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Should You Take Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements With Candida?

Should You Take Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements With Candida?

Eric Bakker, the naturopath, from New Zealand. Thank you for coming back. Should you take Omega-3 fish oil supplements
if you’ve got a candida problem? Yes, you should. Let me explain why. If you look in my book, I think I wrote a
whole page about this. Let me have a look. What page was it? Page 604, if you’ve got my book Candida Crusher. So there are four main reasons. One of the top reasons is to reduce inflammation. Okay? Because the EPA and DHA, eicosapentaenoic
acid, I think it’s called, and docosahexaenoic acid, or EPA and DHA, are the two main ingredients
that make up the Omega-3. So inflammation reduction definitely happens
with Omega-3. There are many studies now that show that
it’s of incredibly good use with heart disease, cancers, with many diseases. But having a yeast problem or having SIBO
or parasite is also an inflammatory condition. So if you want to quench the inflammation,
and reduce the damage caused by the toxins produced by candida, for example, dysbiotic
bacteria, Omega-3 will move those toxins out. It will also calm the immune system and stop
it being overactive. So it boosts aspects of immunity that you
want boosted, and it reduces aspects that you want kicked down. And if you want to dig more deeply into that,
have a look at the interleukins. Interleukins are basically chemical messengers
produced by white cells that can up- or down-regulate inflammation and various interleukins are
positively influenced by Omega-3. So, I won’t go into the inflammatory cascades
because you can actually look up those charts to learn more about leukotrienes and prostaglandins
and those sort of complicated things. You can go and check all that out. So probably the primary reason really, is
to reduce inflammation, but to boost immunity is the number two. That’s also definitely what we want to do. So let me have a look. I’ve written down these aspects here. We talked about reducing inflammation. The other one I forgot to mention was to protect
cell membranes. Every cell in your body, all the trillions
of cells have got a fatty acid membrane. Okay? We know that under selenic acid and caprylic
acid and olive oil are all like fatty acids in oils. They all have a good effect on reducing candida
in the body, but the thing with Omega-3 is it’s also a fatty acid and it also has a clear
potential on eradicating candida. There are studies that are conducted in America
way back, that prove that Omega-3 definitely has a yeast infection killing potential there. So that’s another reason why you want to consider
taking one or 2000 milligrams of Omega-3 in your diet, because it will speed up the eradication
of candida. What did we talk about, to inhibit and cool
candida directly, to boost immune function in general, to reduce inflammation, and to
protect the cell membranes. Those are the four primary reasons you want
to be using an Omega-3 on a regular basis. And also don’t forget to eat fish in your
diet regularly. Oily fish is really good to eat, so eating
fish, taking some supplements like that should really aid you in your quest in eradicating
candida. Thanks for tuning in.

3 comments on “Should You Take Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements With Candida?

  1. I noticed with the updated videos you no longer have information below on your website your products information on the top two labs for a stool kit or other pertinent information did the powers-that-be tell you to stop putting much-needed information at the bottom

  2. Eric, I got candida in my bloodstream. My doctor took 1 blood drop from my finger, put it on the microscope and he showed me on the screen, very small tiny black dots moving, which he said was fungus. So I got systemic candida? How rare is it? You said in the videos that I would be in a hospital bed, but I don't feel that sick. However I have many symptons, like itching in some parts of the body, penile pain, fatigue, muscle twitchings, etc.
    How can I not be desperate about it? How often do you see candida in the bloodstream? How dificult is it to heal?

    Thank you one more time!

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