tour with that was actually a store employee By the name of Matthew Hume now. He’s he’s actually owned his own pet stores in the past He’s been a staple in the local coffee for many years working at almost every pet store there was in Nova Scotia So he’s very well known Unfortunately over the past few months and even a few years. I believe it was his his wife was diagnosed with cancer, and it wasn’t too long ago that she passed away and Left Matt and his three young children Behind now Jeff the store owner of this store has started up a GoFundMe to try to help raise money for him Because you know it’s gonna be hard for him especially with young children but he also wanted to do something else a little more personalized for his good for his customers, so he is Doing a raffle here at the pet store third place is a two hundred dollar gift card to the store second place 300 all our gift card to the store Tickets are only $10 each the grand prize being a tour of my aquarium gallery I’m gonna leave all the details in the description below Just so I don’t mess anything up But the way it will work is whoever gets the grand prize will be picked up at this store You’re not being flown in we’re not going to get you This is probably gonna be best for local people within the surrounding provinces however, if you want to fly in and meet at the store feel free to do so But you’ll be picked up at this store We’ll take you to my house where I’ll give you a tour of the gallery in person you’ll be the first person to ever do that and processive quite possibly the last Then we’re gonna go for dinner And it’s just gonna be like a one-on-one type of thing you meet Jeff and you can bring one so it’ll be you plus another And I thought that was one of the most meaningful things that I could do to help the to help Matt Oh, and his family. Oh and 100% of the proceeds are going to Matt and his children I’m not being paid for this in any sort of way I just thought that this was going to be something that we can all do to help Matt out in this difficult time Now to purchase your tickets you can come right into the store and buy them right here, or you can call the store And with a credit card or whatever and do it that way I’m gonna leave all the details all the information in the description below Even if you don’t plan on you know winning anything, or you can’t do anything, please support it I think it’s a great cause and again 100% of the proceeds Goes to Matt and his family of young children when I come to the pet store We usually need a pause I buy so much fish that I don’t need I’m actually not buying any of the fish that I came here for there’s not enough of what I want or what I’m looking for But me coming to a pet store is always Dangerous I need everything okay confession time you guys remember the bonsai trees that I seen here a little while ago This is what inspired me to do my little nano tank with the bonsais Confession is this well first and foremost. They only have one left here as soon as I put that video out They sold out of whom almost right away Which is always good? I love I love to see that sort of thing with that said I’m upset so many of you So what happened was you remember that I set that little nano tank up on my like little work table I drained it and moved it because I needed to move a lot of things around. I meant to fill it back up Grint the hide for this one I forgot to fill it back up and the entire tank dried out luckily there wasn’t any fish in It but all the plants are destroyed. Just try it up into like this potpourri. Type of mix or just all crusty I had to admit it at some point and for those that watch my videos all the way through at least you guys will know and You can spread the word, so I don’t have to talk about it anymore That’s so embarrassing to talk about but I guess moving forward. I think I’m gonna need a bit of a I Need an assistant. I need it I Need you it’s beautiful. Do you want to come home with me? Maybe we should bring Frank to the store to take you home? Oh? man this guy’s so nice I Need you I can’t put you in with Frank Frank will kill you, but technically you are way nicer than Frank Poor Frank feel so bad for him and and and he’d kill me if he knew I was looking at other flower horns Or you know even considering getting another one, but I mean that little guy is pretty stunning Let’s hold a bet who think I’ve who thinks I’m gonna buy it here. We got a female flower horn She actually laid eggs in this tank which is interesting. She’s got a little bit of a new clump, or cock as they call them Interesting maybe maybe uh Maybe Frank’s girlfriend Frank’s girlfriend She’s not pretty enough for Frank though poor girl spent so much time bagging my fish. I’m trying to go get a haircut once again Coming for one thing and I leave with a box of fish that I wasn’t here for but how could I know it? I’m gonna get all of these guys home acclimate them to Their temporary holding tanks and in the near future I’ll show you what I got, but I want to make sure these guys are all doing okay. I want to get them home and So in the near future if you’re interested in seeing what I got you know Make sure you do so you don’t miss it

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  2. I need it, I need you, HES BEAUTIFUL

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    My friend: Cora you have to stop,you can’t be chasing ducks as a living

  3. May i ask joey, where is beans right now? I love frank and all but i havent been able to update myself being so busy with other stuff. Hope you get to answer back. Thanks

  4. Gosh Gourami are so nice, i recently got a dwarf gourami that i keep alone in a 20 gal with live plants. He's absolutely beautiful and so friendly, he always greets me and likes to nibble at fingers and he begs for food like crazy, super active. He reminds me of Frank in that way.

  5. My flower horn is not taking food for the last 12 days
    I ve separated it from a community tank after the incident
    Suggestions please

  6. Massive respect for what you guys a did for the family! If more people done more for others the world would be a bigger and better place! I love watching people who are overexcited about their hobbies! It’s always awesome to watch a guy and his craft!

  7. I had a tank of Glowfish that I loved. I actually had a Popeye Gold fish in the tank and he would swim between my fingers and kiss my fingers. The glowfish play tag (as school fish) and they would try play tag with me through the glass. They all got the ick and died unfortunately..

  8. I’m crying the first video of frank and I already saw the video when frank died it’s good to see frank!

  9. I said the same thing at the beginning, to a pleco when I started fish keeping. I wanted to get started on catfish.

  10. I started breeding Pundamilia Neyerrei. They are so rare but yet very beautiful. I also want to breed some peacocks which I think would sell like crazy.

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    You can buy one here at the Philippines for 1000php same size
    1000php= barely 20 bucks

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    Checked 4 feet and then almost screamed
    4 feet…
    Is almost the size
    Of my whole body

  14. For me $2000 is a starting point when shopping for fish, which I know to some people might be a lot but to me is not.

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