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Short range method feeder fishing – Hybrid Feeder

On this trip, after a month of warm summer days, the weather is predicted to be quite unsettled. Sure enough it is, I see brightness, overcast gloom, wind, calm, light rain and pouring rain. All through the previous warm weather, the Carp could be found around the lilies in the middle of the lake. I find today, that some have moved into this area, as betrayed by their bubbling and stirring up of the bottom. Short range feeder fishing looks to be the way to go, as there are definitely Carp between this bank and the island. Whenever I fish open water, where there are no obvious patrol
routes for the fish, I use groundbait to attract and hold them in my swim. A common fishmeal groundbait with a handful of micros will attract and keep the Carp occupied. Although I could fish a standard Method feeder, I prefer to take the opportunity to control the attraction
and feeding aspects separately. If I were fishing any distance then the limitations of balling in groundbait would make a standard Method feeder a better choice. I am not sure how the fish will
behave in this cooler changeable weather, so I feed one small ball of groundbait to
see how they respond. Fishing unclipped, I swing out the feeder just short of where the groundbait has settled. I don’t want to cast beyond, or even on top of the groundbait,
because I know the fish here are quite riggy. As usual, I see big line bites from the Carp,
and little quivering indications from small fish demolishing the contents of the feeder.
After just ten minutes the movements at the tip subside, safe to say the feeder is empty and needs reloading. I take this as my cue to adopt a pattern of reloading the feeder, and putting in one small ball of groundbait every ten minutes. On other days this feeding interval may be different. It depends on how active the fish are, reinforcing the idea
that angling is all about feeding. Unlike fishing at range, where the feeder rules, I could fish any method that the Carp respond to. I could change feeders, I could switch
to a bomb or even use a float at this close range. It turns out that I don’t need to change anything. I enjoy a steady run of fish, right up until my groundbait ran out !

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