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Shore Fishing Tips | Night Fishing Tips | Lighted Fishing Rods

today I’m gonna show you one of the
things that I do on the beach that gives me an edge when I’m out here fishing at
night glow stick glow sticks are a fisherman’s edge especially when they’re
attached to your rod now you can find glow sticks all over the place for a
relatively inexpensive price but the value they add to the end of your roof
fishing rod when you use it is insurmountable and I’m going to show you
real quick today how easy this is to keep your glow stick on your rod and
also so you can cast and it won’t get affected and then you can sit on the
beach with your friends having your beverage and when you see that light
start to touch the water it’s time to go catch it take your glow stick I like to
crack them get them all nice and glowy before it’s time to attach them and then
it’s just a pretty simple matter of taking your tape and taping it on in a
couple of places right to the tip of your rod and you see where I’m going
with this because as soon as you get that Big Daddy hit off of that off of
that bait or whatever you got out in the water this thing is gonna go beep and
you’re gonna be able to see that for miles hundreds of feet down the beach I
have two strips of tape that are taping my glow stick in a couple of different
places and you get you can get correct as crazy as you want with attaching it
but I find at the end of the day when I go to take these things off the rod tip
I’d much rather have it easily remove now we gotta grab our sand spike if you
don’t know what a sand spike is click this video we’ll show you I gotta get bait
how to hook your live baits right here Oooohh look at all that action give me some good light oh my golly It’s not time?…

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