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Should I Avoid Canned Tuna?

Should I Avoid Canned Tuna?

Greetings Eric Bakker from New Zealand. A nature path from New Zealand who like to
work with people with candida and bowel problems. Tummy problems. I got a question here form Jeff McGaming. That’s an interesting name, McGaming. That must be an American name, could be British. I’ve been watching your videos amongst others
for quite some time now, and I’m pleased with your information. You explain things in full detail where others
don’t. They simply say, do this, blah, blah, blah,
but don’t say why leading people down the wrong path. I plan on utilizing your supplements after
I’ve read and studied your work thoroughly. Now I purchased your book two days ago. So far great book by the way, however in your
book you stated to avoid canned tuna on the MEVY diet, but in this video you say it’s
okay. When you have a moment, can you elaborate? Also, MEVY stands for meat, eggs, vegetables
and yogurt. Are you saying you can have grains too, or
is this after the big clean up phase. Please pardon whatever repeated questions
you may of experienced as I’m cross referencing information with your videos and with the
information in your book. I have your videos on one monitor and your
pdf book on the other and a notebook, taking notes. I’m quite confused. At your earliest convenience, please elaborate
on the questions asked. Okay. Mr. McGaming, I never stated in my book to
avoid canned tuna. I would’ve said to have been cautious of with
some people because of the perceived mercury levels in it, but I never said to completely
avoid all canned tuna. In fact, I did write about mercury and selenium
content in fish and the tuna in my book in some details. So I think you might have your wires crossed
there my friend. I never said to avoid canned tuna. So maybe you need to really read the book
quite thoroughly before you ask these kind of questions. MEVY stands for meat, eggs, vegetables, and
yogurt, are you saying we can have grains too. You haven’t read my book. You need to go and really study the book and
have a look at the section on grains and whether you should go gluten free and the non gluten
alternatives and the link between gluten and candida. I’ve just done a video on that which I’d like
you to watch on the HWP1 protein in candida. Please watch that Jeff. That might really answer a few questions for
you. When your tummy’s fixed up, you can eat all
grains as far as I’m concerned, even wheat grain for most people. They don’t need to avoid it. Yeah, I think you need to read the book. I think you need to go through, ’cause remember
there are two big sections in the book. There’s one on the candida diet, candida crash
your diet. And there’s also one, a whole section, huge
section, about 100 pages on healthy eating, introduction to healthy eating. So I want you to go through all of that stuff,
read it really thoroughly and then watch my videos. There could be some disparity between the
videos and the book and that’s because a lot of the information I give is generalized. It doesn’t relate very specifically to one
person. When I see a person in my clinical practice,
the advice I give that particular person might be entirely different from what I put in the
book or on my videos because it’s gonna relate to that person, right. So one size doesn’t fit all. Remember it’s very important. Generalized information is exactly that, it’s
generalized information. Most people can tailor information to suit
their own needs. Other people, they can’t work like that. They want something that’s right down, idiotically,
right down to every i dotted and t crossed exactly for them, but for that, they would
need to see someone and talk about their particular concerns and problems and then have that information
relate exactly for their needs. Most intelligent people in my opinion can
figure that out themselves. So I hope you got all that Jeff. It sounds like you’re really gaming in a big
way, so just be careful with computers and gaming because in my experience, people who
play computer games a lot, don’t often get enough sleep and they don’t often eat the
right kind of food. That might be why canned tuna could be one
of your favorite foods. Quick meal, quick snack. So I prefer that you have fresh fish over
canned fish anyway. So I hope that answers your question Mr. McGaming. Thank you

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  1. Helllo from Kentucky…. question… Apple cider vinegar ….. we know it’s good for us ….my question is ….can I combine this with baking soda in the morning before meal…. that was something I used to do when I was living in Europe. Both substances alkaline substances but would that be too much or will the neutralize each other?

  2. Yes you should because candida is surviving on the heavy metals in your gut & adding aluminum is not helping

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