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100 comments on “Shorts in Minecraft – Fishing

  1. daddy: i I love fishing
    son: daddy I think I got something
    daddy: really pull it in
    daddy: good job son
    son: ehhh
    me and my cousin: hehe funny

  2. This is me when my dad used to fish with me.
    I got nothing.
    But I just got 1 bite.
    And it got away with the pole.
    *You don't say?

  3. Super late but this is perfect for today considering it father's day. Soo..happy father day everyone from 2 years in the future!

  4. I just realized that the baby villagers have the same beard as the adults, or at-least I think it’s a beard…

  5. Can you make videos like this on for 10 minutes instead of 2 or 3 or 40 seconds? Please please i'm begging you please!!!!!!!

  6. Rock music network is stealing your music video and playing it in ads I have a screenshot of it if that will help

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