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Should Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Take DHA?

Should Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Take DHA?

24 comments on “Should Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Take DHA?

  1. I am aware that the topic is HUGE but I feel like a lot has been left out.
    1. Bayley Scales of Infant Development is a test of general development so no wonder they do not show much effect. Same with Brunet-Lezine test. You actually need to know what these tests do to make a judgement. Also different tests = different sensitivity.
    2. It is well established that tests looking at specific cognitive skills produce consistent results, e.g. those looking at problem solving skills. DHA represents 15-20% of the total fatty acid composition of the frontal cortex (which is involved in planning and problem solving) – studies show that supplementing DHA improve those skills. See Willatts et al studies.
    3. Other factors such as: sample size, time of supplementation (very crucial!), sex differences, sources of DHA, genetic variation in fatty acid metabolism play a massive role here. Take that into account.

  2. such a polite video to tell people to avoid supplements. they used to be snake oil sellers now they're fish oil sellers.

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