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Should Women Take Flax Oil Daily? | Health Supplements

Should Women Take Flax Oil Daily? | Health Supplements

Flax seed oil is good. It’s got ALA and ALA is the alpha-linolenic
acid that has to be converted to DHA. So if you’re a vegetarian, or really have
some kind of aversion to fish, and flax seed is your only alternative, then it is a great
product to take because I do think that people need more Omega 3. But I do believe that a fish oil supplement
would be better, because there is no conversion that has to go on in the body, and you’re
going to get more DHA from the fish oil than you would out of the, the flax. In terms of flax seed oil, now some people
get the seed itself, and you’d want to get ground flax seed, not whole flax seed. Because whole flax seed, you’re not going
to be able to digest. And it’s just really going to pass through
the system almost untouched. If it’s ground, you’re going to be able to
utilize the seed for the ALA, to get to convert to DHA. So you want to get it ground if you’re going
to use the seed, not whole. And if you’re going to get oil, my recommendation
is to keep it in the refrigerator, so it doesn’t go rancid.

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